Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
to all and everyone of you. 

Struck by lightning

Squirrel power!

Three boats


Well protected

Frank Zappa

Frank Vincent Zappa. 
(December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993)

Bobby Brown
Lyrics by Frank Zappa.
Hey there, people, I'm Bobby Brown
They say I'm the cutest boy in town
My car is fast, my teeth is shiney
I tell all the girls they can kiss my heinie
Here I am at a famous school
I'm dressin' sharp 'n' I'm actin' cool
I got a cheerleader here 
wants to help with my paper
Let her do all the work 
'n' maybe later I'll rape her

Oh God I am the American dream
I do not think I'm too extreme
An' I'm a handsome son of a bitch
I'm gonna get a good job 'n' be real rich

(Get a good
Get a good
Get a good
Get a good job)

Women's Liberation
Came creepin' across the nation
I tell you people I was not ready
When I f**** this dyke by the name of Freddie
She made a little speech them,
Aw, she tried to make me say "when"
She had my balls in a vise, 
but she left the d***
I guess it's still hooked on, 
but now it shoots too quick

Oh God I am the American dream
But now I smell like Vaseline
An' I'm a miserable son of a bitch
Am I a boy or a lady, I don't know which

(I wonder wonder
Wonder wonder)

So I went out 'n' bought me a leisure suit
I jingle my change, but I'm still kinda cute
Got a job doin' radio promo
An' none of the jocks 
can even tell I'm a homo
Eventually me 'n' a friend
Sorta drifted along into S&M
I can take about an hour 
on the tower of power
'Long as I gets a little golden shower

Oh God I am the American dream
With a spindle up my butt 
till it makes me scream
An' I'll do anything to get ahead
I lay awake nights sayin', 
"Thank you, Fred!"
Oh God, oh God, I'm so fantastic!
Thanks to Freddie, I'm a sexual spastic
And my name is Bobby Brown
Watch me now, I'm goin down,
And my name is Bobby Brown
Watch me now,
 I'm goin down...


Les Diaboliques.
A French classic
with Simone Signoret. 

Saint Fatima

If you believe in miracles. 
They occur. 
Saint Fatima in Portugal 


Good apology

Appreciate life!

Anaïs, ma belle

Seeing more and more 
similarities between 
my daughter/muse and myself. 
Miss U. 

Vuitton - Iconoclasts project - LV Monogram

Christian Louboutin is game. 

Marc Newson is in. 

Karl Lagerfeld makes his creativity fit. 

Cindy Sherman. 

Frank Gehry. 

Rei  Kawakubo.

Louis Vuitton 
160th anniversary
Iconoclasts Project.

Darth Vader Car by Hot Wheels

Based on a Corvette C5.

Here life size
It's sold in Hot Wheels
mini car serie. 

Boxing photographer Neil Leifer


Boxing photographer
with Fidel Castro
Cuban heavyweight boxer 
Teofilo Stevenson. 

Constantine - Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan.
April 11, 1981.

Another Comic
transformed to a TV-serie. 
Constantine on NBC. 

Anyone remember...

Keanu Reeves
as Constantine 
in the movie from 2005.

The Dude - Jeff Bridges for Marc O'Polo

The Dude
Jeff Bridges
forever cool. 
For the German brand
Marc O'Polo. 
Follow your nature. 

Chantecaille for animal protection fall 2014

Chantecaille to protect animals
and butterflies...

T - Tiffany & Co

Francesca Amfitheatrof
with her T - collection. 
The new Design Director 
at Tiffany & Co. 


I will always be
a classy trench girl. 
Burberry at its best. 

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2014

Pics above from French Vogue. 


a word of solitude.

Debt of gratitude

H sat nearly four hours  at his "friend's" Pharmacy yesterday Saturday afternoon 
and put price tags 
on beauty products for free. 
The vet and the dimwit are not really poor or needing people. 
They are rude and quite rich.  
Apparently ten more people aided them 
so they weren't exactly stranded... 

H had promised to "compensate" me. 
As he hadn't  booked anything, 
(we talked about eating "beignet" at the local auberge in Vailly. 
Price worthy, home made "beignets"... 
One never knows when the place is open though,
 if one doesn't call to check...
 H claimed he had been too busy all week long even during his two hour lunch breaks...) 
we cruised by car around the local area in search for 
a "beignet" place.
 No luck.  

Made a full circle and ended up eating an okay (the thinnest ever) "fondue champignon" with two small bottles of red Bourgogne
at Le Désiré.
(Funnily enough they had "beignet"
on their menu BUT (there is always la France's big but 
in the way...) 
you had to order/book it 48 hours in advance!).

H was annoyed 
not eating "beignet"
(of course not taking any responsibility 
for not organising the "compensation" at all) and I had a headache since the day before and tough & rough pain in my left breast 
where I have my two cm cyst. 

So it went astray, 
rather predictably
and to H's satisfaction.
H suddenly stated I had "lied by omission" about my financial situation some years ago. 
Absolutely not. 
As I earned well my life when we met
 I didn't worry about money.
 I only had my study loan 
no other debts. 
After three years, 
in the end of the first year we were married 
I got wrongly fired from a consulting company. H didn't support me 
not even mentally.
 Only complained and nagged that I had to have a job. 

My union 
helped me get some justice 
but I had to start from scratch in a new company in Oct 2003 where I still work. 
During our entire marriage I have supported myself and the kids on my own salary. 
Year 2000, 
when we met through 
H lived on this property by Lake Geneva without paying rent, nor taxes for the house,
 his mother both payed & cooked for him 
and Lucifer even did 
his laundry!! 
(H is a person
who resents me for helping my kids who today are soon 24 and recently 28 years old.
When he himself lived off and on his mother when he was over 40.)
H had been divorced from his first wife for two years when we met. Separated for three. 
At 42 H had very low self esteem.
 Being unemployed.
(When we got married I persuaded H to
man up. To cut the umbilical cord with Lucifer and pay for everything by himself.)

We fell in love 
and I naively thought our love supernova could conquer anything. Much of my first years was helping H handling his infected relationship with his mother and brother. 
I never complained about him being unemployed nor that I was paying my and my kids flights etc etc.  
Money for me at that time was a flow 
not a worry. 
H has never during those early years bought my kids even an ice cream if we took a stroll in Evian, which was the only thing we could afford doing in H's view at that time. There was never anything extra. 
They were 
10 & 14 years old 
when we met. 
Sporty sweet kids. 
(When H sees his Godson 
[the dentist's, who neglected my teeth, son]. 
H takes the spoilt brat out eating, bowling...
Always in need to bribe his "friends". Showing off, being generous towards them while I and the kids were on a starvation budget.)

I had my dip 
financially in 2011.
 The consulting company got digital/went by the net, 
I had terrible technical problems with the telephone connection working 
from France. 
My annual income 
went down 40%, 
at the same time 
as both my kids were unemployed.
 H refused to go to Sweden from 2009 which messed up my credibility for my credit cards... 
H had inherited his aunt together with his brother that year 
and became really evil at times, 
always complaining about my kids,
 ridiculing me 
for worrying, caring, helping them out, providing...
I love my adult kids and they love me. 
H couldn't stand his mother and still let her provide for him?!

H never asked me directly about my financial situation. 
So I don't understand this new accusation yesterday 
that I had 
"lied by omission". 
In the beginning of 2012 I told H I was close to bankruptcy. 
After some consideration H
decided to help me 
but branded me 
and continuously put me down about it. 
And yes 
I had been too optimistic,
 I had taken too many loans and used up my credits but I worked 24/7 so it had to turn. Slowly it has 
but it's been 
a very long exhausting road that has had some rollercoasters and 
a tremendous cost 
in H treating me nonchalant,
 me being punished 
and unappreciated. 
Personally I have NEVER EVER 
accused H for not working, 
not finding a real job until 2011.
 When his knee, back, shoulder, herpes, headaches, low self worth... made him grumpy 
I shut up and didn't disturb him. 
So hearing him critiquing my way of handling my economy. Putting himself as the exemplary master. Especially as H never has worked 
to achieve wealth. 
He has inherited it.
 I have worked my entire life at times by joggling three jobs.
 It became too much seeing H's
 self righteous face judging me. 
As married we should by law 
have lived on an equal economical level...
H even remarked 
that I wasn't loyal! 
As I could have put 
in shit 
if I had gone bankrupt! 
I said it wasn't likely 
as he doesn't have a Swedish citizenship 
and hasn't signed 
any papers. 
What I didn't bring up was that I took 
most of my credits in 2005 and that I absolutely told him 
the same year 
that I had to take two huge loans 
which he even said he would sign for
but I informed him he couldn't 
as he doesn't have a Swedish "personnummer"
(civil registration number).
With my income 
at that time I had no problem paying. 

In the end of our meal 
I quietened H up 
by deliberately being crude.
and fed up
 I had had it. 

Stay strong


Asked H when he will put on the radiators in the Boathouse for me as I have been frozen 
to my marrow the last week.
Arriving home with wet hair 
after aqua biking four times a week during October and no heat in the house has resulted in my body aching as in the old chalet, which isn't isolated,  where I most  often had to sleep in -3 degrees Celsius. 

The Boathouse though well isolated is very close to the Lake and the dampness annoys my joints. Brrr...

H replied when it's getting cold?!
(We are October 26th today!)
I asked what he distinguished as "cold".
H just repeated: when it's cold. 
Okay, FYI I'll record you.

F*** you, f*** you,
you go f*** yourself,
f*** you...
H screamed 
those words over and over again 
and ended it with slamming
 the bathroom window shut with a bang!
(I was standing outside the old chalet talking to H through the open window
while he was brushing his teeth.)

It will be a COLD winter. 

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