Muse & Hero

Sweetest muse, Anaïs,
with Hero. 
I love this pic. 

Evian water: Goutte d'Evian



Pics from my muse. 
Be brave!


Smoked in

Someone is going to lengths 
bringing me discomfort.

H burning leaves outside the main entrance of the Boathouse. 
My asthma was delighted. 

H put the zillion of caterpillars 
that had infested
the bushes in front of the oldhouse 
in the burnt out pond-to-be.
Guess what!
They SPREAD!!!
Invaded the Boathouse.
Found them everywhere;
in the kitchen,
the shower,
hanging from the bedlamp,
in bed,
on my clothes...

After three sunny days
 H decides to burn the caterpillars.
Smoked in, again.
Impossible to open a window.

Put up a Gaultier scarf
to block some in view 
through the jucky see-through 
glass balcony door.

Grain of sand

The beginning of the poem,
Auguries of Innocence 
from one of William Blake's notebooks.

Garden &



Communication problem

Fly away

How I wish I could.

Melting time

Nelson Mandela



A snail passing by. 


Super Hero

Christopher Pointdexter

Narcissist test


Cannes Film Festival 2014

Steampunk Fashion, kind of Sucker Punch

 Photographer Rebeca Saray.
Steampunk fashion. 
Remixing styles from 
the Victorian era, 
classic Goth & industrial fetish.

Sucker Punch
the movie. 

Dalai Lama quote

Retro posters Ads Libitum

Designer David Redon.
Retro posters - Ads Libitum.

August Bradley

Photographer August Bradley.

The reason

Surrealistic Erik Madigan Heck

Photographer Erik Madigan Heck.
Born September 9.

Random act of kindness

Acts of kindness
Randomly a few above

Voodoo child

Model: Giedre Dukauskaite 

Photographer: Ishi

Vogue Netherlands May 2014

Rhythm & blues

Model: Wanessa Milhomem 
Photographer: Duy Vo 
For Elle Netherlands
May 2014

No time

Fight fear



Eminem, "losers"...

Love isle

The baddest

Toilet manners

Men with good intentions

Easter mix

Happy Easter

Flashed by...

Mariacarla Boscono

Mariacarla Boscono.
Born September 20, 1980.

Swatch watches 2014

for any occasion.

Buccellati - Eternity rings..,

Bague Eternelle

Zlatan in fashion

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
shot by Karl Lagerfeld
for French Elle MAN.

(Pics from


Zlatan - to lick

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
as a stamp in Sweden.

Flat fall

Off the record

Surf wedding

Blue heart

Be happy!

Don't worry...
Be happy!
Wishing you all
a wicked weekend.

War of hug

Absolut Mango

Bottomless stupidity

Furniture made of recycled bikes

Easter eggs in chocolate made in France

Easter eggs in chocolate 

made in la France!

Clouds 5pm

Lac Léman 5pm.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams.
Sad smiley.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell. 
Born May 22, 1970.


So very still by Lac Léman.
Spring for sure.

Hero moods

Hero, the versatile cat.
Any mood. 

Cats in square

Women with pasts

Comfortably uncomfortable?

I will start Nordic walking...

Health benefits of ginger

I do love ginger!

Barbapapa saft

Barbapapa saft at Carrefour.

Pharrell Williams x Uniqlo - I am other

In stores April 14, 2014.
Pharrell Williams x Uniqlo.

Rodnik Band x

Rodnik x

Pics from

Balloon Chair

Visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the French movie, 

“Le Ballon Rouge”(1953). 
(I loved this book as a kid.
I remember
that I was very upset 
when I wasn't allowed 
to keep my balloon 
inside the tram in Malmö.)

A balloon seems to lift a chair by fixing a balloon and a chair to the back wall
and evoques a feeling of floating. 
The balloons are made of FRP and can't be deflated nor explode. 

Design : h220430 
Year : 2014 
Size : W1500×D750×H3000

You are what you eat


Audrey Hepburn

Texting while drunk

Brutality to an animal



Can't stand being frozen in the Boathouse another day
 so I will occupy a definitely warmer seat 
at the cinema, Le France in town
for an hour or two.

H isn't up to movies nowadays.
Promised to watch Jarmusch new vampire movie VOST last Friday

Director Jim Jarmusch.

but "forgot" conveniently...

I want to see "Her"
Joaquin Phoenix 
(read his "real" last name 
originally was Bottom!)
in love with his computer -
but the hours collide with work.,,

What's left?
Bruce Dern in "Nebraska"
looks like another grumpy man.
Supposed to be a royal performance.


Let go

Love! What it's all about!

Love you!

No reaction


9 times out of 10


Be your own...

... HERO!

Brrr... Gloomy day

After some spring days
today was grey and chilly
covered in fog.
H cut the heaters April 1st
(NO April Fools' joke!)
so back to cold stone floors,

16,4 degrees Celsius in doors
the creepy frozen spine feeling 
in my back has returned.

Thank God for Anaïs
who last week sent me 
these cozy softies for my feet!

My feet were in heaven
all day long!

Most expensive iPhone/iPad cases

Designed by 

Lucrezia Buccellati

shown at 

Baselworld -

the world’s leading 

watch & jewelry trade show 

in Basel, Switzerland.


Buccellati uses

Leonardo da Vinci’s 

solar illustrations 

as inspiration 

for her

iPhone/iPad gold cases,

which are engraved in 

Rigato etching 

and punctuated 

with small diamond starbursts.

($206,000 for the iPhone case and $481,000.)

Issey Miyake - Bao Bao tote bag

Bao Bao by Issey Miyake.

Chanel bags 2014

One thing is sure
Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld
Is NEVER boring. 

April Fools' Day 2014

Happy April Fools' Day. 

Cellulite show-off

Somehow it feels better
to know that
fame and money 
don't conquer cellulites. 
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