Erwin Bluenfeld, Breast Outline, 1948

Blue Mermaid, 1943, Erwin Bluenfeld

The way back - dvd

Very VERY interesting and incredible film.
Talk about courage and stamina!
Director Peter Weir.

Hangover II

Not as even and great as the first.
Weakest plot ever.
Still light entertainment for an evening without nothing else to do...

Love t-shirt for two


KILLER LOVE T-shirt bt kntz

Juicy Couture 2011

Marc Jacobs x Terry Richardson

BVX watch Bottega Veneta timepiece

Skulls by Guido Macafico

Snakes by Guido Macafico

Terence Koh

Post 2626

My new Daniel Hechter bra.

Bird by the lac.
A pic I've taken that I'm proud of.

H's basil.

U are beautiful

Enough is enough...

If your husband cheats on you with the slut of the bar
and you after his beggings
give him a second chance
and he doesn't live up to his promises about a tattoo, travels, fixing your economy, being good...
Instead you get ridicolous moodiness, rudeness:
"I can tell my brother (The Imbecile) that I'm buying stuff for my mistress,
not for you, then he'll definitely give me his percentage in the store off..."
"Do I really have to repeat myself?! I told you that at least a YEAR ago..."
(about dressing for canoeing)
I, while on the Lac:
"How great it is canoeing."
"Why shouldn't it be!"
Later in bed.
"I don't understand why I bought the canoe. I hate it. It's so BORING!"



Charles Bukowski


Deserve better!


Late Valentine

Received a very belated Valentine's card in the mail today.
Friendship that warms the heart
as H is in his:
"I don't give a damn about you (& your feelings) mood"...
So low of him I've only asked for DD aka decency and dignity.
Instead I get disrespect


PRADA linen bags

Textiles & vase mix

Vase “Painting with Giotto #3” Fernando Brizio (2005)

ALIAS in Krakow by Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg




Laughter is...


Dare to be different

Mraz Butterfly lyrics

Taking a moment just imagining that i'm dancing with you
I'm your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes
You've got soul, you know what to do to turn me on until I write a song about you
And you have your own engaging style, you've got the knack to vivify
And you make my slacks a little tight, you may unfasten them if you like
That's if you crash and spend the night

But you don't bode, you don't pay, you got everything you need
Except for me, sister you've got it all
You make the call to make my day
In your message say my name
Your talk is all the talk, sister you've got it all

Curl your upper lip up and let me look around
Ride your tongue along your bottom lip and bite down
And bend your back and ask your hips if I can touch
Well they're the perfect jumping up point
Getting closer to your butterfly

You float on by
Oh kiss me with your eyelashes tonight
Or Eskimo your nose real close to mine
And let's mood the lights and finally make it right

But you don't bode and you don't pay, you got everything you need
Except for me, sister you've got it all
You make the call to make my day
In your message say my name
Your talk is all the talk, sister you've got it all

You've got it all, you've got it all, you've got it all
You've got it all, you've got it all, you've got it all

Mmm mmm And all I really need to see
You pull your knee socks up
Let me feel you upside down, slide in, slide out
Slide over here, climb into my mouth now

Well you landed on my mind
Actually landed on my ear but you crawled inside
And now I see you perfectly behind closed eyes
I wanna fly with you
But I don't want to lie to you

But I can't recall a better day
Sun coming to shine on the occasion
You're sophisticated, lady, you've got it all
You've got it all to make my day
In your message say my name
Your talk is all the talk, sister you've got it all

You know that fortune favors the brave
But let me get paid while I make you breakfast
The rest is up to you, who makes the call
I never forget a face, 'cept maybe my own
I have my days, let's face the fact here
It's you who's got it all

I can't recall a better day
Sun coming to shine on the occasion
You're an open-minded lady, you've got it all

You've got it all, you've got it all, you've got it all
You've got it all, you've got it all, you've got it all
You've got it all, you've got it all, you've got it all
You've got it all, you've got it all, you've got it all

Butterfly, baby, you've got it all

By looks a hint of a Hugh Grant warning...
Cancer, June 23 977

Kate Moss Detonation

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Patrick Martinez HUSTLEMANIA

Loverdose by Diesel

Loverdose est un véritable philtre d'amourLoverdose est un véritable philtre d'amour

Dior Hypnotic Poison's new face Mélanie Laurent

Mélanie Laurent est la nouvelle égérie du parfum Dior Hypnotic Poison

Kim Rossi Stuart in Angel of Evil

About the gangster Renato Vallanzasca played by by Michele Placido.

Below the real Renato Vallanzasca.

Nike SB x Koston x Kobe

Nike skate shoe teams up with basketball giant Kobe Bryant for an exclusive and limited version.

Pics from


Stalactite table - Philippe Cramer

ACTUEL - les belles histories

A French MAD that H used to read as a teenager.
Cult in France.

C.L.A.S.H - citizens lobbying against smoker harassment

The smokers revenge?

Louis Vuitton "Ailleurs" bag

Leo di Caprio & Blake Lively

Scorpio 11 1974 & Virgo, August 25 1987

Chanel: Byzantines palette


Thomas Sabo: Coconut Charm

Vodka Belvedere IX with André

GUCCI sandals

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The myth is that Nasruddin is a fool. The truth is that a fool can be wise at the same time.

In some cultural incarnations of Nasruddin, he is a pure and simple fool whose foolishness gives us something to laugh at, and seeing his folly, become wise by contrast.

The true Nasruddin can act foolish, oh yes, but it is a different kind of foolishness: a foolishness with a purpose. The fool slips by the mental defenses, and is poised to deliver the dagger blow of wisdom straight to the heart. Warlike phrases for the peace-loving Nasruddin, but his stories have such bite, such punch, they invite violent metaphor!

Take, for instance, the simple story of the Stupid Oaf. This seemingly simple, clever tale of turnabout in verbal sparring carries a hidden treasure: the demonstration that when we label others, we are really identifying ourselves.

Notice it was not a lesson. There was no lecture, no "You see boys and girls..." There was a demonstration of the fact that was itself the subject of the story. The ancient Sufis were skilled at this sort of hidden moral thrust; we might call them diabolically clever, except the result is so wholesome!

Who is Nasruddin, anyway?

Nasruddin is an old, old, old, old, much older than is practical to say, Persian storytelling character. He was the subject of many, many such clever tales as the Stupid Oaf for the education and instruction of the folk of the day. In The Way of the Sufi, the eminent Sufi and scholar Idries Shah mentions that there is a Sufi community in what is now Pakistan in which Nasruddin stories are the only materials for teaching.

Shah says this about Nasruddin in his book The Sufis:

The Nasruddin stories, known throughout the Middle East, constitute one of the strangest acheivements in the history of metaphysics. Superficially, most of the Nasruddin stories may be used as jokes. They are told and retold endlessly in the teahouses and caravanserais, in the homes and on the radio waves, of Asia. But it is inherent in the Nasruddin story that it may be understood at any of many depths. There is the joke, the moral - and the little extra which brings the consciousness of the potential mystic a little further on the way to realization.

Nasruddin has gathered stories from far and wide during his extensive travels. His peregrinations have taken him from Beijing to Boston, from Delhi to Delaware. He can't remember where he was born: it was so long ago, and he's been to so many places, that wherever he is he has a suspicion that it could be his true birthplace.

While Nasruddin Hodja has a designated birthplace and tomb in Turkey, Nasruddin does not claim any such limitations. He is a citizen of the world, and while true to his faith (he does not imbibe any spiritous liquors, for one thing, his spirits being high enough already), he is the very soul of tolerance and acceptance of all points of view.


From the book - "The Sufis" by Idries Shah

  1. NASRUDDIN - Keeper of Faith In Turkey, where some people allege Nasruddin is buried, there are HUGE locked gates at his grave site. Yet his headstone reads - "Sometimes you do not need a key to get through gates. All you need to do is walk around them as there are no walls."

  2. More Useful One day mullah nasruddin entered his favorite teahouse and said: 'The moon is more useful than the sun'. An old man asked 'Why mulla?' Nasruddin replied 'We need the light more during the night than during the day.'

  3. Promises Kept A friend asked the mulla "How old are you?" "Forty replied the mullah." The friend said but you said the same thing two years ago!" "Yes" replied the mullah, "I always stand by what i have said."

  4. When you face things alone You may have lost your donkey, nasruddin, but you don't have to grieve over it more than you did about the loss of your first wife. Ah, but if you remember, when i lost my wife, all you villagers said: We'll find you someone else. So far, nobody has offered to replace my donkey."

  5. Obligation Nasruddin nearly fell into a pool one day. A man whom he knew slightly was nearby, and saved him. Every time he met nasruddin after that he would remind him of the service which he had performed. when this had happened several times nasruddin took him to the water, jumped in, stood with his head just above water and shouted: "Now I am as wet as I would have been if you had not saved me! Leave me alone."

  6. Deductive Reasoning "How old are you, mulla? someone asked, 'Three years older than my brother. 'How do you know that?' 'Reasoning. Last year I heard my brother tell someone that i was two years older than him. A year has passed. That means that I am older by one year. I shall soon be old enough to be his grandfather.'

  7. "When I was in the desert," said Nasruddin one day, "I caused an entire tribe of horrible and bloodthirsty bedouins to run." "However did you do it?" "Easy. I just ran, and they ran after me."

  8. A certain conqueror said to Nasruddin: "Mulla, all the great rulers of the past had honorific titles with the name of God in them: there was, for instance, God-Gifted, and God-Accepted, and so on. How about some such name for me?" "God Forbid," said Nasruddin.

  9. "May the Will of Allah be done," a pious man was saying about something or the other. "It always is, in any case," said Mullah Nasruddin. "How can you prove that, Mullah?" asked the man. "Quite simply. If it wasn't always being done, then surely at some time or another my will would be done, wouldn't it?"

  10. Walking one evening along a deserted road, Nasruddin saw a troop of horsemen rapidly approaching. His imagination started to work; he saw himself captured or robbed or killed and frightened by this thought he bolted, climbed a wall into a graveyard, and lay down in an open grave to hide. Puzzled at his bizzare behaviour, the horsemen - honest travellers - followed him. They found him stretched out, tense, and shaking. "What are you doing in that grave? We saw you run away. Can we help you? Why are you here in this place?" "Just because you can ask a question does not mean that there is a straightforward answer to it," said Nasruddin, who now realized what had happened. "It all depends upon your viewpoint. If you must know, however, I am here because of you - and you are here because of me!"

  11. Once, when Mullah Nasruddin was visiting a Western town, he was invited to attend a fashion show. He went, and afterwards he was asked how he liked it. "It's a complete swindle!" he exclaimed indignantly. "Whatever do you mean?" he was asked. "They show you the women - and then try to sell you the clothes!"

  12. A man was walking along the street when he passed another man with a lot of stubble on his face standing outside a shop. The first man asked: "How often do you shave? Twenty or thirty times a day," answered the man with the stubble. "What! You must be a freak!" exclaimed the first man. "No, I'm only a barber," replied the man with the stubble.

  13. Once, the people of The City invited Mulla Nasruddin to deliver a khutba. When he got on the minbar (pulpit), he found the audience was not very enthusiastic, so he asked "Do you know what I am going to say?" The audience replied "NO", so he announced "I have no desire to speak to people who don't even know what I will be talking about" and he left. The people felt embarrassed and called him back again the next day. This time when he asked the same question, the people replied "YES" So Mullah Nasruddin said, "Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won't waste any more of your time" and he left. Now the people were really perplexed. They decided to try one more time and once again invited the Mullah to speak the following week. Once again he asked the same question - "Do you know what I am going to say?" Now the people were prepared and so half of them answered "YES" while the other half replied "NO". So Mullah Nasruddin said "The half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the other half" and he left!

  14. One day , one of Mullah Nasruddin's friend came over and wanted to borrow his donkey for a day or two. Mullah, knowing his friend, was not kindly inclined to the request, and came up with the excuse that someone had already borrowed his donkey. Just as Mullah uttered these words, his donkey started braying in his backyard. Hearing the sound, his friend gave him an accusing look, to which Mullah replied: "I refuse to have any further dealings with you since you take a donkey's word over mine."

  15. A certain man claimed to be God and was brought before the Caliph, who said to him, "Last year someone here claimed to be a prophet and he was put to death!" The man replied, "It was well that you did so, for I did not send him." (9th century joke)

  16. A certain man claimed to be a prophet and was brought before the Sultan, who said to him, "I bear witness that you are a stupid prophet!" The man replied, "That is why I have only been sent to people like you." (9th century joke)

  17. Someone said to Ashab, "If you were to relate traditions and stop telling jokes, you would be doing a noble thing." "By God!" answered Ashab, "I have heard traditions and related them." "Then tell us", said the man. "I heard from Nafai," said Ashab, "on the authority of such-and-such, that the Prophet, may God bless him, said, "There are two qualities, such that whoever has them is among God's elect." "That is a fine tradition", said the man. "What are these two qualities?" "Nafai forgot one and I have forgotten the other," replied Ashab. (a 9th century joke)

  18. A certain conqueror said to Nasruddin: "Mulla, all the great rulers of the past had honorific titles with the name of God in them: there was, for instance, God-Gifted, and God-Accepted, and so on. How about some such name for me?" "God Forbid," said Nasruddin.

  19. "When I was in the desert," said Nasruddin one day, "I caused an entire tribe of horrible and bloodthirsty bedouins to run." "However did you do it?" "Easy. I just ran, and they ran after me."

  20. NASRUDDIN MEETS DEATH Nasruddin was strolling to market one day when he saw a strange, dark shape appear, blocking his path. "I am Death," it said, "I have come for you." "Death?" said Nasruddin. "But I'm not even particularly old! And I have so much to do. Are you sure you aren't mistaking me for someone else?" "I only kill people who are not yet ready to die," said Death. "I think you're wrong," replied the Hoja. "Let's make a bet." "A bet? Perhaps. But what shall the stakes be?" "My life against a hundred pieces of silver." "Done," said Death, a bag of silver instantly appearing in his hand. "What a stupid bet you made. After all, what's to stop me from just killing you now, and thus winning automatically?" "Because I knew you were going to kill me," said Nasruddin, "that's why I made the bet." "Hmmm . . ." mused Death. "I see. But . . . but, didn't you also know, then, that I would not be able to kill you, because of the terms of our agreement?" "Not at all," said Nasruddin, and continued down the road, clutching the bag of money.

  21. Once, Mullah Nasruddin bought a violin. And he began to play. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... Same note, same string, over and over. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... After a few hours his wife was at her wits' end. "Nasruddin!" she screamed. NEEE.. Nasruddin put down the bow. "Yes dear?" "Why do you play the same note? It's driving me crazy! All the real violin players move their fingers up and down, play on different strings! Why don't you play like they do?" "Well dear, I know why they go up and down and try all different strings." "Why is that?" "They're looking for *this* note." And he picked up his bow and resumed his playing. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....

  22. Mullah Nasruddin went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and on the way he passed through Medina. As he was walking by the main mosque there, a rather confused looking tourist approached him. "Excuse me sir," said the tourist, "but you look like a native of these parts; can you tell me something about this mosque? It looks very old and important, but I've lost my guidebook." Nasruddin, being too proud to admit that he, too, had no idea what it was, immediately began an enthusiastic explanation. "This is indeed a very old and special mosque." he declared, "It was built by Alexander the Great to commemorate his conquest of Arabia." The tourist was suitably impressed, but presently a look of doubt crossed his face. "But how can that be?" he asked, "I'm sure that Alexander was a Greek or something, not a Muslim. . . Wasn't he?" "I can see that you know something of these matters." replied Nasruddin with chagrin, "In fact, Alexander was so impressed at his good fortune in war that he converted to Islam in order to show his gratitude to God." "Oh, wow." said the tourist, then paused. "Hey, but surely there was no such thing as Islam in Alexander's time?" "An excellent point! It is truly gratifying to meet a visitor who understands our history so well," answered Nasruddin. "As a matter of fact, he was so overwhelmed by the generosity God had shown him that as soon as the fighting was over he began a new religion, and became the founder of Islam." The tourist looked at the mosque with new respect, but before Nasruddin could quietly slip into the passing crowd, another problem occurred to him. "But wasn't the founder of Islam named Mohammed? I mean, that's what I read in a book; at least I'm sure it wasn't Alexander." "I can see that you are a scholar of some learning," said Nasruddin, "I was just getting to that. Alexander felt that he could properly dedicate himself to his new life as a prophet only by adopting a new identity. So, he gave up his old name and for the rest of his life called himself Mohammed." "Really?" wondered the tourist, "That's amazing! But...but I thought that Alexander the Great lived a long time before Mohammed? Is that right?" "Certainly not!" answered the Mullah, "You're thinking of a different Alexander the Great. I'm talking about the one named Mohammed."

  23. A neighbor who Nasruddin didn't like very much came over to his compound one day. The neighbor asked Nasruddin if he could borrow his donkey. Nasruddin not wanting to lend his donkey to the neighbor he didn't like told him, "I would love to loan you my donkey but only yesterday my brother came from the next town to use it to carry his wheat to the mill to be grounded. The donkey sadly is not here." The neighbor was disappointed. But he thanked Nasruddin and began to walk away. Just as he got a few steps away, Mullah Nasruddin's donkey, which was in the back of his compound all the time, let out a big bray. The neighbor turned to Nasruddin and said, "Mullah Sahib, I thought you told me that your donkey was not here. Mullah Nasruddin turned to the neighbor and said, "My friend, who are you going to believe? Me or the donkey?

  24. One day Nasruddin repaired tiles on the roof of his house. While Nasruddin was working on the roof, a stranger knocked the door. - What do you want? Nasruddin shouted out. - Come down, replied stranger So I can tell it. Nasruddin unwilling and slowly climbed down the ladder. - Well! replied Nasruddin, what was the important thing? - Could you give little money to this poor old man? begged stranger. Tired Nasruddin started to climb up the ladder and said, - Follow me up to the roof. When both Nasruddin and beggar were upside, on the roof, Nasruddin said, - The answer is no!

  25. Nasruddin opened a booth with a sign above it: Two Questions On Any Subject Answered For Only 100 Silver Coins A man who had two very urgent questions handed over his money, saying: A hundred silver coins is rather expensive for two questions, isn't it? Yes, said Nasruddin, and the next question, please?

  26. Nasruddin used to stand in the street on market-days, to be pointed out as an idiot. No matter how often people offered him a large and a small coin, he always chose the smaller piece. One day a kindly man said to him: Nasruddin, you should take the bigger coin. Then you will have more money and people will no longer be able to make a laughing stock of you. That may be true, said Nasruddin, but if I always take the larger, people will stop offering me money to prove that I am more idiotic than they are. Then I would have no money at all.

  27. As Nasruddin emerged form the mosque after prayers, a beggar sitting on the street solicited alms. The following conversation followed: Are you extravagant? asked Nasruddin. Yes Nasruddin. replied the beggar. Do you like sitting around drinking coffee and smoking? asked Nasruddin. Yes. replied the beggar. I suppose you like to go to the baths everyday? asked Nasruddin. Yes. replied the beggar. ...And maybe amuse yourself, even, by drinking with friends? asked Nasruddin. Yes I like all those things. replied the beggar. Tut, Tut, said Nasruddin, and gave him a gold piece. A few yards farther on. another beggar who had overheard the conversation begged for alms also. Are you extravagant? asked Nasruddin. No, Nasruddin replied second beggar. Do you like sitting around drinking coffee and smoking? asked Nasruddin. No. replied second beggar. I suppose you like to go to the baths everyday? asked Nasruddin. No. replied second beggar. ...And maybe amuse yourself, even, by drinking with friends? asked Nasruddin. No, I want to only live meagerly and to pray. replied second beggar. Whereupon the Nasruddin gave him a small copper coin. But why, wailed second beggar, do you give me, an economical and pious man, a penny, when you give that extravagant fellow a sovereign? Ah my friend, replied Nasruddin, his needs are greater than yours.

  28. One day Nasruddin went to a banquet. As he was dressed rather shabbily, no one let him in. So he ran home, put on his best robe and fur coat and returned. Immediately, the host came over, greeted him and ushered him to the head of an elaborate banquet table. When the food was served, Nasruddin took some soup with spoon and pushed it to the his fur coat and said, Eat my fur coat, eat! It's obvious that you're the real guest of honor today, not me!

  29. One hot day, Nasruddin was taking it easy in the shade of a walnut tree. After a time, he started eying speculatively, the huge pumpkins growing on vines and the small walnuts growing on a majestic tree. Sometimes I just can't understand the ways of God! he mused. Just fancy letting tinny walnuts grow on so majestic a tree and huge pumpkins on the delicate vines! Just then a walnut snapped off and fell smack on Mullah Nasruddin's bald head. He got up at once and lifting up his hands and face to heavens in supplication, said: "Oh, my God! Forgive my questioning your ways! You are all-wise. Where would I have been now, if pumpkins grew on trees!

  30. At a gathering where Mullah Nasruddin was present, people were discussing the merits of youth and old age. They had all agreed that, a man's strength decreases as years go by. Mullah Nasruddin dissented. I don't agree with you gentlemen, he said. In my old age I have the same strength as I had in the prime of my youth. How do you mean, Mullah Nasruddin? asked somebody. Explain yourself. In my courtyard, explained Mullah Nasruddin, there is a massive stone. In my youth I used to try and lift it. I never succeeded. Neither can I lift it now.

  31. The wit and wisdom of Mullah Nasruddin never leaves him tongue-tied. One day an illiterate man came to Mullah Nasruddin with a letter he had received. "Mullah Nasruddin, please read this letter to me." Mullah Nasruddin looked at the letter, but could not make out a single word. So he told the man. "I am sorry, but I cannot read this." The man cried: "For shame, Mullah Nasruddin ! You must be ashamed before the turban you wear (i.e. the sign of education)" Mullah Nasruddin removed the turban from his own head and placed it on the head of the illiterate man, said: "There, now you wear the turban. If it gives some knowledge, read the letter yourself."

  32. One day Mullah Nasruddin lost his ring down in the basement of his house, where it was very dark. There being no chance of his finding it in that darkness, he went out on the street and started looking for it there. Somebody passing by stopped and enquire: "What are you looking for, Mullah Nasruddin ? Have you lost something?" "Yes, I've lost my ring down in the basement." "But Mullah Nasruddin , why don't you look for it down in the basement where you have lost it?" asked the man in surprise. "Don't be silly, man! How do you expect me to find anything in that darkness!"

  33. Mullah Nasruddin had visited a town for some personal business. It was a frigid winter night when he arrived. On the way to the inn a vicious looking dog barked at him. Mullah Nasruddin bent down to pick up a stone from the street to throw at the animal. He could not lift it, for the stone was frozen to the earth. "What a strange town this is! Mullah Nasruddin said to himself. They tie up the stones and let the dogs go free."

  34. One day Mullah Nasruddin went to the market and bought a fine piece of meat. On the way home he met a friend who gave him a special recipe for the meat. Mullah Nasruddin was very happy. But then, before he got home, a large crow stole the meat from Mullah Nasruddin's hands and flew off with it. "You thief!" Mullah Nasruddin angrily called after departing crow. "You have stolen my meat! But you won't enjoy it; I've got the recipe!"

  35. Mullah Nasruddin was dreaming that someone had counted nine gold pieces into his hand, but Mullah Nasruddin insisted that he would not accept less than ten pieces. While he was arguing with the man over one gold piece, he was awakened by a sudden noise in the street. Seeing that his hand was empty, Mullah Nasruddin quickly closed his eyes, extended his hand as if he was ready to receive, and said, "Very well, my friend, have it your way. Give me nine."

  36. Mullah Nasruddin was unemployed and poor but somehow he got little money to eat beans and pilaf at a cheap restaurant. He ate and examined walking people outside with the corner of the eye. He noticed a long, handsome swashbuckler (bully man) behind crowd. The Man was well dressed from head to foot, with velvet turban, silver embroidered vest, silk shirt, satin baggy-trousers and golden scimitar (short curved sword). Mullah Nasruddin pointed the man and asked restaurant keeper, "Who is that man over there!" "He is Fehmi Pasha's servant, answered restaurant keeper." Mullah Nasruddin sighed from far away, looked at the sky and said: "Oh, my Good Lord! Look at that Fehmi Pasha's servant and look at your own servant, here."

  37. One day a visitor came to Mullah Nasruddin with a question. "Mullah Nasruddin, the place that we humans come from and the place that we go to, what is it like?" "Oh," said Mullah Nasruddin, "it is a very frightening place." "Why do you say that?" the visitor asked. "Well, when we come from there as babies, we are crying, and when somebody has to go there, everybody cries."

  38. One day Mullah Nasruddin wished to learn playing zurna (a kind off shrill pipe) and visited a zurna player. "How much does it cost to learn playing zurna?" asked Mullah Nasruddin. "Three hundred akche (coin) for the first lesson and one hundred akche for the next lessons," asked zurna player. "It sounds good," replied Mullah Nasruddin. "We may start with second lesson. I was a shepherd when I was a young boy, so I already had some whistle experiences. It must be good enough for first lesson, isn't it?"
  39. One day Mullah Nasruddin went to market to buy new clothes. First he tested a pair of trousers. He didn't like the trousers and he gave back them to the shopkeeper. Then he tried a robe which had same price as the trousers. Mullah Nasruddin was pleased with the robe and he left the shop. Before he climbed on the donkey to ride home he stopped by the shopkeeper and the shop-assistant. "You didn't pay for the robe," said the shopkeeper. "But I gave you the trousers instead of the robe, isn't it?" replied Mullah Nasruddin . "Yes, but you didn't pay for the trousers, either!" said the shopkeeper. "But I didn't buy the trousers," replied Mullah Nasruddin. "I am not so stupid to pay for something which I never bought."

  40. Once a renowned philosopher and moralist was traveling through Nasruddin's village when he asked him where there was a good place to eat. He suggested a place and the scholar, hungry for conversation, invited Mullah Nasruddin to join him. Much obliged, Mullah Nasruddin accompanied the scholar to a nearby restaurant, where they asked the waiter about the special of the day. "Fish! Fresh Fish!" replied the waiter. "Bring us two," they answered. A few minutes later, the waiter brought out a large platter with two cooked fish on it, one of which was quite a bit smaller than the other. Without hesitating, Mullah Nasruddin cooked the larger of the fish and put in on his plate. The scholar, giving Mullah Nasruddin a look of intense disbelief, proceed to tell him that what he did was not only blatantly selfish, but that it violated the principles of almost every known moral, religious, and ethical system. Mullah Nasruddin calmly listened to the philosopher's extempore lecture patiently, and when he had finally exhausted his resources, Mullah Nasruddin said, "Well, Sir, what would you have done?" "I, being a conscientious human, would have taken the smaller fish for myself." "And here you are," Mullah Nasruddin said, and placed the smaller fish on the gentleman's plate.

  41. "Mullah! What do they do with the old full moons?" "They cut them up into small pieces and make the star"

  42. One day people founded Mullah Nasruddin pouring the remains of his yogurt into the lake. "Mullah Nasruddin , what are you doing?" A man asked. "I am turning the lake into yogurt," Mullah Nasruddin replied. "Can a little bit of yeast ferment the great river?" The man asked while others laughed at Mullah Nasruddin . "You never know perhaps it might," Mullah Nasruddin replied, "but what if it should!"

  43. "Mullah Nasruddin, which side must I walk when carrying a coffin, at the front, back, left or right?" "Take which you like best, so long as you are not inside!"

  44. One day Mullah Nasruddin was asked "Could you tell us the exact location of the center of the world?" "Yes, I can," replied Mullah Nasruddin . "It is just under the left hind of my donkey." "Well, maybe! But do you have any proof?" "If you doubt my word, just measure and see."

  45. A group of philosophers traveled far and wide to find, and, contemplated for many years, the end of the world but could not state a time for its coming. Finally they turned to Mullah Nasruddin and asked him: "Do you know when the end of the world will be?" "Of course, said Mullah Nasruddin , when I die, that will be the end of the world." "When you die? Are you sure?" "It will be for me at least," said Mullah Nasruddin .

  46. One day two small boys decided to play a trick on Mullah Nasruddin. With a tiny bird cupped in their hands they would ask him whether it was alive or dead. If he said it was alive they would crush it to show show him he was wrong. If he said it was dead they would let it fly away and still fool him. When they found the wise old man they said, "Mullah Nasruddin, that which we are holding, is it alive or dead?" Mullah Nasruddin thought for a moment and replied, "Ah, my young friends, that is in your hands!"

  47. "Mullah Nasruddin, why do you always a question with another question?" "Do I?"

  48. A certain man asked Mullah Nasruddin, "What is the meaning of fate, Mullah Nasruddin ?" "Assumptions," Mullah Nasruddin replied. "In what way?" the man asked again. Mullah Nasruddin looked at him and said, "You assume things are going to go well, and they don't - that you call bad luck. You assume things are going to go badly and they don't - that you call good luck. You assume that certain things are going to happen or not happen - and you so lack intuition that you don't know what is going to happen. You assume that the future is unknown. When you are caught out - you call that Fate.

  49. On a frigid and snowy winter day Mullah Nasruddin was having a chat with some of his friends in the local coffee house. Mullah Nasruddin said that cold weather did not bother him, and in fact, he could stay, if necessary, all night without any heat. "We'll take you up on that, Mullah Nasruddin" they said. "If you stand all night in the village square without warming yourself by any external means, each of us will treat you to a sumptuous meal. But if you fail to do so, you will treat us all to dinner." "All right it's a bet," Mullah Nasruddin said. That very night, Mullah Nasruddin stood in the village square till morning despite the bitter cold. In the morning, he ran triumphantly to his friends and told them that they should be ready to fulfill their promise. "But as a matter of fact you lost the bet, Mullah Nasruddin," said one of them. "At about midnight, just before I went to sleep, I saw a candle burning a window about three hundred yards away from where you were standing. That certainly means that you warmed yourself by it." "That's ridiculous," Mullah Nasruddin argued. "How can a candle behind a window warm a person three hundred yards away?" All his protestations were to no avail, and it was decided that Mullah Nasruddin had lost the bet. Mullah Nasruddin accepted the verdict and invited all of them to a dinner that night at his home. They all arrived on time, laughing and joking, anticipating the delicious meal Mullah Nasruddin was going to serve them. But dinner was not ready. Mullah Nasruddin told them that it would be ready in a short time, and left the room to prepare the meal. A long time passed, and still no dinner was served. Finally, getting impatient and very hungry, they went into the kitchen to see if there was any food cooking at all. What they saw, they could not believe. Mullah Nasruddin was standing by a huge cauldron, suspended from the ceiling. There was a lighted candle under the cauldron. "Be patient my friends," Mullah Nasruddin told them. "Dinner will be ready soon. You see it is cooking." "Are you out of your mind, Mullah Nasruddin?" they shouted. How could you with such a tiny flame boil such a large pot? "Your ignorance of such matters amuses me," Mullah Nasruddin said. "If the flame of a candle behind a window three hundred yards away can warm a person, surely the same flame will boil this pot which is only three inches away."

  50. One December day the village boys decided to play a trick on Mullah Nasruddin to fool him. They hid Mullah Nasruddin's coat when he was performing ablution for Friday ritual. But Mullah Nasruddin perceived that a trick on the way. "Mullah Nasruddin, it's a cold day, why don't you wear your coat?" asked one of them "I left my coat at home to keep the place warm!" answered Mullah Nasruddin.

  51. Nasruddin was cutting a branch off a tree in his garden one day. While he was sawing, a man passed by in the street and said, "Excuse me, but if continue to saw that branch like that, you will fall down with it." He said this because Nasruddin was sitting Nasruddin said nothing. He thought, "This is some foolish person who has no work to do but go around telling other people what to do and what not to do." The man continued on his way. Of course, after a few minutes, the branch fell and Nasruddin fell with it. "My God!" he cried. "That man knows the future!" He ran after him to ask how long he was going to live. But the man had already gone.

  52. Qazi (Judge) Nasruddin was working in his room one day when a neighbor ran in and said, "If one man's cow kills another's, is the owner of the first cow responsible?" "It depends," answered Nasruddin. "Well," said the man, "your cow has killed mine." "Oh," answered Nasruddin. "Everyone knows that a cow cannot think like a human, so a cow is not responsible, and that means that its owner is not responsible either." "I'm sorry, Judge," said the man. "I made a mistake. I meant that my cow killed yours." Judge Nasruddin thought for a few seconds and then said, "When I think about it more carefully, this case is not as easy as I thought at first." And then he turned to his clerk and said, "Please bring me that big black book from the shelf behind you..."

  53. Mullah Nasruddin and his wife came home one day to find the house burgled. Everything portable had been taken away. "It's all your fault," said his wife, "for you should have made sure that the house was locked before we left." The Neighbor took up the chant: "You did not lock the windows," said one. "Why did you not expect this?" said another. "The locks were faulty and you did not replace them," said a third. "Just a moment," said Nasruddin, "surely I am not the only one to blame?" "And who should we blame?" they shouted. "What about the thieves?" said Nasruddin. "Are they totally innocent?"

  54. That was the time Mullah Nasruddin's family was very poor. One day Nasruddin 's wife woke him in the middle of the night and whispered, "Nasruddin, There is a thief in the kitchen!" "Shhh... Stupid woman! replied Nasruddin. Let him be. Perhaps he find something then we seize it!"

  55. Ahmad, who was working a long way from home, wanted to send a letter to his wife, but he could neither read nor write. And since he was working during the day, he could only look for somebody to write his letter during the night. At last he found the ho "What does that matter?" answered Ahmad. "Well, my writing is so strange that only I can read it, and if I have to travel a long way to read your letter to your wife, it will cost you a lot of money." Ahmad went out of his house quickly.

  56. Nasruddin was returning home one night with one of his students when he saw a gang of thieves standing in front of a house, trying to break the lock. Nasruddin perceived that he would probably get hurt if he spoke up, so he decided to stay quite and pass by quickly. But his student however, did not understand what was happening so he asked: "What are all those men standing there doing?" "Shhh!" replied Nasruddin. "They're playing music!" "But I can't hear anything!" "Well we shall hear the noise tomorrow!" Nasruddin said

  57. Nasruddin was awakened in the middle of the night by the cries of two quarreling men in front of his house. Nasruddin waited for a while but they continued to dispute with each other. Nasruddin couldn't sleep, wrapping his quilt tightly around his shoulders, he rushed outside to separate the men who had come to blows. But when he tried to reason with them, one of them snatched the quilt off Mul shoulders and then the both of men ran away. Nasruddin, very weary and perplexed, returned to his house. "What was the quarrel about?" wondered his wife when Nasruddin came in. "It must be our quilt," replied Nasruddin. "The quilt is gone, the dispute is ended."

  58. Three Thieves One night, three thieves of the Ut Khel tribe approached a peddler riding a donkey. After salaams, two of the thieves walked on either side of the peddler, regaling him with enchanting stroies, while the third walked behind, jabbing the donkey with a pointed stick to keep him moving at a steady pace. The two thieves then gently lifted the saddle of the weary peddler, while the third led away the donkey, heavily laden with bazaar goods. The peddler eventually fell asleep and the Ut Khel thieves lowered him to the ground and hastily left to join their fellow thief.

  59. The Teacher A teacher (male) bought new shoes and a new watch and was dying to show off. In school he tried his best but his colleagues did not notice his new watch and shoes. He was eager to get some attention and congradulations, so as soon he walked in to his first class he began beating on the first student at his sight. Then he turned to others saying that if anyone else make a move, pointing to his watch and his shoes, "dar teeng saniya futbaletan mekunum!!!" I will kick you all in a second! The sudents finally notice his shoes and his watch and congradulated him. The teacher replyed: "khar-ha, chera az awal tab- rikee nadaden, zaroor nabood ke lat-te-tan kunum"; why didn't you congradulated me from the beginning, I wouldn't have had to beat any of you!

  60. Daal Khurs Once the king of Afghanistan was invited to Indian (and Pakistan- before their independence). At the dinner table the Indian Prime Minister noticed that the king was chowing the chicken bones (after he had eaten the flesh). With a grin the PM murmmered: if the people here are eating the bones, what do the dogs eat? And the king answered: Daal.

  61. Saifu An angry man came in to a cafe and yelled:" IS SAIFU HERE?". No body answered so he yelled again: IS SAIFU HERE OR NOT? Finally a guy got up, "YAH, I AM SAIFU" he said, the angry man came closer and punched the guy, knocked him down on the floor and then left the cafe. The guy got up, cleaned his nose from blood and while every one was expecting a reaction from him, returned to his table without saying anything. Some one came and asked the guy: "How can you just sit here and do nothing? that man knocked you down and you are not even cursing him." "You wouldn't say that if you knew what I have done to him" said the man with a smirk. "What? How?" asked the other man with curious excitement. "I am not SAIFU" said the guy proudly.

  62. One day Nasruddin was taking a walk in his village, when several of his neighbors approached him. "Nasruddin Hoja!" they said to him, "you are so wise and holy! Please take us as your pupils to teach us how we should live our lives, and what we should do!" Nasruddin paused, then said "Alright; I will teach you the first lesson right now. The most important thing is to take very good care of your feet and sandals; you must keep them clean and neat at all times." The neighbors listened attentively until they glanced down at his feet, which were in fact quite dirty and shod in old sandals that seemed about to fall apart. "But Nasruddin Hoja," said one of them, "your feet are terribly dirty, and your sandals are a mess! How do you expect us to follow your teachings if you don't carry them out yourself?" "Well," replied Nasruddin, "I don't go around asking people how I should live my life either, do I?"

  63. ONCE UPON A TIME One day, Nasruddin came riding into town. The people stopped him to ask, "Why are you sitting back to front on your donkey?" He replied, "I know where I am going, I want to see where I have been." Later that evening, Nasruddin was cooking up some things. He went to his neighbor and asked for a pot and promised to return it the next day. A knock, knock came on the neighbor's door the next day. Nasruddin had come to return the pot. The neighbor looks at his pot and inside was one smaller. The neighbors said, "There is a small pot inside the one I loaned you." Nasruddin told him, "The pot gave birth." The neighbor was quite pleased to hear this and accepted the two pots. The very next morning, Nasruddin knocks on the neighbor's door to borrow a larger pot than the previous one. The neighbor happily abides his the request. A week goes past, without Nasruddin knocking to return the pot. The neighbor and Nasrudding bump into each other at the bazaar a few days latter. Nasruddin's neighbor asked, "Where is my pot?" "It's dead," says Nasruddin. "But how can that be?" queries the neighbor. Nasruddin points out, "If a pot can give birth, then a pot can also die." �One afternoon, Nasruddin and his friend were sitting in a cafe, drinking tea, and talking about life and love. �How come you never got married, Nasruddin?� asked his friend at one point. �Well,� said Nasruddin, �to tell you the truth, I spent my youth looking for the perfect woman. In Cairo, I met a beautiful and intelligent woman, with eyes like dark olives, but she was unkind. Then in Baghdad, I met a woman who was a wonderful and generous soul, but we had no interests in common. One woman after another would seem just right, but there would aways be something missing. Then one day, I met her. She was beautiful, intelligent, generous and kind. We had everything in common. In fact she was perfect.� �Well,� said Nasruddin�s friend, �what happened? Why didn�t you marry her? Nasruddin sipped his tea reflectively. �Well,� he replied, �it�s a sad thing. Seems she was looking for the perfect man.� Once upon a time, Nasruddin went to the marketplace and put up a sign that read: "Whoever has stolen my donkey, please return it to me and I will give it to them." "Nasruddin!", exclaimed the townspeople, "Why would you put up such a sign?" "There are two great gifts in life," replied Nasruddin. "One is to find something that you've lost and the other is to give something that you love away."

  64. Mullah Nasruddin and his beautiful daughter Mullah Nasruddin had a beautiful daughter, the desire of all the evil eyes of the men lived in his village. Everyone sought the hand of the fair maiden, but Mullah Nasruddin protected her from the ouside world, saving her for the wealthy young khan who lived just outside the village. At last the young Khan came to ask for the hand of the beautiful maiden. Mullah Nasruddin drove a hard bargain and was to receive the highest bride-price ever bargained for in the entir region. With the usual Muslim regard for ceremony, Mullah Nasruddin insisted on a long waiting-period before the wedding vows could be taken. It seems that the young and beautiful daughter of Mullah Nasrudin had a mind and a body of her own. She fell in love with a young stalwart ne'er-do-well in the village, who constantly showered her with attention as she went to the nearby well to gather water in the morning and at dusk. Her trips to get water began to take longer periods of time. Most people in the village know what was happening, but no one dared tell Mullah Nasruddin. The time for the wedding approached and the young, wealthy Khan came to collect his bride. Mullah Nasruddin brought her to greet her betrothod. Lo and behold! She was well pregnant by this time. The young, rich Khan was horrified, and turned on the Mullah Nasrudding, demanding to know why such a thing had occurred. And when Mullah Nasruddin merely replied that such things are normal when people get married, the young, rich Khan stormed out of Mullah Nasruddin's compound, and said that he withdrew his offer of marriage to the young beautiful daughter of Mullah Nasruddin and therefore would expect a return on the down payment on the bride price. Mullah Nasrudding, genuinely shocked, called after the young, rich Khan and the young Khan retured. "let us be sensiable about this," pleaded Mullah Nasruddin. "Actually, I should double the bride price now that my daughter is truly pregnant and can give you a son." The young Khan, even more horrified, stuttered and asked, "In the name of Allah, why?" Mullah Masruddin calmly replied, "Why just last week I delivered a cow to a man to whom I had sold the cow several months before. In the interim period, the cow becammepregnant, and when I delivered the cow, I demanded and received twice the original amount. Now what is so different between a cow and a daughter?"
  65. Mullah Nasruddin in Banguet Nasruddin heard that there was a banguet being held in the nearby town, and that everyone was invited. He made his way there as quickly as he could. When the Master of Ceremonies saw him in his ragged cloak, he seated him in the most inconspicuous place, far from the great table where the most important people were waiting on hand and foot. Nasruddin saw that it would be an hour at last before the waiters reached where he was sitting. So he got up and went home. He dressed himself in a magnificent sable cloak and turban and returned to feast. As soon as the heralds of the Emir, his host, saw this splendid sight they started to beat the drum of welcome and sound the trumpets in amenner befitting a visitor of high rank. The Chamberlain came out of the palace himself, and conducted the magnificent Nasruddin to a place almost next to the Emir. A dish of wonderful food was immediatly placed before him. Without a pause, Nasruddin began to rub handfuls of it into his turban and cloak. "Your Eminence," said the prince, "I am curious as to your eating habits, which are new to me." "Nothing special," said Nasruddin; "the cloak get me in here and got me the food. Surely it deserves it portion." Source:

Jared Leto's band: 30 seconds to Mars - This is war

Hitler irony -

My Grandparents weren't Jews but fled to Sweden from Danzig during WorldWarII.

Irony, funny or not?
After Galliano and von Trier it's clear that "Hitler" is a very serious business.

Dodo Rainbow bracelet - Dodo by Pomellato

Bike "Sol&Luna" by LessisRare

"May flower" chair by Roche Bobois

BULGARI Mediterranean Eden collection

Antonio Banderas by Herb Ritts

Doesb't he resemble Tarantino??

Herb Ritts - the beauty of the naked body

 Herb Ritts, Wrestling Torsos

Herb himself
Leo, August 13 1952 - December 26 2002

Mirror Sunglasses 2011

Lunettes de soleil à verres miroir
Maison Martin Margiela


Thierry Lasry

Thierry Lasry

American Apparel

American Apparel

Maison Martin Margiela Untitled

Heron & Nocturne

Heron over the Lac.




Do what I like whenever I like 2

The truth

the whole truth

and nothing but the truth

Marc Jacobs 2011 by Juergen Teller

Kate Moss shot by Juergen Teller

Repossi & Eugénie Niarchos

Designers: Gaîa Repossi & Eugénie Niarchos

Johnny Hallyday x wolf

Natural Mascara - Good for your Eyes and the Environment

Made from vegetable wax.

Natural Skin Care Line Tata Harper

I rarely do it but H loves to do it.
Putting on a (cleaning) mask...
This one is organic & all natural!

Agape & Zoe Naturals - Phthalate-free, natural fragrances

Jean Jullien T-shirts...

Delage D8-120

Georges Paulin

Fractal stool

Fractal stool

Dainty doll make up by Nicola Roberts

ABSOLUT Brooklyn

By Spike Lee

"Absolut Watkins"

The taste is a mixture of seasoned coffee and of almond.


ABSOLUT VODKA x Philipp Plein

Ron Galella, American paparazzo

Galella himself.

Trapezio bag by Louis Vuitton

Première watch by Chanel

Givenchy - Mascara Démesure de Givenchy

Fashion Unites for Japan t-shirts

Orlando Bloom & Nicole Kidman

Gwyneth Paltrow & Cindi Lauper

Charlize Theron & Lady Gaga

Blake Lively & Alber Elbaz

Victoria Beckham & Karl Lagerfeld

T-shirts sold by UNIQLO

Live The Moment - Harry Winston

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen Balance, October 18 1987

Low Luw by Erin Wasson

Hope - "Espoir" S.T. Dupont for Japan

Défi pencil.


Melancholia by Lars von Trier

My Muse Anaïs

Portraits by Elizabeth Peyton

Dahlia Noir GIVENCHY

Visionaire 60: Religion by Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci


DIOR sandals summer 2011

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

MAC Semi Precious Collection

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadows

LANVIN More tees

Jersey chiffon flower Tshirt

Jersey chiffon flower Tshirt

Jersey chiffon Miss Lanvin Tshirt

Jersey chiffon Miss Lanvin Tshirt

Jersey silk Miss lanvin Tshirt

Jersey silk Miss lanvin Tshirt

Jersey silk sequin Tshirt

Jersey silk sequin Tshirt

LANVIN Fashion Night Out Tshirt

Fashion Night Out Tshirt

Purr by Katy Perry



Photo: Mariano Vivanco

M Le Monde

Photo: Matthew Brookes

Cover mix for June 2011

Natasha Poly for Fiat 500byGucci

DIOR VIII watch by Charlize Theron

Dior Christal Mystérieuse 38mm
14 000€
Limitted edition 200 pieces.


Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Bergossi Fontana. Cancer, July 4, 1983

VOGUE Paris Juin/Juillet 2011

New Vogue Paris in the mailbox.
Isabeli Fontana on the cover.

Joomi Lim bracelets

Fashion for relief - Naomi Campbell, Jane Fonda...

This time for Japan.

Ashton Kutcher replaces Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen.

Snaffle bit bag by Gucci

Anne-Julie Aubrey -

Brise Parfumee

Blue field memories 30/100
The Fairy Godmother 5/50
Brise Parfumee
Heart Lanterns 4/50
The Flower Fairy - open edition print at 15.00 USD only

Melancholia - Julie Aubrey

Victoria Secret "Love me"

Victoria Secret "Love me wild" Spring 2011 & Rush lip gloss

Rape-aXe, the feamale condom against rape

Invention by South African doctor Sonnet Ehlers.
One out of two females risk to be tapet in South Africa.

Condoms with teeth is a new weapon against rapes.
Called Rape-aXe, the female condom is inserted by a woman much like a tampon. Of the effects of the condom on an attacker, Ehlers explained, “It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it’s on. If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter… however, it doesn’t break the skin, and there’s no danger of fluid exposure.” Further more, only a doctor can remove Rape-aXe once it’s lodged on, meaning that hopefully, police can be on standby to make an arrest when the injured assailant look for medical help.

Tom Ford Black orchid trio

CHAMBORD Flavored French! Vodka - recipe


Flavored Vodka & Club Soda

  • 1 1/2 oz CHAMBORD flavored vodka
  • 3 oz Club Soda

Pour vodka into a glass filled with ice and top with club soda.

Garnish with a lemon wedge and a black raspberry.

Kirsten Dunst best actress in Melancholia

Born, Taurus April 30, 1972.
Robert de Niro, Kirsten Dunst et Jean Dujardin Best actress in von Trier's Melancholia.

The director, Lars von Trier, got banned after expressing symphaties for Hitler.

Jean Dujardin

Cannes 2011 : Un beau palmarès et des absents
Really pleased Dujardin got a "Palme" for best actor as George Valentin in L'Artist in Cannes.
Born Gemini, June 19 1972.

"L'artist" by Michel Hazanavicius.
Silent movie in black and white.

The Artist : Jean Dujardin et Bérénice Bejo dans l'incroyable bande-annonce !
With Bérénice Bejo.

From Brice de Nice, OSS 117... to L'Artist it's a long step...

With wife Alexandre Lamy (Balance - October 14, 1971).

They met doing:
"Un gar/une fille" -as Chouchou (she) & Loulou (he) - for France 2,
486 episodes 1999-2003.

"The walking dead" TV-serie

H has ordered the TV-serie.
Wish, wish it has arrived for a cosy horror weekend in the sofa!

Enjoy your weekend!

Geneva yesterday

Met a gorgeous surferguy waiting for the elevator going up to the Swedish consulat
to collect my new passport.
He spoke rapid French with an Italian accent
and I English, German or Swedish with poor French.
His frustration was like a drowning wave
"c'est la vie" brief encounters...

My muse found it amusing I'm a MILF.
Got compliments for my "cute ass" - thanks to David ;) my PT.
Building up my ego!

JoAnne Stoker

  • Joanne Stoker

Joan Mitchell

Joni Mitchell - Blue & Art

One of my favourite albums at University.


James Abbott McNeill Whistler



Buccellati - Tulle ring

Kim Basinger

Sagittarius, December 8, 1953

I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.

Cecil Beaton: Marilyn, Audrey, Greta & others


Claude Monet

Scorpio, November 14  -  December 5 1926


Gwen Stefani for L'Oréal

Hogan Rebel - Hi-top basket

Albane Cleret - Magic Garden

The parties to be invited to and mingle at in Cannes.

Isabelle Lucas trendy?

Isabel Lucas au gala du "Met Costume Institute" - © Abaca
Aquarius, January 29 1985

Isabel Lucas sur le tapis rouge des Arias Awards  - © Getty Images Isabel Lucas à la sortie du Byron & Tracey Hair Salon à Los Angeles - © Abaca Isabel Lucas à l'avant première du film "Somewhere" de Sofia Coppola - © Abaca Isabelle Lucas à la soriée pré-Oscars Chanel & Charles Finch  - © Abaca Isabelle Lucas au festival de Coachella - © Abaca

Pierre Montillo

Mando Diao: High Heels Lyrics

Mando Diao: High Heels Lyrics

Ohh you got me shaking
to that moan you made last night
Ohh my body's aching
from that naked summer light

Ohh my mind's setting you on
It's just a game we play

High heels have got me falling down on
my knees
High heels have got me falling down on
my knees
High heels have got me falling down on
my knees

Ohh the button's pushed
and I am ready for the purple fall
Ohh I?m all addicted
to the sound of a certain call

Ohh my mind's melting you
Ohh I'm coming all the way

High heels have got me falling down on

my knees
High heels have got me falling down on
my knees
High heels have got me falling down on
my knees

So, so long ago since felt shivers down
my spine
You, I need your sweat as much as you
need mine

Ohh my mind's melting you
Ohh I'm coming all the way

High heels have got me falling down on
my knees
High heels have got me falling down on
my knees
High heels have got me falling down on
my knees

Nicki Minaj mix

Sagittarius, December 8 1984

Kate Moss: Besace Kate Moss for Longchamp

Ai Heart Japan Auction

T-shirt Simeon Farrar for Japan

Le t-shirt Simeon Farrar pour le Japon - © net à porter

Most Powerful Celebrities in 2011 (by Forbes)

Numéro 1 : Lady Gaga - © Abaca Press
1. Lady Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
Aries, March 28, 1986.

2. Oprah Winfrey
Aquarius, January 29 1954.

Justin with Selena Gomez.
3. Justin Bieber
Pisces, March 1 1994.

4. U2
Bono  (Paul Hewson) Taurus, May 10 1960,
The Edge (David Evans) Leo, August 8 1961,
Adam Clayton Pisces, March 3 1960, 
Larry Mullen Junior Scorpio, October 31 1961

5. Elton John
Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Aries, March 25 1947

6. Tiger Woods
Capricorn, December 30 1975

7. Taylor Swift
Sagittarius, December 13 1989

8. Bon jovi
Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi)
Pisces, March 2 1962

9. Simon Cowell
Balance, October 7 1959.

10. Lebron James
Capricorn, December 30 1984.

11. Angelina Jolie
Gemini, June 4 1975

12. Katy Perry
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Scorpio October 25 1984

13. Johnny Depp
John Christopher Depp II, Gemini June 9 1963

14. Kobe Bryant
Vierge, August 23 1978

15. Leonardo DiCaprio
Scorpio, November 11 1974

16. Black Eyed Peas
Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) Aries, March 27 1975 William James Adams, Jr. Pisces, March 15 1975
Taboo Jaime Luis Gómez  Cancer, July 14 1975 Allan Pineda Lindo Sagittarius, Novembre 28 1974

17. Donald Trump
Gemini June 14 1946

18. Dr. Phil
Phil McGraw
Vierge, September 1 1950

19. Tyler Perry
(Emmitt Perry, Jr.) Vierge, September 13 1969

20. Paul McCartney
Gemini, June 18 1942

Sophie Marceau for CHAUMET watches

"Over the rainbow" bracelets by Debbie Carlton

Fergie & Josh Duhamel

“Avon Believe World Tour”

for Women’s Empowerment

Josh Scorpio Novembre 14, 1972 & Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson), Aries Mars  27, 1975.

Sophia Loren

Pirelli calendar 2007.

Virgo, September 20 1934.

Christy Turlington - for Totte ;)

Capricorn January 2, 1969.

Aymeline Valade




Pour into a shaker with ice:
-    50ml (1.6 fl oz) Cointreau
-    30ml (1 fl oz) Cranberry juice
-    20ml (0.6 fl oz) Lemon juice

Shake and strain into a martini glass.


The bartender's tip: add the orange zest to your drink.

Cointreau Teese recipe by Dita von Teese

cointreau teese

Cointreau Teese Recipe

1 1/2 oz. Cointreau
3/4 oz. Apple juice
1/2 oz. Violet syrup (We used Monin)
1/2 oz. Lemon juice
1 Violet

Combine all ingredients and frost ginger around the rim of the glass. Garnish with a violet.


MIA - missing in action?

Has anyone seen my husband?

He is dissolved in his narcissistic bubble and impossible to find.

If you find him awake him from his zombiac bellybutton view

admiring neat piles as "normal"

and glorifying female workaholics...

He has gone from

to taking half an hour to dress for his receptionist job each morning.

Put a spell on him to make him tolerable
so he finally

phones to the only French speaking osteopat

about my knee
which he has neglected for over a week

guess it's a show off about how little I matter

and let him be reasonable "normal" at home.



To seduce a Frenchman...

all it takes is an ice-cold beer and one of my homebaked buns...

(No garantie with husbands though.)

Lakshmi Menon

Du Juan

Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow sunglasses

Contemporary Magic: A Tarot Deck Art Project

Main Image

TAROT scarves by Hermès

Charles Anastase 2011

Versace Vanitas

SAVE THE WORLD - Katherine Hamnett

Beach towels by CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Hermès...

The stripes of the Beverly Hills Hotel, $75; shades of Morocco by Tory Burch, $195; and a love letter to itself from Chanel, $395.
For a V.I.P. (Very Important Pool), towels in blue paisley by Etro, $285; big cats from Hermès, $450; and big stripes from Louis Vuitton, $360.

Jasper Jones.


Katy Perry shot by David LaChapelle

‘Iconic Era’s of Style’ by ghd featuring Katy Perry.

GIVENCHY Antigona bag

Bed head by TIGI

Dita von Teese: MargaDita recipe

Cointreau MargaDita
1.5 oz Cointreau
1.5 oz Silver Tequila
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 oz Monin Rose Syrup
1 pinch Chipotle Spice
Mix all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a chilled coup glass. Garnish with floating organic yellow rose petals. For an added kick, add a chipotle and salt rim.



lady gaga 2011 album. to learn Lady GaGa would

lady gaga 2011 album. Born This Way Lady Gaga New

lady gaga 2011 album. Lady Gaga#39;s 2011 promo picture

Lady Gaga Covers Harper's Bazaar May 2011 Edition (7)

Suri Cruise's fashion

Christina Hendricks by Joshua Jordan

Shakira & Gerard Piqué

Both born February 2,  Shakira 1977 and Gerard 1987.

La Cité de la peur/Le film de Les Nuls

French humour at its best!

Especially La Carioca "Yuppie".


Funny, smart and sad.

KIPLING'S: 'Monkey Mash-Up' competition

Paula Goldstein

Margot Bowman

Silver Spoon Attire

Valentine Filol Cordier

Liu Wen

Charlotte Olympia - Dolly

Charles Jourdan 2011

Louboutin: Boulima

GUCCI Icon collection rings

Beyoncé: "Let's move"-campaign


Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to fight children obesity in the USA.

Borsalino - Belmondo & Delon

Staying best buddies.

L'Artist - Jean Dujardin

Dujardin & Bejo in Cannes.

Nissan Duke 2011

Cobra N+ Nissan Juke 2011 Black Flat View

Emma Watson for Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

With photographer Mario Testino.

Tracy Anderson fits the stars

Justin Gelband - The model whisperer

Trainer & fitness expert.

Got Miranda Kerr fit after pregnancy...

Ashton Kutcher & Alessandra Ambrosio for COLCCI 2011

World's Top Earning Models 2011 by Forbes

1. Gisele Bündchen

Made: $45 million

2. Heidi Klum

Made: $20 million

3. Kate Moss

Made: $13.5 million

4. Adriana Lima

Made: $8 million

5. Alessandra Ambrosio

Made: $5 million

6. Daria Werbowy

Made: $4.5 million

7. Lara Stone

Made: $4.5 million

8. Carolyn Murphy

Made: $4.3 million

9. Natalia Vodianova

Made: $4 million

candice swanepoel true religion 2011
10. Candice Swanepoel
$2 million

Money earned from May 2010-May 2011

Art in the streets - MOCA

Maxim’s 2011 Most Sexy 10 list

rosie huntington whiteley 425x637 Femmes les plus sexy de 2011 par le magazine Maxim
  1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

She must be a bit cool as she hangs with Jason Stratham...

2. Olivia Munn

3. Katy Perry
she seems FUN & daring

4. Cameron Diaz
duckling cute and sporty

5. Mila Kunis
where & what??

6. Bar Refaeli
like any pin up

7. Anne Hathaway
no glow or edge

8. Natalie Portman

9. Cobie Smulders
Jennifer Lawrence Sexy Lingerie Pictures

Number 10 definitely gives a feeling of white trash
Jennifer Lawrence

Pete Doherty makes a collection for The Kooples

Kate Moss by Mary McCartney

Kate Winslet & Starlette by Jacques Dominé

Astrid Bergès-Frisbey's bare breasts

Each year there's a new "starlet" showing some skin.
Will this one last?

Anthony and the Johnsons - Swanlights

YSL Neo shopper bag in orange

Manolo Blahnik for Liberty

Silk scarves by Manolo Blahnik for Liberty.

LIBERTY scarves by Athena Procopiou

Real estate success

To succeed put a gay guy (or semi) as a receptionist.
Considerate and overcaring...

Have stylish young males in suitable "cougar-age" for the women & middle-aged dames.

And employ 50+ females with class & experience for the men, any age.

You'll make it!

Going the distance - dvd

Cute and sweet


Skyline - dvd

Well, well, well...
at least fun to see Turk in Scrubs doing something else
and Batista from Dexter...

Kate Moss lensed by Marc Hispard

Vogue Brazil May 2011 | Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Marc Hispard

Aaron de Mey, make-up arist for Lancôme

For Spring 2011.

I.D Sarrieri lingerie

Palme d'or 2011 by CHOPARD

For the Cannes Film Festival that begun May 11.

Abercrombie & Fitch

ZARTAN - organic chair

A Philippe Starck collaboration.

Juicy Tubes Awakening of love by Lancôme


Yves Saint Laurent - Jaune Surréaliste

N°137 - Turquoise Utopique
N°138 - Jaune Surréaliste

"Easy" bag Yves Saint Laurent

J Maskrey


Baptiste Giabioni

Baptiste Giabiconi Model Baptiste Giabiconi walks the runway during the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Grand Palais on October 5, 2010 in Paris, France.

Baptiste Giabiconi Model Baptiste Giabiconi walks the runway during the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Grand Palais on October 5, 2010 in Paris, France.

Still Karl Lagerfeld's muse.

Miss Charles bag Dolce&Gabbana

Sylvie Selig Film Fiction


Pedro Almodovar

Stephen Jones Hats

Hank Willis Thomas, visual artist/photographer

American President Obama in FRUIT LOOPS!

Butterfly charms Thomas Sabo

Puppet - Servane Gaxotte

Oud Shamash Collection Excessive - The Different Company

Burberry The Beat

Gunther Sachs -“Never having worked a day in my life”

Former playboy & multimillionaire committed suicide in Gstaad.
Scorpio, 14 November 1932 – 7 May 2011

Once married to Brigitte Bardot.

With his last and third wife Swedish Mirja Larsson.

The Astrology File: Scientific Proof of the Link Between Star Signs and Human Behaviour, the result of years of research carried out at his astrological institut.

"Candy bag" by Furla

Alexander McQueen Grinling Gibbons

Lanvin Fishnet Ankle Strap Pumps


"Maori" Sergio Rossi

Little Fashion Gallery - Amandine

LFG Editions

Nivea soft par Josef Font

Sea Rem de Réminiscence

Løv organic

Cowshed - Knackered Cow

Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Body Lotion

Joaquin Phoenix

Scorpio, October 28, 1974.

Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix enjoys a quick smoke before heading into the Forum to watch the Prince concert.

Have a feeling this guy has SLIMMED down.

A lot!

Lindsay Lohan in Tyler Shields "Life is Not A Fairytale" Exhib, LA

Lindsay with the photographer Tyler Shields.

Swaney lac

K8 Hardy


Louis Vuitton "Avant garde" bag

Jennifer Lopez for L'Oréal "Volume millions de cils"

Aurélien Rougerie undressed for DIM 3D Flex

Henry Chavancy, Maxime Mermoz, Thierry Dusautoir et Alexis Palisso.

aurelien rougerie nu dim e1297018736955 Aurélien Rougerie Nu (ou presque) pour DIM 3D Flex et RugbyNews fr

aurelien rougerie boxer dim e1297018705104 Aurélien Rougerie Nu (ou presque) pour DIM 3D Flex et RugbyNews fr

aurelien rougerie dim 3D flex boxer e1297018672218 Aurélien Rougerie Nu (ou presque) pour DIM 3D Flex et RugbyNews fr

Boxer on men - ALWAYS!

Renault Twingo 2 & Miss Sixty

The commercial censored in Italy...

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo
Cancer, July 6 1907 to July 13 1954.

One of my favorites and a painting I identify with.

Another favorite.

Salma Hayek as Frida.

Mural Art by John Pugh

Click on image to go back to previous pagePompeian Niche #2 (full image)Detail of 'Pompeiian Niche'

Thanks for the "tip" H.

Flowers in the night II

Still love these pics I took with my mobil :)

Orbs or what?

E.T. 2: Extinction

Now it's the 29th.

Cast: Thomas (as Elliott) and Drew Barrymore (as Gertie) plus Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman...

Agent Provocateur sunglasses

'Worship Me,' 'Spank Me,' 'Strip Me', 'Ride Me'...

yes, the names of the sunglasses...









LYF magazine

Sasha Grey NEÜ SEX
Photo: Terry Richardson

Martyn Bal in Versace designer's limited edition S/S11 T-shirt

EDDIE BORGO 2011 Collections

Eddie Borgo braceletEddie Borgo jewelry SS 2011Eddie Borgo jewelry S/S 2011

Eddie Borgo padlock necklace

Gary Panter ZOMBIES...

Sophia Loren by Traverso

Abracadabaume - Garancia

Naomi Campbell muscular!

Style me vintage by Belinda Hay

Flowers in the night

CHANEL Collection Resort 2012

Have a heart


Ben Gorham, the creator.

PLAY t-shirts by Comme des Garçons

Chanel 2011 Cruise collection

WORLD WIDE WOMAN - Vivienne Westwood Winter 2011


More orange sunglasses

Cutler & Gross for Cacharel

Naked manifestations by Spencer Tunick


No matter where you go -
there you are.

Albert Einstein's wisdom

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein

So many people...

So many people tiptoe through life, so carefully, to arrive safely, at death.
Jermane Evans

FRED: collection Force 10

bague-force-10-de-fred (3)

CHANEL Makeup & Mimosa 577, nailcolour

Carine Roitfeld - from Vogue Paris to own brand?

Karl Lagerfeld makes ad campaign for MAGNUM Ice Cream

Rachel Bilson.

Canon by Louboutin

"Noma" - the best restaurant in the world 2010

The staff in Copenhagen, Denmark.

René Redzepi supposed to be the best chef 2010.

Bedevilled (Corean movie) - dvd

Sad and beautiful but at times unevenly gorish.

Uma Thurman for Schweppes Agrum'

"All they say about me is true."

Gisele Bundchen's collection for C&A

❋ Gisèle Bundchen - Backstage C&A ❋

DQM and Oakley Frogskin sunglasses

La Djette - Leigh Lezark designs stiletto

The Leigh shoe
by surface to air

"Bee my love"-rings by Chaumet

Svea Kloosterhof, Dutch model

Rosebud Salve - Smith's

Franck Boclet 2011

Franck himself.

Guerlain - Rouge Automatique

Rouge automatique signé Guerlain

Bianca Balti mix

Pirates of the Caribbean collection for O.P.I

Mermaid's tears
Stranger tides
Planks a lot
Sparrow me the drama
Steady as she rose
Skull ans glossbone
Silver Shatter


Linda Farrow X House of Holland collaboration sunglasses

Marc Jacobs mix

Storm Jameson, author

Each minute of life is an unrepeatable miracle.
Storm Jamesson

Claudie Perlot S/S 2011

PICASSO: Goddess or doormat?

"For me there are only two types of women:
GODDESSES & doormats..."
Pablo Picasso

Lacoste Robert George cabas/bags

Louis Vuitton Bracelet Ornement tribal

Zadig&Voltaire bracelet for Toutes à l'ecole, Cambodia

Nicholas Liu Waterfall bracelet & earcuffs

VANITIES bracelets at

Miss Kitty, Burberry....

MEMO perfume


Penelope Cruz covers Elle Japan April 2011

Penhaligon's aromatic fragrances

For Men.

Cornubia Penhaligon`s for womenElixir Penhaligon`s for women and men

Harlem Lifestyle: tees

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