Emoticon bijoux by Alison Lou


Designer Alison Lou.
Emoticon Jewelry. 

Bursting balloons

I'm trying to mantra me.

one after one
my "balloons" pop

like a soap bubble. 


of water balloons. 

Bear Hug

Bear Hug Infusions

Available in Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Chocolate, Vodka Espresso, Rum Mango, Rum Wild Berries, Tequila Papaya and Tequila Chilli.

A Bear Hug
infusion for your cocktail, perhaps?


Betrayed and abondoned





Run over

Was run over by a car some days ago
crossing the street.
It's a bit much just now. 

Nice to yourself

Be kind

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson.
Born December 18, 1989.

Fits my needs

Lancaster Paris - Karlie Kloss

Model Karlie Kloss.
Lancaster Paris 
Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign.
Photographer Guy Aroch.

A mermaid

I have to re-read Anaïs Nin.


Stand up eight...

Not shy

State of mind


Depressed mode. 
Life is definitely
not what I wished it to be. 

Sexy guys...

I'm weak for surfer dudes. 


Isn't it?

Yes, indeed.

Matthew McConaughey.
Scorpio, born November 4, 1969.

A family man.
Three kids with the same woman!

True detective

Cool and dark. 

I love you

Love song

Sweet day



One wonders...


Days (are) like these

Either way...

Chris Pine

Chris Pine,
Virgo September 26, 1980.


The badger is gone
Some intruder checked the turf.


Solstice - Midsummer's Day 2014

Because from now on 
the days will get shorter...

Also called
Saint John's Day. 


Before you f*** her!

Where I live

Dress code

Erreur de tri - collecte refusée!

for years it seems
neighbors have put glass
into the garbage container
for re-cycled plastic, packages etc.
in the land of "grèves"
the "garbage men"
refuse to take the glass.
About time!!!

Far away

Soon I'll put on my wings
and fly, fly away
far, far away...

The Perfect Man

For a reason

Midsummer in solitude

I'm trying...
The Boathouse is "saunatic".
H managed to break 
the electric curtain 
for the lakeside huge sliding vitrine
earlier this week. 
From 4pm and on the sun hits.
No openable windows at the lakeside
on the upper floor.
Chilled champagne
is a dear friend 
this evening in solitude. 

The Newsroom

In 2013 Jeff Daniels got 
an Emmy 
as Best Actor 
for his lead role, 
Will McAvoy,
a veteran news anchor 
in "The Newsroom" season 2.

Far from Daniels role 
as Harry Dunn in "Dumb & Dumber"
where he was seated 
in another kind of chair...

(Heureka, now I know 
why the Boathouse toilet is black!)

And for all geeky fans

a "Dumb & Dumber To"

is on its way...

Takes off 20 years later.

Jeff Daniels 
born February 19th 1955.)
in "Dumb & Dumber".

Midsummer 2014/Glad midsommar 2014!

Something I miss from Sweden. 

Hot mugshot

The girls are drooling.
Guess Jeremy Meeks
got his moment of fame
due to a mugshot. 

Hero and

his new climbing tree. 

Friday 13th & Full moon

Not common at all:

Friday Mar 13th 1903 

Friday Oct 13th 1905 

Friday Jun 13th 1919 

Friday Jan 13th 1922 

Friday Nov 13th 1970 

Friday Jul 13th 1984 

Friday Feb 13th 1987 

Friday Mar 13th 1998

Friday Oct 13th 2000 

Friday Jun 13th 2014

Friday Aug 13th 2049 

Friday Apr 13th 2063 

Friday Nov 13th 2065

Friday Feb 13th 2082 

Tonight full moon in Capricorn. 

Jason meets the Werewolf

Bite marks...

Gold poo - bedazzled dog turds

Golden dog poop
is a Japanese symbol
of luck and financial fortune.
The golden poo has 
a bell inside to bring you riches. 

Strap the little turd to your cellular, wii or digital camera and jingle jangle all day long.

In New York City
 (GoldpooNYC on IG)
bedazzle real dog turds on the street.

Love & Beautiful people

Needed to repeat
this text.
So true.

Heat wave...

Edge of tomorrow

'Watched' "Edge of tomorrow"
with closed eyes
last Sunday.
(Not the 3D version.)
The handheld camera
made me nauseous.
I have never read mangas...
Tom Cruise doing 
most of his own stunts.
Emily Blunt being in shape.
Nothing new under the sun.

Not a new idea
waking up to re-do
your memorized day.

Couple Jam & Flesh love - Photographer HAL

Haruhiko Kawaguchi, alias Photographer Hal, is based in Tokyo.

 He brings complete strangers to his confined, crucible like spaces. 

In the "Couple Jam" photos the subjects were placed in a bathtub together. 

Photographer Hal’s latest project is called Fresh Love, which captures the many varied and fresh couples in vacuum sealed package.

Original an colourful
If nothing else...

Woodkid at Montjoux festival, July 5, 2014

Yoann Lemoine 
Pisces, born March 16, 1983.

Looking forward to the concert
with light show
at Montjoux festival,
July 5th 2014.

Plaza Francia
is performing the same evening.

Will be a music weekend.

Mr. Photogenique

Hero, who else?!
Lensed by my muse.

Musiques en stock - Cluses 2014

John Butler Trio
is tempting Friday, July 4th
at "Musiques en stock"
in Cluses, France. 


The House of Solid Gold 

offers a 24K Gold Mountain bike.


 $1 million. 

Chamonix, France - June 7, 2014

Visited my son André
for some hours
in Chamonix.
Had a meal 
at the only Indian...
- barely okay. 
(At no 62 and a 62 € bill.)

Diesel by Nick Knight

 Kiko Mizuhara 
for the Diesel Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign. 
Photographer Nick Knight. 

DieselTribute Campaign.

Shot with iPhone5.

Golden Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs,
 handmade in 

18-carat gold 

designs made-to-order 

consist of 25 grams of solid gold. 

The buds feature 

a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and 

a remote for talk and music control.

Price $14,500.

Love is...

Marilyn Monroe - June 1. 1926

88 years today
if still alive. 

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