Don't take it personally

Never quit

Little bit of good

born on Totte's 
up-coming birthday
October 7th.
Or maybe it's the other way around?

Don't flush!

Two sides

Equinox - autumnal

Enjoy the Equinox of autumn 2014.


PETA 2014

Some recent stuff from PETA.

Be an angel for animals


Eat vegetarian!

Rock 'n' roll Vitruvian guy

Leonardo Da Vinci 
was ahead of his time 
so I believe he wouldn't mind.

The original Vitruvian Man. 

Are you happy?

Sin City2: A dame to kill for - THE DAMES

Sin City2:
A dame to kill for. 
Premiers in France today. 

Hammock bathtub

Design by Splinter works. 

Wow, isn't it a dream come true?
I so miss a bathtub. 
Contemplative escapism for hours. 
Such a relief!

Made of carbonite,
this "vessel" is 2,7 m long.
Must be superb to lay twosome into.
Shared experience of pure zen. 
I'm in love. 

Design at its best. 

Arctic sink

Design by KO KO Architects.

The rectangular concrete sink 
in the bathroom looks a mess. 
H "protected" it 
with some resin stuff 
that can't stand 
heat nor nailpolish remover etc. 
not practical at all. 
Too bad. 

Love and thanks

for your written support
In days of pain
it strengthens. 

Stranded on shore

Virgo as I am. 
Living in a bubble of glass.

Accident prone lately. 
Bump on my forehead over my right eyebrow. 
Broken right big toe.
Bruises here and there and everywhere. 

Someone has jinxed me. 

Forgetting my training stuff. 
Catching the bus running. 
Slamming my thumb into a brick wall. 
Missing the bus. 
Getting caught in the longest queue
though the shortest when I joined it. 
Sweet sweet life of mine. 
What a weekday!
Still eight hours to go!

I'll hide in bed and watch 
episode five of TV-serie Homeland season three. 
My safety net and distraction. 

Cats in town

If you look carefully 
you will find this very pregnant cat underneath.

Inte bara hundar i Thonon. 


Homeland third season. 

I'm watching so many good TV-series on my own 
that it's beginning to feel 
like a waste
as I have noone 
to share nor discuss them with. 

In need 
of a fellow-being
to exchange views and reflections with.


My favorites:

Boardwalk Empire 4.

Justified 4. 

Sons of Anarchy 6. 

True detective. 

And ended ones like Oz,
Breaking Bad, 

Throw the dice!

Be kind to yourself

To all them perfectionists out there.
Yours truly included. 

5AM - Harrison Leithauser

My absolute favorite
for the moment. 

Harrison Leithauser.
Former leadsinger in The Walkmen. 

Election in Sweden, September 14, 2014

More tha half of all votes counted. 

I have a feeling a new government
will be constructed in Sweden
during the night...

And we have a new Prime minister:

Stefan Löfven.
Born July 21, 1957.

(The same birthday 
as the late Robin Williams. 
Could that be a good sign?)


My muse got me some tea. 

"Zen again" by Clipper. 

Mmm... Someone cares!
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