Make the days count

Just my type

Hero the sleeping cat


Musical icons as cartoon characters

Illustrator & graphic designer:

Zhi-Yun Zhang. 

Yeezy as Porky Pig, the Bawse as Spongebob...


American objects

"American Handmade Paintings"
by Tom Sachs. 


Lac Léman. 

Bucket/drawstring bags

Obviously -Moschino


Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent.

Trendy this spring:
drawstring bucket bags. 

Kanye West x PXXXY Had Me Dead

PXXXY Had Me Dead
Illustrates Kanye West's lyrics. 

Good morning, March 25. 2014

Vice et Versa by Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass,

Vice et Versa hotel in Paris.
Interior design by Chantal Thomass.

Skeleton bra

Watch dog

Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs beauty
at Sephora. 

Kiss of death


Klimt's The Kiss. 

People versus pizza

Licking the bowl

Lauren Hutton still going strong

Lauren Hutton
Born 1943.
Passed 70 and
the lady still got it!

A rare breed.
Simply iconic. 

Killin' it

Killin' it tee. 

Kenzo S/S 2014

Models: Devon Aoki & Paul Boche
Kenzo S/S 2014 Campaign 
Photographer:  Pierpaolo Ferrari 

We wood watch

We wood watch. 

Vegan bag

Vegan bag. 

Mixed weather

Sunday March, 23rd.
Communal election in France
first round 2014.


Nowhere in particular

Blue vision

Staircase to happiness


Make history

Kill me

Congratulations to your new jobs

Despite my own misery
I'm still delighted 
my son André's 
good news yesterday.
 He will sign as a barman 
on next Monday, March 24th.

And as a "cherry on the ice cream"
Some minutes ago 
my daughter Anaïs 
phoned telling me 
she will start a training 
the same up coming Monday 
for her new full time job
that begins for real on March 31st.

What a relief!
I'm so happy for both of you.

Spring March 20, 2014

Spring sparkles over Lac Léman. 

Guardian angel

Spring equinox 2014

Have a wonderful 
first day of spring 2014.


(Ads for Equinox sport club.)

Grab a plate


Thank you ALL!
In moments like this
you find out the hard way
who you can count on
and who lets you down.
THANKS for your support. 

Let it go

Two hands

No more


H just called to tell me
 he will give me the 40000kr (around 4000€)
I need before March 29th
IF I sign an IMMEDIATE divorce!

Talk about blackmailing me
in a vulnerable moment!


Dismiss my fears


Selective memory indeed.
How my intuition
were good to use
when H asked me for advice 
selling the bar and gaining 5000€ 
on the selling price.
 I didn't even get 
a simple "thank you".

How for years and years P were unemployed
 and I earned well my life.
Me joggling three jobs 
the first years regularly visiting 
H in France maintaining our relationship and helping H with his family issues 
and self-esteem.
 As well as being a "mami" and the sole provider for my kids in Sweden
 - then 10 & 14 years old. 
I have always been the one paying for my and my kids trips. 

As a sole mother I help my children even as adults 
especially lately 
when "extaordinary unluck" strikes 
like being on another continent 
and hospitalised with pneumonia 
with an *expired insurance 
(*due to getting stranded with the cat
at the airport by a week old rule 
and having to stay another month 
to get the cat home).
Shit happens...

 My income last year got low due to not being able to work for over a month as H accidentally? cancelled the phone after one worker replacing the hedge surrounding the property first had managed to cut  the line literally during my busiest month!
(Would put that in the "extraordinary unluck" category too!)

That a decreased annual income has a definite impact on my credibility financially this year H totally ignores. 
I'm irresponsible in his view and shouldn't help my adult kids.
"The dices are already rolled" 
to quote H from yesterday evening. 

I have a very distinct feeling H enjoys me failing economically and to watch me struggling with anxiety attacks. 
Rather low as I already am beaten these last days by my gum infection, being on antibiotics and in constant pain.

As married the law proscribes us to live at the same economical level.
 That's a laugh!

H owns properties after his late father and some years ago 
he inherited a fortune 
after a rich aunt.
"Extraordinary LUCK".

Somehow H has even put against me that I didn't recieve anything major 
after my biological father 
who passed away a year ago.

I have always earned my living myself.
And working 24/7.
 What more can I do? 

H ignores:
Marriage Anniversaries
New Years
Can't say I'm acknowledged 
nor spoilt in any way. 

Some random unfulfilled promises
during these years:
The kids would live with us in France
My daughter 
would live with us in France
I would be a co-owner 
of H's property company
Travels abroad
Fixing H's old bike for me
A designer trench coat
A ring...

After cheating:
The Boat house
belonging entirely to me
and also being free to decorate/design everything in it at H expense

Travel together to Sweden twice a year
(not since 2007)

Prioritise me getting free 
from  loans and credit cards 
taken since being married to H
(I only had my study loan 
when we first met and 0 credit cards.
No debts whatsoever!)

Helping me 
if in need 
financially with the kids

Having a shared account in France

Getting internet in the house...
(I'm paying for a WIFI connection
on my cellular)

After inheriting his aunt:
All promises ignored
No promises made

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.
Roger that. 
And I'm on antibiotics. 
Nothing wrong with my teeth 
but my gum. 
Over sensitive to homeopathic pills?!

The chosen swan

See the sign. 
A chosen swan. 
Fantastic sunny day. 
Bankrupt and tooth ache. 
Isn't life sweet?!

Day and Night

Full moon in Libra

Good morning

Rule #1

The question is...

Only me

Saint Patrick's Day

Drink some beer.
Celebrate the Irish. 
It's their National Day
March 17, 
Saint Patrick's Day. 


Definitely fatal!

JonOne - Street Art

Street Art in colourful emotion. 

Hero mooning

Hero on the balcony.
In moon light.
Snapchat by Anaïs. 

The prettiest

Birdie nam nam

Lac Léman. 

Irresistably weird

Blue Friday for me. 
Anaïs has two job interviews today. 
Cross my fingers. 

Louis Vuitton BMW i8 limited edition carbon fiber luggage

Louis Vuitton & BMW i8 

limited edition 

carbon fiber luggage.

Chanel campaign S/S 2014

Chanel Campaign S/S 2014.
Model: Lindsey Wixon.
Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Anaïs, Hero & André

Miss U. 

As years go by...

Something better



René Magritte x Opening Ceremony x Vans

René Magritte x Opening Ceremony x Vans 2014 Spring Authentic

The work of Magritte:
The Blow to the HeartGood ConnectionsThe Ladder of FireSheherazade and The King’s Museum.


Food cravings (with solutions)


As I both
 love clouds and unicorns. 

Free to choose

Lessons taught


Hello Kitty & Playboy

Hello Kitty x Playboy.
What a combination!

In the couture mood

 Vogue Italia March 2014
Model: Saskia de Brauw
Photographer: Paolo Roversi

The sun shines on

The sunsets are amazing!


International Women's day 2014

International Women's Day
Stay beautiful 
stay brainy
stay YOU!

Neighbour attack

Last Friday the neighbour 
underneath ours 
attacked my muse
with a karate blow in her face. 
Totally unprovoked
 while Anaïs
was holding Hero, her cat, 
in her arms
and couldn't protect herself. 

What a world!

A gentleman - a GENTLE man

They are a rare breed.

Handled the scissors

Don't forget

Definitely amazing. 

Men's day/Women's day

Very bad things

Dream on

In the kitchen. 


My favorite ponny's name
was: Kinky.
Voilà, guess it tells it all.

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