Worry is the darkroom
in which negatives can develop. 

Kim Kardashian in chocolate

Unicorn pictures or not
the dame has moxie!
 Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine 
Fresh French photographer Jean-Paul Goude

(Unicorn pics: top half real 
lower part by photoshop)

Orgasmic chocolate

Orgasmic chocolate
A promise?
Every time?!

Musiques-en-stock 2015

Musique en stock in Cluses 2015. 
Tonight, July 2nd, we are going.
Hanni el Khatib
The Fleshtones
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

And it will be +34 Celsius...

Cameltoe no!


Our innovative and groundbreaking collection:

 Camel No®

 adds a built-in modesty enhancement panel 

that successfully conceals 

the appearance of any CAMEL TOE!  

By integrating 

an undetectable and perfectly positioned 

silicone shape,

 now women can wear 

any fitted styles 

with added comfort and peace-of-mind."

Text from seamlessthread.com

No camel toes!

Marc Jacobs ad campaign AW 2015

Photographer David Sims
Marc Jacobs AW 2015

Winona Ryder
Willow Smith
Debi Mazar
Anthony Kiedis with his son Everly Bear
Sofia Coppola

Michael Kors AW 2015

Michael Kors 
ad campaign fall 2015.
Shot by Mario Testino

Hope versus despair

Never give up hope!

Anaïs - to the moon and back

Anaïs, my muse
and daughter. 
"Love you
from the moon and back". 

1, 2, 3, 4 ducklings left alive

Out of the seven...
There is only four ducklings left. 

Powder room

Powder room sign in Geneva

F1H2O World Championship In Evian

F1H2O World Championship
 in Evian-les-Bains
June 27-28th 2015.

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 
August 29th 1958
June 25th 2009.

6 years. 

Saving ducklings

The deed if the day
saving ducklings


Great spirits

He. he... You bet!

Midsummer Eve June 19th 2015

(Pic above from svagtillstark.com)

Traditionally Swedish "midsommar"
(Midsummer) menu
Hard bread/knäckebröd
New cooked potatoes
Sour cream/gräddfil
Chive and dill/gräslök och dill
Pickled herring/inlagd sill
Fresh strawberries
and Absolut!

Happy Solstice 2015!
(Sunday June 21st 2015)

Just do it!

The Buddha-Bar Spa is messing up 
the booking system.
 It's impossible to book 
my three sessions 
of aqua biking a week.
Damn, damn, damn!!!
The nonchalant Frenchies 
strike again! 

Why worry?

Darling squirrel

A little cutie pie!
How I adore squirrels!




Bol d'or Mirabaud 2015

Sailing race from Geneva
to turning point Bouveret
and back 
Lake Geneva/Lac Lèman
Passing by...

World Oceans Day, June 8th

Today it's
World Oceans Day.

Sunny day and nightly thunderstorm

The scenery changes in seconds. 
Around +30 degrees Celsius
no wind
during the day. 
A sudden change around 8pm. 
Heavy rain some minutes
lightnings for hours. 

Barcelona won Champions League 2015

FC Barcelona beat Juventus 
 in the Champions League final.

Barça won with 3-1. 

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