Varning - Savelend inte att lita på!

Tanken verkar god. 
Låna 5000kr i 14 dagar utan ränta

Hoppade på tåget. 
Tre ggr. 

Vilket blev en gång för mycket...

Råkade använda andra lånets OCR
när jag återbetalde i tid 18 maj
(den nya fakturan 
hade hamnat direkt i "skräp").

Fick ett billogram 
på 5000kr igår 23 maj.  
Betyder minst 30kr i avgift 
för insättning i bank. 
Samtidigt som mitt ursprungliga lån 
per automatik förlängts till en månad 
Kostnad: 950kr!

En bortkastad 1000-lapp. 

Très triste!
Så se upp!!!

Cat & Uncle Bean's

Some cheese and pickles
with a glass of red Bordeaux
at Uncle Bean's

And the cat sneaks back in. 



Rehome adopted children

Rehoming adopted children 
has become a catwalk 
in some States in America. 
Free field for pedofiles

A child exchange
in the air of trafficking

Miraculous recovery

Growing up. 

The little one was exhausted
this morning. 
Apathetic with cramps 
 and problem with an eye. 
after some loving care 
and refueling rest. 
A miracle. 
Knock on wood. 


The three ducklings
growing stronger day by day. 

Yoko London

Yoko London

Ducklings' first bath

The ducklings' first bath
Not too popular. 
Two swam
One sank. 
(Of course I rescued it!)


Jérémy Gisclon
A French phenomena
from Lyon
Invasive TV reality
Making his interviews 
in the bath tub
Born January 4rth, 1989.

Pond to be.

Pond to be. 
Not mine. 

Three ducklings & five eggs

Heavy rain forecast tomorrow. 
Better move the remaining 
ducklings into the Boathouse

Suddenly I have some
orphans to look after. 

H bought some
organic duck "food"
in a pet shop. 

First day when ducklings hatch
they should NOT be fed
and never with bread!
They need grains, corn,
 cooked carrots, hard-boiled eggs...
and fresh water. 

Trying to keep them warm. 

Ducklings - two hatched

More ducklings in the nest. 
Two hatched. 

Darling ones. 
Three more hatched ducklings 
in the nest
and FIVE more eggs...

Huff the Hedgehog

Huff the Hedgehog -
a vampire hedgehog?
found on Instagram
Caretaker:  Carolyn Parker
in Utah, USA


H prepared a raclette
which looked grandioso
but the day had already
gone astray. 
A very shitty day. 
An awfully boring evening. 
A night to forget. 

No heels - Moschino

Moschino - No heels

Moschino - Super Mario

A very rainy day

Longing for the ducklings to hatch
Wonder if it's the same duck 
who returned laying 
her eggs in the tree
or one of the off-spring/ducklings from last  year. 
Rainy day's thoughts. 

Grand Marnier crêpes and chocolate

With a very sore throat
and a fever -
it's a sweet treat to be spoilt
with home made organic chocolate
and whole wheat 
Grand Marnier crêpes

Lucky me. 

Prince RIP

June 7th 1958 - April 21st 2016. 

A creative maestro
designer of magical music. 

Full moon on it's way...

Messier than ever...
Full moon vibes. 


Back to no heat on. 
The temperature inside
is dropping. 
Peaks on 16,9 degrees Celsius. 

H is messing with the water. 
Takes ages to shower
or get water from the taps. 
Sad really,
all to put me in discomfort. 

The weather forecast on my iPhone
for the upcoming week:

Spring is moody
April weather indeed!


Dear stress,
let's break up. 

Mission in life

Can you feel the love...

Can you feel the love...
Not on my repertoire 
but wow, 
the acoustics in showers!


Well acted. 
I'm disturbed by my own 
belief it would be even more
depraved and nastier. 
OD on too many B-movies

Radically different by Pierre Hardy

Oh Roy by Pierre Hardy


Dialogue from "When Harry met Sally". 
Popquotery on Instagram

E. Hopper meets Fight Club. 

Inspiration from Refinery 29 
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