Stubborn men

Trying to help a stubborn man

isn't easy. 

Not even if you are
a "Florence Nightingale"...


(May 12th 1820 - August 13th 1910)

"The Lady with the Lamp."


"What you see...

isn't always what you get."

As H used to nickname
 the neighbours late son 
"The Gremlin"
I somehow lost interest in the little beasts
until my son mentioned 
the movie "Gremlins"
as one of his favorite Christmas flicks. 

Numerology 7

Text from

who I can't recommend 
when it comes to "FREE" readings. 
Very vague
and desperately hooking you up 
for more...

I'm usually a 9...

Lac Léman/Lake Geneva in winter bloom

I really feel fortunate 

waking up to this view. 
Lac Léman/Lake Geneva
is a beautiful gem
a diamond 
or a never totally unfolded 
lotus flower. 


H caught a severe flu

He borrowed some 
Rozana mineral water 
late Wednesday night
I gave him some bowls of my veg. soup
Thursday lunch & afternoon
and more bottles of Rozana
Friday he borrowed the phone 
to call Lucifer
Saturday I bought him 
fairtrade bio bananas
as H told me he still can't eat. 
Later he borrowed the phone
to call someone from the rugby board
as he can't concentrate
(he admitted he had eaten 
one of the bananas though...
Good boy!)
H gave me some books to read
that he received this week
by Alexandra David-Neel
a most amazing traveller:
"Magic and mystery in Tibet"
"Initiations and initiates in Tibet".
Soon I will be into 
spiritual practices in Tibet.  

Ps. Why do I have to be such a Florence Nightingale?! When I'm sick/ill 
I'm left entirely on my own. Ds.    

Dirty mind

Dirty mind?

Still confusingly weird...
Don't you agree?

Friday 13th

Have a fantastic Friday!

Full moon Grand Cross in Cancer

Castor and Pollux fight in Gemini

will you rebel like Pollux today
or be Castorian?

The full moon peaks 
at 12.33 PM in Europe. 

"The January 2017 Full Moon may be in the Sign of Cancer but for astrological purposes it’s in the Constellation of Gemini. The position of the Full Moon between the twin stars Castor and Pollux gets to the heart of ongoing conflicts. The original battle between brothers has evolved into the wars raging in the world still to this day.

Saturn comes to the rescue to break up the extreme tension bound in the Grand Cross. The wise old man plays the role of deal-maker to broker a peace. Conflict can be resolved during this Full Moon phase through patience and hard work. Traditional values, a conservative approach, respect for authority and strict discipline will all help in bringing two tribes together."

Text from

Expiration date



Catch me


Leader of the pack

Cold colours

The cold colours of winter. 

Watching "Ansiktet/The Magician"
 from 1958,
in Swedish with French subtitles
an early Ingmar Bergman
who directed and wrote the script
inspired by
 G.K. Chesterton's play  "Magic".

Max von Sydow

(April 10, 1929)
What a face, charisma 
and presence. 

Sunshine in my bag

From Gorillaz' "Clint Eastwood".

Trying to find my "go" 
some "sisu"
overly tired.
My glasses broke yesterday
both temples/arms split 
from their hinges. 

Finally SNOW!!!

Skriv inläggstext 

The survivors first experience

of snow...

WHO THE F*** IS...?!

Keith Richards

Dec. 18th 1943
still the coolest of them all..,


Lightweight winter has struck. 

I dwell in quotes. 
Work, work, work...
Watching my dvd:s in the night. 

Cry me a river - lyrics

"Cry Me A River"

Now you say you're lonely
You cried the whole night through
Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you

And now you say you're sorry,
For being so untrue
Well, you can cry me a river
Cry me a river,
I cried a river over you.

You drove me nearly out of my head
While you never shed a tear, babe
Remember, I remember all that you said
You told me love was too plebeian
Told me you were through with me

And now you say you love me
Well, just to prove that you do
Why don't you cry me a river
Cry me a river
'Cause I cried a river over you, over you

You say you love me but you lie

Now, you say you love me
Well, just to prove that you do
Come on and cry me a river
Oh cry me a river
I cried a river over you

I cried a river over you

I cried a river
Now you can too
Cry me a river
Cry me a river...

Morning Star in Notre-Dame du Léman

Took a long stroll among playful snowflakes 

to the beautiful Catholic church 
 Notre-Dame du Léman
we got united in August 2nd 2003. 

Noticed the morning star mosaic 
in the entrance
for the first time. 
To my surprise 
there was even a lit star inside. 

(Wo)man up!

A woman

A monster calls

Skriv inläggstext 

"A monster calls". Not a happy movie. Not a funny or charming one. Still a little pearl in grief, facing bullying and death at a young age...

Very well played and the Spanish crew members are showing their mastery technically with astonishing effects. And the illustrations. So beautiful. The black and white by Jim Kay. 
A lot of wisdom. You don't laugh, you might let a tear or two slowly float by but most of all it's heartfelt, pure, real and somewhat comforting. 

Hiraeth - The French way or H's way?

12,6-13 degrees Celsius in the fridge

since January 2nd 
and around -1 degree C in the freezer... 
My Liebherr in the Boathouse is silent 
- no fan action. 
H won't take any action
until he has checked the temperature 
with his own digital thermometer...
Mine doesn't count
nor the products sadly state...
The butter is like clay
the gazpacho tepid...
and the freezer is defrosting itself...
As it's around zero outside 
I put
my homemade pies,
frozen blueberries... outside. 
H didn't offer me some room 
in the fully functioning fridge
 in the "Shithouse".

How I miss kindness, logic 
and Swedish sufficiency!!!
Hence Hiraeth!

Once in a lifetime

"I am not a one in a million 

kind of girl. 
I am a once in a lifetime 
kind if woman."

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