Rugby: Annemasse - Aix-les-Bains

The female team met the Gazelles from Dijon. Some casualties on the field.

Brown panda


In the beginning of our relationship Bodega was the place to visit at weekends. Took some sangria and cheese (local Tomme) there yesterday evening.
Great music in the background. The menues needed a cleaning though. Totally "sticky".
The only place in town that is open all nights in the week until 7/7. Even Sundays and Mondays!

Cat tattoos

If I ever would do a tattoo. The last one of the black cat above is most tempting.

The 9th Evian Tattoo Show is on this weekend...

Friday: 2P.M. to 10P.M.
Saturday: 10A.M. to 10P.M.
Sunday: 10A.M. to 8P.M.

Innangelo & Richard Texier scarves

INNANGELO scarves for 500€ each.

INNANGELO x Richard TEXIER scarf also for 500€.

All at

Ordinary day

Checking pics from my birthday this year. 2016 has been my worst year ever. The only positive surprise so far was my birthday. (Beside the visits of my daughter with her boyfriend and in autumn my son). Remarkable!

The lovely painting I received from sweet Diane.

My beloved little duckling and a squirrel. I am seriously considering buying a pet.

Full moon in Aries

Outside my window. Can't sleep. Full moon in Aries.

Congrats André!

My son André landed bronze in a Swedish fencing competition. I'm so proud. Congrats! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bob Dylan gets the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

Bob Dylan (Gemini May 24rth, 1941) gets the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016... Why not?

The best

Thanks for all support!
You are the best!


Caracals. The beauty of felines.

Champagne bathtub

Newton White Bathtub above. Fun but terribly ugly.

I'm a minimalist at heart.

Though a bathtub full of Moët & Chandon could do too.

15 degrees Centigrade

Frozen to the marrow. H refuses to put on the heating system. 15 degrees Centigrade inside. Around 12 at night. What's the use having heated floor downstairs if it's not enjoyed?
Headache and shivers. I'm down and low.
Did my aqua biking with PT Charles. Only the two of us in the water. Youth and a trim body. I'm totally indifferent. Thank God. Too many are hunting toyboys around the spa.

Wish I could fly away like the two survivors of the ducklings I cared for earlier this year. They still come by for food. Still missing the little one and the poor unfortunate.
Gloom. Have to pull myself together.
Take care and love. Life is too short to dwell.

Anaïs - ma belle

Miss u... Anaïs.

Happy Birthday André!!!

Älskar Dig Tottelini! Ha en underbar dag, Totte! Saknar Dig Andy Pandy! Stort GRATTIS, Shibby!
(Kärt barn har många namn ;)...)

Always my little kid at heart. Nowadays definitely a MAN, too.


Never ever take an Irish Coffee at Uncle Bean's! A real disaster!

Sophia Loren

Borrowed some Sophia Loren movies at the local library trying to distract myself. "Marriage Italian style" directed by Vittorio De Sica against Marcello Mastroianni and "Five miles to midnight" against Anthony Perkins.
Pretty, witty and classy bella donna.

Sophia Loren.
September 20th, 1934.

Are you a decent human being?

The question of the day.

Little duckling - RIP

Devastated. RIP. My little duckling didn't make it. How I miss him.

Bye- bye. ❤️

A rainbow, like a mirage some minutes ago... a sign from my duckling to let go? That he is at peace?
The little duckling only received 90 days to live with me when he literally fell to earth from the tree where his duck mother laid her eggs. Due to landing on its back in the fall he couldn't follow his siblings. His mother left him orphaned and I took over.
But what a neverending struggle my brave little philosopher had to go through. So grateful to have had him in my custody, experiencing and being taught by nature so much about ducks. So many smiles and lightness just watching him. Stubborn and curious. Playful and temperamental. Never ever giving in due to his limitations.
The little duckling's respiratory problems became too immense. A fighter to the end. He passed peacefully 11A.M. today and will find rest now in its eternal sleep. Lives on in my memory. Missing him infinitely.

Philippe Halsman

Inventive playful photography by Philippe Halsman.

Duckling inflated

My poor duckling is totally inflated and swollen. Probably a weak lung sac that got punctured due to weak "lung walls" that is leaking air into his tiny body.
Looking Michelin. I'm so worried. Instructed by advice from the net vet we made a little hole in its neck and got some air out. Today the air is all back so I and my son, André, are off to the vet!
With a syringe as a "weapon" I have to drag out air manually several times a day. So afraid hurting something vital. Between his tiny wings at the back is safest. I also medicate it with antibiotics twice per day.
The little duckling is so brave although it feels like Sisyphus him rolling a huge stone uphill each day. Fighting to breathe.
Cross my fingers.

Foire St Michel in Bernex 2016

Bernex or not? Moody H... Que sera.
Foire St Michel.
"La Démontagnée" - the cows coming down from the mountains for autumn/winter.
Passed by with André and Inge who are visiting. Some local wine, cheese and pasteries. Decent day.

André with the little duckling.

Duckling dip

Daredevilish my little duckling dips himself into the pond the minute I check something inside the Boathouse. So I guess there is hope!
H calls it "Steve-O" from the Jackass gang...


So in love with sweet killing Morticia Addams. Tells the tale what I have become... watched "The Addams Family" as a kid. How could it be different ;) ?


Four Steps of Ho'opono'pono

Responsibility & Acceptance: Only you are responsible for how you feel, what you're thinking, judging, projecting or experiencing in the world. By taking responsibility for your experience, you are owning it and therefore taking back your power to transform it! Accepting what is, moves you forward to the next step.

Forgiveness & Reconciliation: When you choose to forgive and reconcile what you've perceived to be wrong, we remove the illusion of separation and come into the heart of compassion. Forgiveness is a journey from the wound to the words thank you. To truly forgive is to set ourselves free from that which we've been resenting or holding onto. When we project our blame, guilt or anger onto something or someone, the thing we hurt most is our Self.

Gratitude: Gratitude for the challenge is the result of having truly forgiven. Sometimes it can be a journey to get here. Ultimately it starts with a choice and the choice is to find the blessings and gift in this current challenge, person or situation.

Love: Love is the result of having moved through this process fully and completely. When you can look at your challenge and feel unconditional love for it, you know you have completely healed and let go.
(Text by Brad Morris).

Peace day

It's the International Peace day, September 21st. So where white and strive to be at peaceand visualise it spreading...

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