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Pop-up café on bike. Wheely's. Look out Starbucks...

Mixed up

Mixed up. The dog outside Jardinerie (a kind of botanic) and the fish inside last Saturday.
The sweet drawing my daughter did of "me" here in France.
My uncle with Totte as a kid. I recently lost the silver bracelet with rhinestones (July 14th) that Alfred gave me when I turned eight or nine.

You can see a bit of the bracelet on the pic.

The Fencer & Hero

My son is a fencer at heart. Helps me managing my double life in France and Sweden. Thank you.

Hero, the Californian cat on his 3rd birthday this year, July 24th. Leo, what else?

The pond

The pond. H's "precious" is soon put together...


I am a brutally soft woman.


Pics forwarded from twitter @rafsanchez.

Omar Daqneesh is 5 years old and victim of an air raid in Aleppo, Syria.
When will this world wake up from hatred that only hurts the innocent and spread compassion & love instead?


My days besides counseling on phone is taking care of the last little orphaned duckling. The prognosis isn't too good. Hard time breathing and passive.
As it has a hard time balancing with its limp and 45 degree inward "foot" I bought it a little lorry to rest in. Took a liking.

H talked to a vet in Evian (which was considerate of him) and bought "Corylap"?! for "lapin"/rabbit?! Nice thought but no improvement. Wonder if it was a mistake or not?
The duckling still sounds like a broken organ. Poor little orphan.
I put garlic into its water for natural antibiotics/penicillin and try to soothe it. I feel damn helpless.

Full moon in Aquarius

Full moon in Aquarius at 11.27am.

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2016

Hero, the Californian cat Anaïs brought home from the States is of course... black.
As was Kotêk (my first cat), Elvira (one of two cats I shared with my first fiancé) abd Kishji (André's first cat).



"Expect nothing. Appreciate everything."
A Buddha quote.

My birthday

...is coming up. Ordered a coat from G-Star Raw's new collection.

Tréchauffé on a Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon break with a fast visit at H's work, Botanics where H bought some isolation material for his pond and as my favourite Irish Coffee spot was shut. I suggested a plan B so off to Tréchauffé where three valleys meet. A beer and a Swiss apple pie with ice cream... Then return on serpentine roads down to the Boathouse.
Besides the hour spent waiting for H in 29 degrees Celsius at the Botanics (the most exciting thing watching a lazy Playboy? bunny... altogether a quite nice afternoon.

Ever changing... Lake Geneva

Never looking the same. The kaleidoscopic facets of Lake Geneva/Lac Léman.


I love LOOOONGGGG hair. I adore the wind playing and teasingly messing it up. Freedom!
My aim is growing my hair as long and thick as possible to cut it off and donate it for a wig/wigs to people who loose their hair due to radiation treatment.

Swedish from Skåne

The longer I stay in France the more Swedish or "skånsk" I get. My value system of loyalty, dignity and honour grows stronger. We are a small country where a promise is a promise. If not why give it?!
I thought when I met H that we were both "European". Wrong. Such a person doesn't exist. You will always have strong links to the nation you grew up in where you learnt right from wrong, moulded your ethics and put your moral standard. More apparent the older you get.

In my garden...

Resting place between the trees (resembling a bit a smiley face...), some single flowers in my pots, the little ducklings cage, H neat tomato plants and a rainbow over the neighbours place... Some of my mundane daily views...

Have a lovely day!


Brunette at heart. Once years ago I decided to be "blond" for some months. An uneasy experience. I was stopped EACH TIME at the customs at Geneva airport. People treated me like a dimwit and males courted me infront of their girlfriends/wives unashamedly.
H didn't like the change of my haircolour at all though he always stares at "blonds" regardless age.
Pics taken by my daughter while strolling in Montreux, Switzerland.


If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently.
You shield it and protect it.
You never abuse it.
You don't expose it to the elements.
If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new.
It becomes special because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by."
-F. Burton Howard

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.
And believe that everything happens for a reason...
if you get a chance - take it;
if it changes your life - let it.
Nobody said that it would be easy...
They just promised it would be worth it.

Gisele Bündchen catwalking the Olympics

The Olympic Games in Rio has begun. Stealing the show catwalking alone for 500 feet through the arena during the opening ceremony's festivas Gisele Bündchen performed her strutt with bravado.

One of five sisters and having her twin sister employed as her manager.

Mother of two. Her daughter born 2012 happens to be born the same day as my daughter Anaïs. December 5th.

Fondus du Macadam 2016

The town is a living street theatre.

The middle duck of the three that hatched April 29th comes by on its own for food 1-3 times a day. It distinguishes itself by its VERY hoarse "voice". The other one seems to maintain itself perfectly well and stays in the water or swims on to the harbour.

Duckling with a limp

The orphaned duckling born July 4rth has a deformed left leg with its "foot" in a 45 degree angle inwards. It trips a lot and can't run.
I pray it won't matter in water.

It's so cute but each step is a fight for equilibrium/balance. Poor thing.

My main concern is to motivate it to eat. As it it is so still due to its leg it feels depressed.

I still have a hard time mingling with H after the death of the smallest one (born April 29th) and the cutting of the tree. Each day this week something adds up on the bad list.
H folded the steel duck cage outside yesterday evening as he claimed it disturbed the grass...
H destroyed my beige Peak Performance shirt with some product.
Tuesday H was rude and nonchalant when we watched Sergent Garcia (a kind of local Manu Chao) perform on our anniversary not talking to me and walking ten steps ahead of me all the way from the Boathouse to Place de Crète. (This week is "Les Fondus du Macadam" in town.) I returned home on my own after three songs. Surprisingly H had reached home before me?!
In the mornings H can't say Good morning nor Good night... Just a hello and not a word around 10pm when he is turning his back towards me to sleep. No manners. Just this Bam-Bam fashion as a characture of a spoilt three year old who doesn't get his way fast enough.
At 58 H has became a sulking grumpy old fart.

Too bad his birthday June 14th (Yes, the same as Donald Trump's...) is passé...


"Magic is essentially the higher understanding of nature."

Facebook status

"You don't have to like me I'm not a facebook status."

"Our intention creates our reality"
- Wayne Dyer

Lies and lying

I learnt one thing in France. Some people can't stop lying.

Be bold

"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."
- Basil King.

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