Blue Moon/Full Moon July 31st 2015

Sun in Leo
Full Moon in Aquarius 
challenges the balance between 
interconnection and independence.
Blue moon 
means two full moons the same month. 

Peaks at 12.42. 

Zodiac at Pucci

Zodiac inspired at Pucci

Ducklings 26 days later

A bit camouflaged...
the four ducklings are still there!
Hadn't seen them for a while 
and started to worry.  
The four ducklings
love the gluten free bread 
I spoil them with. 

As do the seagulls

The impossible

Saint Francis of Assisi

The journey

Never mistake




What you need right now!

Or not
Or yes
Or no
Or of course!

Love life!

Gandhi wisdom

The best you can do

Advice from a tree

Healing light

Rough and tough. 
Still never give up!

Not Mr. Right

Guess it's time for me 
to face the truth. 

Girls are like apples...

Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle

Walt Whitman & Peter Doyle
Photographer M.P. Rice ca 1869.

SpiritHoods by Taylor Allen


by Taylor Allen.

SpiritHoods new series called 
the "Artists Takeover". 
Where artists from the SpiritHoods community are invited to literally 
take over the SpiritHoods brand
 for a time
and show what SpiritHoods means to them through their work. 

Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum
February 11, 1953.

Pissed off

Shouldn't bother but...
How egotistical can a person get?
H hit rock bottom yesterday
when I was already down. 
Got pissed off. 

Won't allow it again. 
My approach from now on below. 

Compassion for animals

Compassion for animals
makes me a vegetarian/vegan

Gold toilet paper

24 Carat Gold toilet paper
1 roll existing
by Toilet Paper Man in Australia. 

1,376,900.00 Australian dollars. 

Très le mont

A way to "celebrate"
the French National Day
Très le mont
I don't recommend 
their blueberry pie (not home made)
 nor the little glass of rosé

But I didn't pay a visit to snack. 

Evian in the morning

Taking the bus early 
for my aquabiking 
this is my normal morning view 
in Evian 
on my way 
to the Buddha-Bar Spa


Run into Triangl 
in search of 
the perfect black swim suit...
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