Christmas Day stroll in Montreux

International, mild and sunny.
A relief and some smiles. 

Had a good selected veg. buffé
& a glass of red
at Restaurant Paradise

And the battery of my iPhone died...

Merry Christmas 2014

May it be your best ever!

A bit stressed?


10.50am squirreltime!

Put out a walnut
for my persistent black squirrel visitor
10.50am I was on phone downstairs 
And there it was 
on the wall towards Lac
 with the nut in its mouth!
So wish I had my iPhone at hand. 


Beautiful morning...

Beautiful morning

but so very sad and low inside. 

Night by the harbour

One of my solo strolls 
in the night this December. 
Still very mild. 

Rita Ora L’Officiel Singapore December-January 2014/2015

Singer Rita Ora covers
L’Officiel Singapore’s December 2014 issue.
Photographed by ChuanDo & Frey.

Agent Provocateur lingerie S/S 2015 ads with Naomi Campbell.

Agent Provocateur has newly released  some photographs
from its S/S 2015 lingerie advertisements campaign
featuring Naomi Campbell,
 who has never been afraid of showing some skin.

Psychedelic plexi 1973 - Valentino Garavani

Psychedelic plexi 1973 by Valentino Garavani.


Stay Zen!

Soap bubbles


Know better

Black corner

Cool new store in town. 
In need of a new bag
if I had money to spare
 I'd buy it here. 

I dream on 
and maybe baby I can afford
 a tee or something for Xmas
as I don't  expect anything
from Santa Claus
(though I've been 
a VERY good girl 
in my own special way...)

Sweet darling muse Anaïs
sent me a message 
asking for the price of the bag...

Please quota

Thanks Jessica for forwarding it to me. 
Merry Christmas

Organic/ecologic chocolate

Organic/ecologic chocolate
by Lynn Pilling
(a Christmas gift from work)
a bit roughed up from the mail flight. 
Inspired by people.
A human touch. 

Christmas decorations for 2014

Some snow on the alps
mountain tops
in Switzerland. 

The old chalet
viewed from the kitchen window. 

that damn door!
It was wrongly ordered
should have been opaque glass
for the feng shui.
This spring
H tricked me to draw
a wooden cover for the glass. 
I had like two hours before
the carpenter came. 

Idiotic me did
with measurements
a yin & yang
wood layered in different directions...
but H cancelled it all
without telling me of course.)

Influenced by

Golden rings...

Hard to see but this is 
the silhuett
 of my Christmas tree 
come to be. 

I wonder if I ever will get
The Kiss by Klimt
on the wall?

Finally I NAILED the curtains length!

The flat in Sweden
has a star theme. 

While I go:

Lussekatter 2014

My home made 
Lussekatter 2014
with saffron and bio raisins

Lucia 2014

So very Swedish. 
Celebrating Lucia


What I see

Morning view of the Swiss side. 
Rushing off for the aqua biking. 

A poor dead mouse 
outside Buddha-Bar Spa at the Hilton. 

One of all the neighbor's cats. 

Penny Dreadful & Reeve Carney

Reeve Carney,
Aries, April 18, 1983,
as Dorian Gray in Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful
the TV-serie.
Eye candy á la dandy decadent 
Dorian Gray,
 vampires, werewolves, 
spiritism, tarot...
to distract and kill off 
some nights. 

War of the Roses?

Saturday the Full moon
was in Gemini
How much I just found out...

Saturday, in the middle of the night,
H woke me up 
probably drunk
by intensely knocking on the glass 
on my yucky (balcony)door downstairs. 
He demanded my keys 
to the old chalet as he has lost his?!
(I had needed the vacuum cleaner 
earlier that afternoon,
found the door unlocked 
and thought H had forgotten it. 
So I locked and unintentionally 
locked H out when he was out straying...)

IF H had used 
another tone.
Instead of rudely 
pronouncing "please"
as an insult.
(I won't accept more rudeness
 from the French. 
This time I had enough.)
And IF H had asked to borrow 
MY keys nemas problemas
But waking me up without an apology!
Being rude!
Added together
 with the full moon vibes..,
I firmly declined
with a "no"
and added 
"as you just been f***ing around."
(Totally ridiculous as it's obvious.)

H angrily walked away
and started hammering. 

This morning, Monday, 
I was going to collect one of my Leonard Cohen CD's 
that still is in the old chalet 
and found the door demolished. 

(BamBam and Pebbles
from The Flintstones.)

My first nickname 
for H was 

He still lives up to it. 
when he doesn't get his will.
Furious when he doesn't achieve immediately obedience. 
No boundaries.

I assume
it's The War of the Roses.
But I'm not game.
Not wasting time
on lost selfish causes. 
H can go on misbehaving. 
I'm indifferent. 
Slightly amused 
but most of all yawning. 

 I need to heal healthwise, 
find a solution about 
my breast cyst/tumeur
and the best way 
to do that is by being positive 
and having good things/people 
around me. 
I don't have energy 
for egotistical whims 
and annoyances from H. 
I strive for harmony and zen

Luckily the squirrel in the garden 
is on my side 
suddenly showing up daily!

Squirrel cuddle

Kiss & hug

Blabbermouth - glappkäft - bavard/grande gueule

The irony of it all is that
H is away from morning to night 
during the weekends.
We made a promise not to date, see friends/roam around in the evenings...
H is suddenly close
 to Lucifer and the Ordure 
and is even going
 to attend Ordure's wedding. 
 After 14 years of loathing!
Talk about hypocrisy!

Unknown people
(to me)
stop me in town 
 asking me
 about my relationship with H 
and my health!

Why can't H handle "us"
with some dignity and class?
Why being a blabbermouth.
Glappkäft in Swedish. 

It just brings up the old shit.

I have enough with pain in my breast
and other physical worries. 
At least H could 
stick to our mutual agreements.
As usual he only does
what is convinient
 for his own sake. 
Impossible to trust
in any way. 

Melting ice

Melting ice sculptures

Positions & directions

Guess what?
The bed I'm laying in
is positioned
So now I know 
what might cause my insomnia
Well, it definitely 
doesn't improve my sleep. 


You never know

So very true. 

Mantra of the day

Mantra to stick by!

What if?!

the TV-serie
diverted my mind 
a couple of nights. 


The greatest thing

Love you too

Congrats Anaïs, my muse

Happy 24th birthday, bästis!

Shitty shitty bang bang
that you are ill 
with high fever
and have kidney pain/ache!


Never forget. 
To love
 is most important. 

Happiness fairy

Would it be awesome 
to be a happiness fairy in next life?
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