Dogs in and around town and in care of homeless


Dominatrice Lara Stone

Photo: mert & marcus
 Mert Alas &  Marcus Piggott

Naked bodies or an eye?


Trialmaster by Belstaff and Ewan McGregor


Ewan McGregor: Belstaff Boy!

Adidas Jeremy Scott A/W 2013

adidas jeremy scott automne hiver 2012 2013


adidas jeremy scott automne hiver 2012 2013adidas jeremy scott automne hiver 2012 2013adidas jeremy scott automne hiver 2012 2013

adidas jeremy scott automne hiver 2012 2013

Larose Paris Caps Streetwear

Since 2012.

Larose-Paris - 18




Aquabotix HydroView

Remote-controlled Aquabotix HydroView submersible takes underwater HD video, Mrs. Puff calls insurance agent


2012: Emily Blunt by Patrick Demarchelier
2009/2010: Karen Elson by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
1977: Jerry Hall par Helmut Newton
1993: Kate Moss by Satoshi Saikusa
 1997: Linda Evangelista by Jean Baptiste Mondino
2000: Sophie Dahl by Steven Meisel. 
2003: Kate Moss by Solve Sundsbo
2006: Maria Carla Boscono by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Fifty shades of Grey - The Official Pleasure Collection

Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit (new window)

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit (new window)

by in France &
Monsieur H alerted me...

Rihanna for VITA COCO shot by Terry Richardson




Coca Cola Light Tattoo à la Jean-Paul Gaultier


Coca Coca light x Jean-Paul Gaultier




Coca Coca light x Jean-Paul Gaultier


Dali at Centre Pompidou in Paris





 21 November 2012 - 25 Mars 2013



This is your life...

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

NO thanks
no turkey
for me
not even cold
I'm veg.

Frankenweenie T-shirt UT Uniqlo

MEN Frankenweenie Graphic T-Shirt(Short Sleeve)E
MEN Frankenweenie Graphic T-Shirt(Short Sleeve)Q

Ulf Lundell 63 - grattis!

 Ulf Lundell.
Years pass by.

Muse getting better

knock on wood...

Joe Manganiello

 Capricorn December 28 1976.

Joe Manganiello Workout Routine and Diet 

Agent Provocateur

The four dreams of Miss X. Kate Moss 2006

Waffle House 6 Scandal

Curiosity killed the cat...
 Waffle House CEO: Sex charges false 

Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers Jr. engaged

in sexual acts that were of non-consensual origin

with a woman who alleges the executive forced her to engage in such acts to keep her job.

 She said this occurred for nearly 10 years,
from 2003 through June of this year. 

The woman and Rogers have sued each other in court,

but judges have not publicly released the documents in those cases.

Rogers has acknowledged having non-consensual sexual encounters with the woman. 

Rogers said he received  a "blackmail" letter from the woman's attorney seeking millions of dollars. 


Wreck it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph Poster

Opé - envie - casser les couilles

Take notes...
opé means open offer, hint "horny"? in French
envie  means desire NOT envy!
casser les couilles to break someone's balls

This weekend

My muse stays for observation at hospital
found a thick wallet
saw a dead dove intact outside the library
visit a place with ten cats
heard their tales
and showed some pics I've taken
Michel a guy going on the net
at the library
choosing the place beside me
tried flattery
uplifting ;)
another guy wanted me to find dvds for him
a friendly smile takes you a long way...
if I'm not appreciated
I prefer my own company and learn more about France
have a superb weekend
slightly wickedly spiced

Beaujolais nouveau 2012

Tasty year?


112 Emergency France/Sweden viceversa

My daughter was in an emergency situation this morning
calling me from Malmö
awaiting the Swedish hospital information
14 people ahead of her
after 40 minutes
still no connection
after an hour
a female who barely understood Swedish answered
after 10 minutes of misunderstandings
my daughter had to explain her condition for a cold
quite ignorant nurse at the ambulance service...
while I was trying to calm my daughter
I overheard her conversations
it's torture overhearing
not being able to actually help
when no ambulance turned up after 20 minutes
I phoned 112 on my Swedish iphone
suddenly spoke to a French nurse (male)
I asked if he could connect me to Sweden/Malmö
ever so sweet he wasn't fluent in English
he asked me to wait for a translator
after three minutes with an occupied signal
I pushed the off button and called UMAS reception
asked to get in contact with the ambulance service
a nice middleaged male checked
and yes my daughter was put on a waiting list
no ambulance was on its way!!!
meanwhile I had my daughter on the regular phone
not being able to breathe
the man was understanding
and connecting me
to the service deciding priorities
an older female spoke to me
and FINALLY saw the urgency
an ambulance was sent
which would take at least 20 minutes
as it started out from Höllviken
some distance from Malmö... 
Still trying to calm my daughter
my cellular rang
it was the emergency from France!!!
I told them that an ambulance was on its way.
The guy didn't want to give in
and told me to hold
so that I could speak to a translator
I did
another young guy
good in English
after hearing about  the mess in Sweden 
that if I had waited for the translator (him)
over an hour ago
my daughter
would have had an ambulance
sent immediately
as they can contact the service
He was ever so nice and it's good to know
though I wish NEVER this to occur again!
 My daughter is finally at hospital
under red alert in an isolated room
getting antibiotics and fluid by IV.
I pray the docs fastly will figure out
what's wrong
(and be right).
Get well!


You are fantastic!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 4th score - Sweden against England 4-2!

The first football/soccer match
at  the new national stadium Friends Arena/
Olympic Stadium in Stockholm.
"skickar det fjärde målet
gjorde mot England :)
massa muj super mamma 
o allt kommer lösa sig!
finns alltid där för dig!
förresten hittade
en länk med alla målen
o med engelska kommentatorer,
kan va kul :)
muj muj"
 Thanks Totte ;)
for the clips from the match!
Check the 4 goals Zlatan did:
Impressive Zlatan
(from Malmö
as my kids and I.)
Guess my childhood friend Maggan
is satisfied :).
Wow, wow, wow and WOOOOW!!!!

Muse not amusing

I have had enough problems today
to handle a rollercoaster ride
with my soon 22 year old daughter.
Wish her well in the States.

Maggie Gyllenhaal



Agent Provocateur Ads 2007


Vampire mania - True blood -




Spring 2010 Collection form Alchemy Gothic 

‘Romantique Vampiria’.


†Goth†"†quand tu es la"†


Twilight 5 Revelation part two & Kristen Stewart's gold dress...

Kristen Stewart Wearing Sheer Gold Dress As Robert Pattinsonstands By His Woman at Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere

Kristen Stewart Wearing Sheer Gold Dress As Robert Pattinsonstands By His Woman at Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere


The Paperboy - Pete Dexter

Missd the movie.
Enjoyed the book.
A bit poetic in its harshness.

Dali - Philippe Halsman

File:Salvador Dali A (Dali Atomicus) 09633u.jpg

Strong ginger wine for Xmas/Blossa 2012 INGEFÄRA


Zen for cats Vrai ZEN pour chats- Christian Gaudin


PETA - Stay firm & fresh

Peta 'stay firm and fresh' by Fallon London 

Courtney Love - Never the bride collection




Never the Bride, Courtney Love's clothing range

Andy Warhol POP collection by Nars






Dalí lensed by Jean Dieuzaide

Dalí dans l'eau - Jean Dieuzaide - Port-Llegat, 1953 (BM Lyon)

Philippe Halsman JUMP

tpp 3 indelible nixon Les sauts de Philippe Halsman

Richard Nixon

halsman GKelly Les sauts de Philippe Halsman

Grace Kelly

halsman Oppenheimer Les sauts de Philippe Halsman

Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer

halsman AHepburn Les sauts de Philippe Halsman

Audrey Hepburn


halsman BBardot2 Les sauts de Philippe Halsman

Brigitte Bardot

halsman MMonroe1 Les sauts de Philippe Halsman

Marilyn Monroe

Daily life mix


H says...

...talking about Toada makes him sick.
I say quack quack baby
you are WAY behind
I've puked over your unprofessional behaviour
already a thousand times!
And off H rushes an hour ahead for the "rugby" in the falling rain...
Cheating guys making it up to you?
Not in a life time, honey, they see you as an idiot selling yourself low taking them "back".

Kardashian Kollection

Kardashian Kollection Pre-Sale at Sears

Like it or not?

Victoria's Secret 2013

Kate Upton

Photos Steven Meisel

Buddha Bar Spa Hilton, Evian-les-Bains Massage Intuitif


Barack Obama four more years on the track

Definitely the better choice for the little I know...
Barack Hussein Obama,
Leo - born August 4 1961,
president of the United States for another period of four years.
Portrait de famille des Obama par Pete Souza en 2011 Barack Obama et ses filles dans le canapé en 2012 La famille Obama promène son nouveau chien Bo en 2009  
Most pics by Pete Souza, official Whitehouse photographer.

Andres Velencoso

Pernod Absinthe x Kitsuné - True Romance



Frida Kahlo - Viva la vida

Viva la vida, Frida Kahlo, 1954

Sylvie Corbelin bijoux

Bijou Sylvie Corbelin - Bague Serpent

Bijou Sylvie Corbelin - Bague Serpent.




M.A.C - Hey Sailor!


Highlighter Crew


Sea Mist – Au Rose – Abalone

Red Racer – Sail La Vie – Salute! – To catch a Sailor


Orange Tempera – Cut Loose – Blessedly Rich – Riviera Life – Send Me Sailing

Ombres à paupières

Feeling Fresh – Jaunty – Nautical – Barefoot – Crystal Avalanche

Gold Knot Brass – Touch of Red – Verstral White

Skeleton dance


Punch it!


Predator Shoes


The Apex Predator Shoes
by Mariana Fantich & Dominic Young.

Joji Kojima


Butterfly in the sand



in the nighttime when the world is at it's rest
you will find me in the place I know the best
dancin', shoutin' flyin' to the moon
(you) don't have to worry 'cause I'll be come back soon
and we build up castles in the sky and in the sand
design our own world
ain't nobody understand
I found myself alive in the palm of your hand
as long as we are flyin'
All this world ain't got no end 

verse two

in the daytime you will find me by your side
tryin' to do my best and tryin' to make things right
when it all turns wrong
there's no fault but mine but it won't hit hard 'cause you let me shine

chorus (2x)

and we build up castles in the sky and in the sand
design our own world
ain't nobody understand
I found myself alive in the palm of your hand
as long as we are flyin'
this world ain't got no end

Berlin Calling

Techno vs real life?!


Tired of being offended.
Tired of inconsideration, insensivity & lack of courtesy.
Tired of unreliability, disloyalty & undependability.
It's high time.

Hurricane Sandy & I still love NY by Sebastian Errazuriz


Ocean City, New Jersey….

Statue of Liberty


 New York Magazine

I still love NY by Sebastian Errazuriz
and Sandy has blown over

WORLD VEGAN DAY November 1 2012

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