Under my skin



These photos are really creepy
and still fascinating -
past skindeep.


Photographer Lucia Giacani

Model Kristina Sheiter.

Editorial "Under My Skin".

In Vogue Italia September 2013.

Which movie?

From which movie is this pic?

Miss muse

Checking my muse's instagram
this is what I found today.
Anaïs has returned to her studies in OC, Cali, US.
Miss her...
My birthday is this coming Monday.
Noone to celebrate together with.
That's life...
The phone is on track, though
so I'm back in business.
What a relief!

Fashionable in September 2013 II

A bit too Faye Dunaway
for my liking
prefer the original.
Do like the outfit above though.

The Edit

The Edit by Craig McDean.

The new school uniform by Anna dello Russo

Anna dello Rosso
flew to Hogwarth for Harry Potter inspiration
"The new school uniform" is her editorial
for Vogue Japan September 2013.
Photographer Giampaolo Sgura.

Pain & Gain - No pain no gain

Another day without a regular phone
so H suggested an avantpremière 
"Pain & Gain"
with among others Mark Wahlberg.
Back from the movie.
Wow what a story!
Great wag to kill nearly two hours
superbly filmed
flawless script
masterly played.
See it
never a dull moment.
Based on a true story.

Fashionable September editorials 2013


The Conjuring

The actual Lorraine Warren
with the actress, Vera Farmiga
(Leo, August 6, 1973)
portraying her.
H surprised me
by taking me to see
The Conjuring at the movies yesterday
to distract me from not being able to work.
Still no phone connection... 
An ok movie
if it wasn't for the teenagers in the cinema
talking, playing with their cellulars and putting their feet up the seats in front of them even when people were seated there.
Damn annoying!
Tuesday is Orange day
(the phone company 
that messed up our regular line)
the movie tickets cost 6 € and you may bring a friend for free...
if you have an Orange subscription.
Afterwards we went to the resto nearby.
And had a chèvre chaud sallad. 

Dark angel



Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello 

editorial "L'Ange noir"


Numéro #146 September 2013.


Gives me a Nosferatu 1922

nostalgy feeling. 


Miranda Kerr som Cicciolina


Model Miranda Kerr as a less curvy Cicciolina

flashed by photographer Sebastian Faena 

for V Magazine Fall 2013.

Cicciolina today...

Asia Argento


Italian actress Asia Argento 

captured by

photographer Francesco Carrozzini 

for Vogue Italia September 2013.

Fashion for fall 2013

Fashion warriors for fall 2013.

Karl Lagerfeld - Numéro 146, September 2013

Karl Lagerfeld behind the camera.
 Burning man images.

Rita Ora - Material Girl

Rita Ora for "Material Girl"
in London.


W Magazine September 2013.
Photographer Mario Sorrenti.
"Let’s Twist Again" editorial starring 
model Malgosia Bela.

Red hot!


Photographer Roberto D'este.


Model Tereza Bouchalova 

in this editorial for 

Grazia Italia August 14, 2013.



  Model Candice Swanepoel in red/white editorial for Vogue Mexico September 2013.

Photographer Mariano Vivanco.

 Red is hot!
Doesn't matter if you 
mix it with black or white.


Wild thing


Model Marloes Horst.

Editorial "Wild Thing" for L’Officiel Netherlands September 2013.

Photographed by Mason Poole.

Not worth it!

I'm getting there
striding my imaginary HD
riding into an unknown future.

Autumn fashion edit. 2013


Retro travelling fashion

I love travelling by train
and the mauve nuances
in this retro editorial.

Vogue Ukraine September 2013.

Model: Guinevere Van Seenus.

Photographer Cuneyt Akeroglu.

Bird commandants

Guess it's showing how BORED
I am.
Loads of birds on the lawn
in the mornings
until Mussolini and his gang
start to hammer and slammer
doing Flashing Tit's swimming pool.
I need to work
a forced "vacation"
is plain torture.
Especially when I am totally innocent 
and it's due to pure
egotism and nonchalance.

Starve mode

Next book I'll buy.
Starve mode by Leslie Peele.
Tough love:
“YOU are solely responsible for the condition your body is in now.”

Mary Katrantzou mixed

Mary Katrantzou colorful and daring.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA - Fashionably Late Patent Leather Loafer

Charlotte Olympia
Fashionably Late Patent
Leather Loafer



Model Emily DiDonato 

in the September 2013 issue

of Interview Germany 

lensed by

photographer Giampaolo Sgura.


there is someone's head
I'd want on a plate!
First the telephone line
gets cut by a moron
then the secret number
together with
 the attention notice
are erased
by Orange...
As a FINAL straw
the phone account
is terminated
because of a misunderstanding?!
between H & Orange.
H is French
Orange is a French company
and I am in France.
Need I declare
that I work by phone from home!!!!

Weird mood


Full moon in Pisces August 21, 2013


September editorial fashion mixes


Esprit Lingerie Fall 2013

Like this natural casual lingerie
from Esprit.

Dali inspired editorial in Elle Spain


Model Eugenia Volodina 

in Elle Spain September 2013.

Victoria Secret's Doutzen Kroes covers Vogue Spain


Model Doutzen Kroes

shot by photographer Tom Munro.

Vogue Spain September 2013.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie autumn 2013

Some of my favorites from
Agent Provocateur's new lingerie collection

The 46 piece collection is designed by Penélope Cruz and Monica Cruz.

Victoria Beckham covers Vogue Australia September 2013

Victoria Posh Beckham
in editorial Victoria's secret
shot by photographer Boo George
for Vogue Australia September 2013.

Million dollar lady knock-out

KO pics by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia
September 2013.
Model Maria Bradley.

Oh Land

Blue haired Danish Oh Land
in Vogue Australia September 2013.


Femme fatale?

Photographer Signe Vilstrup.

Model Leeny Ivanisvili.

Marie Claire France September 2013.

Life begins


Daft Punk - L'uomo Vogue

Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari.
"The soul of the machines" editorial.

Louis Vuitton x Michelle Williams

Actress Michelle Williams
for Louis Vuitton fall 2013.
Photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Jump off the cliff

 Ray Bradbury quote.

Hermès - Pétanque


Christian Louboutin 2013

Below the summer campaign 2013.
Christian Loboutin

Max Mara's new face Jennifer Garner

Below Max Mara fall 2013.

Tattoed in colour



Some things look beautiful shredded.

Live life with love

Live life with love.

Nobody worries...

Poor John Cusack...

Lonely people need...

 People I don't know
smile to me.
I wish I could send
to the lonely people out there.


It's just one of these days
that guys whistles and flirts
wherever I thread.
No bullshit!
Some awesome bodies out there :)
Must be "the brownie effect".
The brownies taste DELICIOUS!



Under my umbrella


A sign




Chicks rule

Now do they?

Style versus fashion


La Notte - 10 Men Magazine

Models Nastya Kusakina & Marine Deleeuw.
Editorial "La Notte".
Captured by Benjamin Lennox 
for the Autumn issue of
10 Men Magazine. 

Art in fashion


Photographer Jacob Sadrak 

for the September 2013

issue of Marie Claire France.

Model Jessica Clarke 

in the editorial named "Arty".

Brownies with pecan

How I wish you all could smell it!!!
Yummy, yummieee!
Finally a RAINY day to enjoy.
Looking forward to autumn.
Chestnuts are on their way.
Used this mix for the brownies.
This minute they are cooling in the fridge.
Sadly the baking ingredients in France
like farine, butter, sugar...
don't taste at all as in Sweden
so usually it's a disappointment
to make pastries and pies here.
I still spin the mixes a bit
my way, though ;).

Fringe before the TV-serie started

The TV-serie Fringe 
ended after five seasons.
The first book of a triology
Fringe - The Zodiac Paradox,
focuses on a young Walter Bishop.
The author Christa Faust takes you
to San Fransisco where Bishop and his friend William Bell join up with Nina Sharp and
spices it with a Zodiac killer
from another dimension.
Easily read and light entertainment
for a summer afternoon or two.
Subsequent novels are The Burning Man (July 2013) and Sins of the Father (October 2013), telling the early stories of Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop respectively.

Full service - Scotty Bowers

Gossips about the secret sex life of the
Hollywood stars back in the fifties.
Scotty comes out as a trickster with a heart
though as I'm not a swallower
I can't help wondering
why some kinky pooh flavored bits
had to be included.
Of course hyped stars got bored
and getting full service by Mr Bowers
(always willing to oblige)
eased their urges.

September editorial mix

September issues usually Christmas
for anyone into fashion editorials
ENJOY September 2013's mix!

Boy meets world - Arthur Elgort


Elle US September 2013.

Arthur Elgort photographed.

Daft Punk - Digital love


Photographer Mathieu Cé 

editorial "Digital Love"

with Daft Punk and Milla Jovovich

in CR Fashion Book.

Sensual twist by Sorrenti in W magazine September 2013

W Magazine September 2013. 
Photographer Mario Sorrenti.
"Let’s Twist Again" editorial with model Malgosia Bela.


This morning
H abruptly left the breakfast table
saying he doesn't like
my grown up kids "smell".
A daily shower
is usually out of the question
the few times they have been visiting,
due to H "caring" about the environment
we are "spied on" not to waste too much water
among other things...
H "cleans" himself in the Lac
to save water
and he pees outside
not to use water to flush the toilet...
The thing is
as H doesn't dry his...
there's always a stench of urine
for a sensitive nose like mine
to detect
 surrounding him.
 H doesn't clean his hands
afterwards either
- disgusting!
The Lac
is definitely not clear.
So there's always a stale odor
streaming from his body.
 H seems ignorant
to his own smell.
Try to imagine
the winter period
when H drinks his morning urine as well...
You can't?
Let me enlighten you.
It's more or less like
a breeze bringing a dry rottening corpse
under your nostrils to sniff.
Nowadays H finds it
with perfume
and detest my love of fragrance.
I guess he prefers
warty toads
sweat stinking & hairy legged
French bitches instead.
As that's SO natural.
Oh, by the way
H's herpes labialis
is in full bloom.
 Lost your appetite, anyone?


Cyborg (cy-Bourne :))
Matt Damon
as the hero
in sentimental predictable Elysium.
The movie didn't improve 
by someone close farting...
Thank God I had some
Thierry Mugler "Alien"
in my handbag!!!
Jodie Foster as a cold
French named bitch
made me think about
the workaholic sister
at H's job.
What a relief
not having to face
such an egotistical cow daily.
The movie was seemingly filmed
with a handheld camera
so it has a nausea warning.
Foster made a weird
outfit change
from white to metallic to white again...
The worst thing
about Elysium
was the music score
when Damon was heroic or "romantic"
accompanied by a choir...

Grunge in Vogue Paris September 2013

Grungy September issue for Vogue Paris 2013. Models snapped by Mert & Marcus
Andree Diaconu, Gisele Bündchen, Karen Elson, Sam Rollinson, Saskia De Brauw, Sky Ferreira, Suvi Koponen and Vivien Solari are infront of the lens.
Styled by Emmanuelle Alt, Joe McKenna and Katy England.
La Fièvre Grunge Part I & ii editorial.

Ireland Baldwin Elle US September 2013

Photographer Thomas Whiteside.
Ireland, daughter of Alec Baldwin
(Aries, April 3 ,1958)
& Kim Basinger
(Sagittarius, Dec. 8, 1953).

Lady Gaga naked in V Magazine


 Lady Gaga is lensed

for V magazine Fall 2013

by Inez & Vinoodh.

Wild thing


Model Tian Yi for Elle September 2013.

Photographer Tsema Yeste.




More than words?
smileys emoji app for iPhone.


 Emoji app for iphone

Black power


Model Jeneil Williams

shot by Julia Noni 

for Vogue Germany September 2013. 

Street tuff


I-D magazine.

Tattoed model, street tuff Catherine McNeil.

Photographer Collier Schorr.

Fall 2013.

White fashion


Wallpaper Magazine.

Model Saskia De Brauw.

 Paolo Roversi photographer.

Snow angel


Snow angel editorial.

Model Soo Joo frozen in time

by  photographer Miguel Reveriego

 for Harper’s Bazaar US September 2013.

Doutzen Kroes pure icon

Vogue Netherlands September 2013
editorial "Pure icon"
with model Doutzen Kroes
Photographer: Paul Bellaart.
Adore the ease and beauty of nature
plus the fashion...

Assumption day August 15, 2013

Blessed Virgin Mary's
assumption to heaven.
National holiday in France
and the end of summer...



Worst mistake


Jennifer Lawrence covers Vogue US September 2013


Actress Jennifer Lawrence 

on the cover of Vogue US September 2013

captured by b Mario Testino.


Shark bitten Raf Simons


Designer (Dior Haute CoutureRaf Simons

caught by

photographer Skye Parrott 

nearly shark bitten by artist Robert Longo


Harper’s Bazaar US September 2013.

Duality fashion editorial

Duality a fashion editorial in Vogue China's September 2013 issue starring Liu Wen, Doutzen Kroes, Sasha Pivovarova, Fei Fei Sun, Sui He, Xiao Wen Ju, Kati Nescher and Daria Strokous. 
Shot by Inez & Vindooh.

Cover me

Joan Smalls captured by Patrick Demarchelier
for Vogue US September 2013.



Animal printed


Model Valerie van der Graaf shot by Squiz Hamilton for Vision Magazine.

Eyes wide shut editorial


Models Pauline Moulettes, Richard Deiss, Jules Sweedy Raynal DS & George Paul for Prestige International Magazine's Summer 2013 issue.

Captured by photographer  Nicolas Guerin.


Kubrick's movie Eyes wide shut from 1999. 

Cities like cats... editorial


Model Sam Rollinson lensed by Daniel Sannwald for i-D magazine’s pre-fall 2013.

Cities like cats reveal themselves at night


Miley Cyrus shot by Terry Richardson

Photographer Terry Richardson
caught  Miley Cyrus
for Harper's Bazaar US 
September issue 2013.

Tiger sniff

Howdy Tiger.
Damn can't make this gif function!

The beauty of my muse's face

Sweet muse and daughter of mine.
Miss u.

Chris Heads

Photographer Chris Heads
distinct & humoristic.
Pay a visit to
for more.

Fickle finger of fate

Just love Shirley MacLaine
(Taurus born April 24, 1934)
and her:
"Fickle finger of fate"
in Sweet Charity!

Antonio Banderas 53 - August 10, 2013

 Actor Antonio Banderas
good looks
(Desperado, the voice to "Puss in Boots"...)
Leo born August 10, 1960.
Well, you can't stay forever young.
Banderas long time wife
actress Melanie Griffith
great body
in Body double
Griffith has gone through tough times
due to different addictions.
(Even wealthy actors
despite all their money
are only human
and age.
No expertise and no coaches
nor plastic surgery
can change that.
Time take its toll.)
(Body double, Working girl...)
Leo born August 9, 1957
turned 56 years old today.
Banderas and Griffith met in 1995
while acting in the movie Two much.
They still seem very happy together
and do tremendous work
for charity.
Banderas in his next movie
Machete kills
which opens Oct. 4.
Anta Banderas
red vine.

Nude skin tan paradise by Dior

Nude skin tan paradise by Dior. 

Eric Bouvet photographer

Burning Man, Nevada desert.
Photographer Eric Bouvet

Punk Yossi


Punky editorial in L’Officiel Brazil August 2013 with model Yossi Michaeli, who is captured by Mariana Coldebella.


Hot Cruise


Model Zorana Adzic in editorial "Hot Cruise" shot by Wasan Puengprasert  for Numéro Thailand August 2013.

Andrew Akimov photographer

Dreamy photographer Andrew Akimov.

Stella McCartney’s Fall/Winter 2013 lingerie campaign


Marloes Horst models

the campaign for Stella McCartney

A/W 2013/14 lingerie campaign.

Karl Lagerfeld captures in Harper's Bazaar September issue 2013


Photographer Karl Lagerfeld lenses:

Angel Haze, Candice Huffine, Ashleigh Good, Chiharu Okunugi, Carmen Dell’orefice,

Ondria Hardin, Chrishell Stubbs,

Dakota Fanning, Gabourey Sidibe,

Karen Elson, Kenya Kinski, Lily Donaldson, Liberty Ross, Lily Collins, Liya Kebede,

Linn Arvidsson, Scarlett Johansson,

China Machado, Soo Joo Park,

Tilda Lindstam, Lisa Verberght, Xiao Wen Ju, Erika Ervin and Zoe Kravitz.

All styled against a black background

by Carine Roitfeld 

for  Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2013.


The beauty of the Sahara desert.

Male body perfection

some ass and muscular thighs...
Skinny guys aren't my "forte"
on the contrary
they are a real turn off.
Especially if they don't smell good.
David Gandy
(born Feb. 19, 1980)
is sexy in underwear
from Dolce & Gabbana.
Thank God
not wearing too tight Speedo's
the least attractive item for men to wear.
Ban Speedo's and Dominique's!

Pharrell Williams x Cara Delevingne - Born lucky

Music producer Pharrell Williams 


model  Cara Delevingne.

Captured by

photographer David Bailey

for Vogue UK September 2013.

Fake somebody

“I always thought it would be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.”
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) – Tom Ripley (Matt Damon)

Dog styled fashion with Lindsey Wixson

 Model Linsey Wixson
dog styled in fashion
for Vogue Brasil August 2013
captured by photographer Jacques Dequeker.

Fashion in September 2012

Heading for September...

Rooney Mara - Downtown anorectic?

Skinny close to anorectic
Rooney Mara
the face for 
new perfume
Down town
by Calvin Klein.

Miranda Kerr "under cover" shot by Alasdair McLennan

Miranda Kerr
for Vogue UK September 2013.


Dont know about the book.
so very true titel:
Damned if you do
dead if you don't...

Kenzo - F/W 2013

Kenzo's new campaign 
for A/W 2013
(Maurizio Cattelan,
Micol Talso & Pierpaolo Ferrari)
is "pub" at its best.
Inventive surrealistic images that stick!
 Probably inspired
by Delfina Delettrez' bijoux design.
Eye by Delfina Delettrez.

Chanel round vintage bags

Round Chanel bags
kinda vintage.

Sushi day with my muse

Mmm great sushi
not too grand sake 
(brrr... had to be trashed)
luckily had bought something bubbly....
H disappeared 
with some ridiculous lie as usual...

Champagne & strawberries

Thank God for having my muse here
H hasn't said a word
about our 10th anniversary 
getting wed in Vongy.
Just went off on his own 
"for a drink in the harbour"...
Chilled champagne with strawberries
for me and Anaïs
in the heat if the night.
Nope, not anymore.

A tiger...


Next time

That's a PROMISE!

Be in shape ever - Vogue Italia June 2013


Carmen Dell’Orefice - grand old lady,

beautiful still

but PLEASE don't put her make up on

like a masque for the death -

Ionna Dedi, Gintare, Bryn English & Karina Gubanova staying in shape regardless age for Vogue Italia’s June 2013.

Photographer Greg Lotus.

The masque of the red death

by Edgar Allen Poe



Lobster bag for shopping - Barbara Rihl

Lobster bag
and other shopping bags 
by Barbara Rihl.

Stella McCartney Shadow/light

Stella McCartney's new collection

Colorful Mexican Harper's Bazaar August 2013

Mexican indeed!

Desire - despair

Photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones for Contributor Magazine

"Desire - Despair"

Daniela Braga


Brazilian model Daniela Braga with seemingly endless legs flashed by Yossi Michaeli for Harper’s Bazaar Brasil August 2013 issue. 

Too bad with the cigarette, though.

GUCCI fall 2013


Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw 

captured by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott 

in the Gucci campaign for 2013. 

Male model  Adrien Sahores.

Connected in love

Love connection.

Fashionable inspiration

Fashion editorials for inspiration
this upcoming autumn.
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