Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
to all and everyone of you. 

Struck by lightning

Squirrel power!

Three boats


Well protected

Frank Zappa

Frank Vincent Zappa. 
(December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993)

Bobby Brown
Lyrics by Frank Zappa.
Hey there, people, I'm Bobby Brown
They say I'm the cutest boy in town
My car is fast, my teeth is shiney
I tell all the girls they can kiss my heinie
Here I am at a famous school
I'm dressin' sharp 'n' I'm actin' cool
I got a cheerleader here 
wants to help with my paper
Let her do all the work 
'n' maybe later I'll rape her

Oh God I am the American dream
I do not think I'm too extreme
An' I'm a handsome son of a bitch
I'm gonna get a good job 'n' be real rich

(Get a good
Get a good
Get a good
Get a good job)

Women's Liberation
Came creepin' across the nation
I tell you people I was not ready
When I f**** this dyke by the name of Freddie
She made a little speech them,
Aw, she tried to make me say "when"
She had my balls in a vise, 
but she left the d***
I guess it's still hooked on, 
but now it shoots too quick

Oh God I am the American dream
But now I smell like Vaseline
An' I'm a miserable son of a bitch
Am I a boy or a lady, I don't know which

(I wonder wonder
Wonder wonder)

So I went out 'n' bought me a leisure suit
I jingle my change, but I'm still kinda cute
Got a job doin' radio promo
An' none of the jocks 
can even tell I'm a homo
Eventually me 'n' a friend
Sorta drifted along into S&M
I can take about an hour 
on the tower of power
'Long as I gets a little golden shower

Oh God I am the American dream
With a spindle up my butt 
till it makes me scream
An' I'll do anything to get ahead
I lay awake nights sayin', 
"Thank you, Fred!"
Oh God, oh God, I'm so fantastic!
Thanks to Freddie, I'm a sexual spastic
And my name is Bobby Brown
Watch me now, I'm goin down,
And my name is Bobby Brown
Watch me now,
 I'm goin down...


Les Diaboliques.
A French classic
with Simone Signoret. 

Saint Fatima

If you believe in miracles. 
They occur. 
Saint Fatima in Portugal 


Good apology

Appreciate life!

Anaïs, ma belle

Seeing more and more 
similarities between 
my daughter/muse and myself. 
Miss U. 

Vuitton - Iconoclasts project - LV Monogram

Christian Louboutin is game. 

Marc Newson is in. 

Karl Lagerfeld makes his creativity fit. 

Cindy Sherman. 

Frank Gehry. 

Rei  Kawakubo.

Louis Vuitton 
160th anniversary
Iconoclasts Project.

Darth Vader Car by Hot Wheels

Based on a Corvette C5.

Here life size
It's sold in Hot Wheels
mini car serie. 

Boxing photographer Neil Leifer


Boxing photographer
with Fidel Castro
Cuban heavyweight boxer 
Teofilo Stevenson. 

Constantine - Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan.
April 11, 1981.

Another Comic
transformed to a TV-serie. 
Constantine on NBC. 

Anyone remember...

Keanu Reeves
as Constantine 
in the movie from 2005.

The Dude - Jeff Bridges for Marc O'Polo

The Dude
Jeff Bridges
forever cool. 
For the German brand
Marc O'Polo. 
Follow your nature. 

Chantecaille for animal protection fall 2014

Chantecaille to protect animals
and butterflies...

T - Tiffany & Co

Francesca Amfitheatrof
with her T - collection. 
The new Design Director 
at Tiffany & Co. 


I will always be
a classy trench girl. 
Burberry at its best. 

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2014

Pics above from French Vogue. 


a word of solitude.

Debt of gratitude

H sat nearly four hours  at his "friend's" Pharmacy yesterday Saturday afternoon 
and put price tags 
on beauty products for free. 
The vet and the dimwit are not really poor or needing people. 
They are rude and quite rich.  
Apparently ten more people aided them 
so they weren't exactly stranded... 

H had promised to "compensate" me. 
As he hadn't  booked anything, 
(we talked about eating "beignet" at the local auberge in Vailly. 
Price worthy, home made "beignets"... 
One never knows when the place is open though,
 if one doesn't call to check...
 H claimed he had been too busy all week long even during his two hour lunch breaks...) 
we cruised by car around the local area in search for 
a "beignet" place.
 No luck.  

Made a full circle and ended up eating an okay (the thinnest ever) "fondue champignon" with two small bottles of red Bourgogne
at Le Désiré.
(Funnily enough they had "beignet"
on their menu BUT (there is always la France's big but 
in the way...) 
you had to order/book it 48 hours in advance!).

H was annoyed 
not eating "beignet"
(of course not taking any responsibility 
for not organising the "compensation" at all) and I had a headache since the day before and tough & rough pain in my left breast 
where I have my two cm cyst. 

So it went astray, 
rather predictably
and to H's satisfaction.
H suddenly stated I had "lied by omission" about my financial situation some years ago. 
Absolutely not. 
As I earned well my life when we met
 I didn't worry about money.
 I only had my study loan 
no other debts. 
After three years, 
in the end of the first year we were married 
I got wrongly fired from a consulting company. H didn't support me 
not even mentally.
 Only complained and nagged that I had to have a job. 

My union 
helped me get some justice 
but I had to start from scratch in a new company in Oct 2003 where I still work. 
During our entire marriage I have supported myself and the kids on my own salary. 
Year 2000, 
when we met through 
H lived on this property by Lake Geneva without paying rent, nor taxes for the house,
 his mother both payed & cooked for him 
and Lucifer even did 
his laundry!! 
(H is a person
who resents me for helping my kids who today are soon 24 and recently 28 years old.
When he himself lived off and on his mother when he was over 40.)
H had been divorced from his first wife for two years when we met. Separated for three. 
At 42 H had very low self esteem.
 Being unemployed.
(When we got married I persuaded H to
man up. To cut the umbilical cord with Lucifer and pay for everything by himself.)

We fell in love 
and I naively thought our love supernova could conquer anything. Much of my first years was helping H handling his infected relationship with his mother and brother. 
I never complained about him being unemployed nor that I was paying my and my kids flights etc etc.  
Money for me at that time was a flow 
not a worry. 
H has never during those early years bought my kids even an ice cream if we took a stroll in Evian, which was the only thing we could afford doing in H's view at that time. There was never anything extra. 
They were 
10 & 14 years old 
when we met. 
Sporty sweet kids. 
(When H sees his Godson 
[the dentist's, who neglected my teeth, son]. 
H takes the spoilt brat out eating, bowling...
Always in need to bribe his "friends". Showing off, being generous towards them while I and the kids were on a starvation budget.)

I had my dip 
financially in 2011.
 The consulting company got digital/went by the net, 
I had terrible technical problems with the telephone connection working 
from France. 
My annual income 
went down 40%, 
at the same time 
as both my kids were unemployed.
 H refused to go to Sweden from 2009 which messed up my credibility for my credit cards... 
H had inherited his aunt together with his brother that year 
and became really evil at times, 
always complaining about my kids,
 ridiculing me 
for worrying, caring, helping them out, providing...
I love my adult kids and they love me. 
H couldn't stand his mother and still let her provide for him?!

H never asked me directly about my financial situation. 
So I don't understand this new accusation yesterday 
that I had 
"lied by omission". 
In the beginning of 2012 I told H I was close to bankruptcy. 
After some consideration H
decided to help me 
but branded me 
and continuously put me down about it. 
And yes 
I had been too optimistic,
 I had taken too many loans and used up my credits but I worked 24/7 so it had to turn. Slowly it has 
but it's been 
a very long exhausting road that has had some rollercoasters and 
a tremendous cost 
in H treating me nonchalant,
 me being punished 
and unappreciated. 
Personally I have NEVER EVER 
accused H for not working, 
not finding a real job until 2011.
 When his knee, back, shoulder, herpes, headaches, low self worth... made him grumpy 
I shut up and didn't disturb him. 
So hearing him critiquing my way of handling my economy. Putting himself as the exemplary master. Especially as H never has worked 
to achieve wealth. 
He has inherited it.
 I have worked my entire life at times by joggling three jobs.
 It became too much seeing H's
 self righteous face judging me. 
As married we should by law 
have lived on an equal economical level...
H even remarked 
that I wasn't loyal! 
As I could have put 
in shit 
if I had gone bankrupt! 
I said it wasn't likely 
as he doesn't have a Swedish citizenship 
and hasn't signed 
any papers. 
What I didn't bring up was that I took 
most of my credits in 2005 and that I absolutely told him 
the same year 
that I had to take two huge loans 
which he even said he would sign for
but I informed him he couldn't 
as he doesn't have a Swedish "personnummer"
(civil registration number).
With my income 
at that time I had no problem paying. 

In the end of our meal 
I quietened H up 
by deliberately being crude.
and fed up
 I had had it. 

Stay strong


Asked H when he will put on the radiators in the Boathouse for me as I have been frozen 
to my marrow the last week.
Arriving home with wet hair 
after aqua biking four times a week during October and no heat in the house has resulted in my body aching as in the old chalet, which isn't isolated,  where I most  often had to sleep in -3 degrees Celsius. 

The Boathouse though well isolated is very close to the Lake and the dampness annoys my joints. Brrr...

H replied when it's getting cold?!
(We are October 26th today!)
I asked what he distinguished as "cold".
H just repeated: when it's cold. 
Okay, FYI I'll record you.

F*** you, f*** you,
you go f*** yourself,
f*** you...
H screamed 
those words over and over again 
and ended it with slamming
 the bathroom window shut with a bang!
(I was standing outside the old chalet talking to H through the open window
while he was brushing his teeth.)

It will be a COLD winter. 

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo Competizione. 

Zhang Daqian, Chinese painter and master forger

Chang Dai-chien or Zhang Daqian
(May 10, 1899 – April 2, 1983) 
was one of the best-known and most prodigious Chinese artists
 of the twentieth century. 
Originally known as 
a guohua (traditionalist) painter, 
by the 1960s he was also renowned as a modern impressionist and expressionist painter. Chang is regarded as one of the most gifted master forgers of the twentieth century.

Text from wikipedia. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

The fourth Mad Max movie
Fury Road
Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron,

is scheduled to be released on 
May 15th, 2015.

Activity watch - Activité by Withings

Activité is available in both black and silver, and comes with a leather strap that can be interchanged with a plastic strap for sport activities.

 The watch is made from stainless steel, and its face is housed in an indestructible sapphire glass, which offers touch screen capabilities to switch between modes. 

The classic design shows two round hand dials, the larger for the time, and the smaller sub dial which shows progress against a specific activity being tracked on a scale of 0 (incomplete) to 100 (complete).

  The Activité works with the Withings Health Mate app and connects with the users smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. 

  The watch can track activity from walking, running, or swimming, and through built in sensors calculates daily activity, distance covered, and sleep patterns. 

  Activité automatically switches between sleep and activity mode. The watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM, meaning it is water tested for up to 50 meters or 165 feet, and can withstand showering or swimming.

 The watch is powered by standard watch batteries that last about a year.

Price 390€.

Black sneakers - KENZO

Cool black sneakers
from Kenzo F/W 2014.

Adidas ZX FLUX

ZX FLUX by Adidas. 

Swatch Sistem 51

Swatch Sistem 51.

Leaves/Feuilles by Benoît Pype

Leaves or Feuilles by Benoît Pype.

Maxima de markthal in Rotterdam

Maxima de markthal
in Rotterdam.
A bio supermarket.
The hugest in Europe. 
300 square meters.
40 meters high. 
Architect Winy Maas.

A 36,000 square foot mural 
is covering the rounded ceiling. 
“Cornucopia”, the mural, 

by artists Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam, 
features fruit, vegetables, and market goods rising into the sky.

Judging America - Joel Parés

From Judging America.
Photos by Joel Parés. 
More pics at:

Tattoo show in Evian 2014

Anaïs at mmanytt.se

My muse and daughter Anaïs 
is working 
as a reporter at mmanytt.se.
It's the 
hugest mma site 
in Scandinavia. 

Last week they launched
their new show
If you want to check it:


Second episode:

(Some problems with the light.
Halloween is close 
vampires are in, 
n'est-ce pas? ;))

Marine Vacth for Chaumet 2014

Model/actress Marine Vacth.
Photo Mario Sorrenti.

New moon

Away with the old. 
In with the new!

And Halloween around the corner...

Lika Minamoto

Playing the geisha in the thriller 
Inju - The Geisha Killer 
from  2008 by Barbet Schroeder
 against actor Benoît Magimel.

Model and actress. 

Stormy weather

The temperature 
has dropped over 10 degrees Celsius. 
The first autumn storm
knocks on the door. 

The sliding huge window 
towards Lac
can't stand 
the harsh wind and heavy rain
when there's no electric curtain 
as extra protection. 
A pond indoors to handle. 


Must be the first ever.

Anyhow I got one.

An apology. 

and the water is back on. 



H surprised me 
by asking if I was interested 
in him making us an apero 
around 7pm tonight. 
We had just returned 
from the Supermarket 
as he had carried 
two of my grocery bags 
down to the Boathouse, 
I accepted with a little bit of hesitation. 
Always a gnawing feeling 
H will try to lure me in some way. 
So right, so right. 
Immediately H had to see Lucifer, 
his mother, 
my evil and coldhearted 
for the ceiling in her garage. 
Something H told me a month ago 
he had booked a guy to fix. 
I mistook "ceiling",
heard it as,
"this evening"...,
(H has a VERY strong French way 
of speaking  English
 which has become 
more brutally pronounced 
as we rarely speak
I often have to guess.)
and asked if the apero was off. 
Nope. Still on. Afterwards. 

H was back after FIVE hours 
(Lucifer lives four minutes 
by car from the chalets.) 
In gardening clothes 
H bluntly stated he had cut the water 
to the Boathouse?!
The device he bought 
for the old chalet didn't work...
No notafication or warning
so I could put some water aside. 
No information about 
when H will turn on the water again. 
Getting used to this
ridiculous power play. 
Must say it's unnecessary.

I won't get provoked anymore. 

To ease H's faul mood
I told him I had seen the squirrel
 running over the wall again 
this afternoon. 
H just muttered
and said he'd cook something to eat. 
Good I'll lay the table, I joked. 
H just snapped and went away. 
(We rarely eat together.)

A minute later I calmly knocked 
on his door telling him 
we should cancel the apero. 
H countered that 
it was badly engaged 
as he had a mess with his water system.
End of apero. 
The best is:
I wasn't the slightest upset. 

In France, it is customary to take a drink 
(a beer or other light alcohol) 
with friends around 7pm, 
and this time is called apéritif 
(or apero).

At times with snacks. 

51 different languages to say thank you

62 different countries have visited fabs.blogg.se so far
 since Monday. 
Wonder who you all are?

Thank You !

Thank You!!

Thank You!!!

Or in 50 other languages:

AFRIKAANS – dankie
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ARABIC – shukran
ARMENIAN – Շնորհակալություն / chnorakaloutioun
BOSNIAN – hvala (HVAH-lah) 
BULGARIAN – благодаря / blagodaria
CATALAN – gràcies (GRAH-syuhs) 
CANTONESE – M̀h’gōi 
CROATIAN – hvala (HVAH-lah)
CZECH – děkuji (Dyekooyih)
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DUTCH – dank u
ESTONIAN – tänan (TA-nahn)
FINNISH – kiitos (KEE-tohss)
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GERMAN – danke
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ICELANDIC – takk (tahk) 
INDONESIAN – terima kasih. (tuh-REE-mah KAH-see) 
ITALIAN – grazie (GRAHT-tsyeh)
JAPANESE – arigatô (ah-ree-GAH-toh)
KOREAN – 감사합니다 (gamsahamnida) 
LATVIAN – paldies (PUHL-dyehs)
LEBANESE – choukrane
LITHUANIAN – ačiū (AH-choo)
MACEDONIAN – Благодарам / blagodaram (blah-GOH-dah-rahm) 
MALAY – terima kasih (TREE-muh KAH-seh) 
MALTESE – grazzi (GRUTS-ee)
MONGOLIAN – Баярлалаа (bayarlalaa) 
POLISH – dziękuję (Jenkoo-yen)  
PORTUGUESE – obrigado [masculine]  / obrigada [feminine] (oh-bree-GAH-doo / oh-bree-GAH-dah) 
ROMANIAN – mulţumesc (mool-tzoo-MESK)
RUSSIAN – спасибо (spuh-SEE-buh) 
SERBIAN – xвала / hvala (HVAH-lah) 
SLOVAK – Ďakujem (JAH-koo-yehm) 
SLOVENIAN – hvala (HVAA-lah) 
SPANISH – gracias (GRAH-syahs) 
SWEDISH – tack 
TAMIL – nandri
THAI – kop khun
TURKISH – teşekkür ederim (teh shek uer eh der eem) 
UKRAINIAN – Дякую (DYAH-koo-yoo) 
WELSH – diolch (DEE-ol’ch)
YIDDISH – a dank
ZULU – ngiyabonga
Translated "thank you" from worldofwanderlust.com. 

Good morning world!

Hope you all slept well...
In some minutes 
I'm running up the slope 
to take the bus to Evian.
 Scheduled a meeting 
with the boss of the staff 
at Buddha-Bar Spa at Hilton's 
before my aquabiking. 
Don't expect any improvement. 
Just another notch in the belt. 

Life goes on and on and on...

Enjoy it while you can. 
Guess I will. 

No heat!


It's mid-October 
and H hasn't put on 
the heat in the Boathouse.
Can't put the heaters on. 
By the way
why have floor heating 
when you don't use it?
(Which is damn cosy when it works!)

If H is 
afraid of me using too much electricity 
I can pay the bill for the Boathouse. 
The houses 
already have different invoices. 
This ridiculous
 "I want you to have 
the most discomfort possible" 
is so childishly boring!

Yawn, yawn, yawn...

Squirrel squirrel on the wall...

Saw the coolest squirrel on the wall towards the Lac. 
Experiencing the entire "catwalk".
Sadly my iphone was dead 
so I couldn't snap away.
Guess I'll be fully armed tomorrow 
and show you 
the foxy little fellow then.

Sorry forgot. 

some googled 
squirrel pics from the net. 

Do it!

Listen to the man
just DO it!

Love crazy
Love strangely
At least LOVE!

Life is way too short to be zombiac. 

Care and be there

You matter
Go, go, go!

My life sure is shitty. 
Still I won't make it let me down. 
I have a view
Fantastic kids
(Yes, I know, I know
they are "grown-ups")
And though I wish I was living 
a different life
I collect those little moments
in now 
and I'm grateful
because I am really LIVING
and most of all


Right moments. 
On the spot. 
Pics from boredpanda.com.


Sleep tight out there. 
If you hadn't
 a golden sunset...
Enjoy mine!
Seductive Lac Lèman. 


Finally fed up enough 
to mirror back H's behaviour 
when we "talk" in the car 
to the library and supermarket 
on Saturdays. 

I didn't listen, didn't confirm, 
hummed, interupted him in the middle of some senseless sentence
 by commenting 
the colour of the post van...
I can assure 
H didn't like it 
becoming sulkier and grumpier 
by the second.

At the Cinébank 
(my card got blocked 
due to the machinery 
to load the card with 
wasn't programmed for 
the new 10€ bill.) 
by entering 
H deliberately closed the entrance door behind him 
so I couldn't come in. 
Not once did H open the car door 
for me.

H, who offer his services 
carrying heavy furniture and shelves 
to ingratiate his "friends" 
can't help me out 
with the groceries 
down to the Boathouse....

Such a disappointment
that it's impossible to stay friends 
and have a nice time. 
I asked for a month of consideration. 

H's egotistical side
takes over 
 always infects our mutual life.
His lack of empathy is scary.

I can't be an obedient puppet
never being listened to nor seen. 
Everything can't always be 
on H's terms.


Karl Lagerfeld's Barbie

Barbie à la Karl Lagerfeld.

A Mattel limited-edition 
 was sold out at Net-a-Porter 
in a few hours. 

Biker jacket bag by Moschino

Biker jacket bag
by Moschino.
Fun but not my cup of tea. 

Black Opium

Black Opium 
by Yves Saint Laurent. 

Eclipse by Zevs

Malala Yousafzai


Malala Yousafzai, 

Cancer. born 12 July 1997

On the afternoon of 9 October 2012, Yousafzai boarded her school bus in the northwest Pakistani district of Swat. A gunman asked for her by name, then pointed a pistol at her and fired three shots. One bullet hit the left side of Yousafzai's forehead, travelled under her skin through the length of her face, and then went into her shoulder. 

On 12 October, a group of 50 Islamic clerics in Pakistan issued a fatwā against those who tried to kill her, but the Taliban reiterated its intent to kill Yousafzai and her father.

The assassination attempt sparked a national and international outpouring of support for Yousafzai. Deutsche Welle wrote in January 2013 that Yousafzai may have become "the most famous teenager in the world." United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown launched a UN petition in Yousafzai's name, using the slogan "I am Malala" and demanding that all children worldwide be in school by the end of 2015 – a petition which helped lead to the ratification of Pakistan's first Right to Education Bill. 


In the April 29th, 2013 issue of Time magazine, Yousafzai was featured on the magazine's front cover and as one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the World". She was the winner of Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize.

On 10 October 2014, Yousafzai was announced as the co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education. At age 17, Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel laureate ever.Yousafzai shared the prize with Kailash Satyarthi, a children's rights activist from India.

Text and information from Wikipedia. 

Dramedy - R-100

And I enjoy Buñuel movies. 

R100 is a Japanese "dramedy"
directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto. 
A Hiroshima mon amour
with S/M touches.
A movie that either makes sense
or absolutely decidedly not. 

With a fantastic
   caricatural looking cast. 

I was in the mood for it.

Another rude Frenchie - the Skunk

Today there's one of H's acquaintances
on the premises
without me being informed.

H has over the years 
paid this man
for fixing little this and that's
 which only works for some months 
or not at all...

This, shall we name him Skunk?,
as he pollutes everything he touches with a mess afterwards
that of course H has to get resolved 
and does by hiring the Skunk again paying him a second time...

This Skunk laid the wooden floor upstairs... In the wrong direction...
He didn't turn the screws in the wooden fence correctly so it nearly fell apart after a fortnight.

The Skunk was supposed to install the heated floor. Claimed it was all done. Guess what! 
The system didn't work for half a year 
and had to have experts!

The Skunk put the glass for the shower upside down 
in the Boathouse. 
The sliding wooden toiletdoor
got stuck after some weeks
and still is as it's too heavy 
for the attachment hatches. 

The Skunk deliberately
 blocked the view the entire summer of 2013
with a cement blender, 
cement, huge heaps of sand and gravel etc.
Starting the work -
to make a boardwalk/kind of boatdeck 
around the Boathouse in May 
not finishing it until Mid-August! 
Refusing to schedule his appearances 
not returning our home keys 
during his long breaks. 
Yelling at me during my working hours. 
Wanted the doorkeys for the Boathouse 
though I always left the door open 
when I was working in the old chalet
which I told him in French.
The Skunk rudely screamed at me
I didn't budge
giving up 
swearingly in anger 
the Skunk
went to the Boathouse 
and forcefully turned down the handle
And the door swung wide open...

when my 22 year old daughter 
was around 
the Skunk came down on his MC 
 only dressed in Speedos 
for no specific reason.

I wonder what ruin/s the Skunk 
causes this time. 

Squirrel looking out the window from behind

Squirrel pic from boredpanda.com.

Famous poops by Cladio Francescato

Poop humour. 


Huangshan Anhui, China. 

Multnomah Falls
in Oregon, USA.

Moon Bridge,
Taipei, Taiwan.

Astonishingly  enough 
these mythical bridges

Expect nothing

The other side of Evian

One bus stop from 
the Buddha-Bar Spa at Hilton in Evian  you find this old man 
who made his home 
at the hospital stop. 
That's misery. 

WARNING - Buddha-Bar Spa at Hilton Evian - WARNING!

Warning not to believe 
promises made 
signing up for membership!
I could say typically French...
So why am I surprised?

I'm suddenly not allowed 
to book my aquabiking sessions 
well in advance 
so I can train and maintain a routine twice a week at the Buddha-Bar Spa. 
The ONLY reason 
I applied for a membership!
Which I clearly stated 
putting my name on paper. 
I who was in heaven 
finally finding something 
I can do 
with my broken knee. 
At last being able 
to get fit and have fun 
at the same time. 
Talk about being tricked. 
I had to rearrange my working hours
by the Swedish company 
I'm consulting for 
to be able 
to take the bus 
to Evian in the mornings 
on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Now all in vain. 
An enormous BUH! 
for the Buddha-Bar Spa staff 
who totally messed up for me. 

Patrick Modiano - Nobel Prize winner in literature 2014

Patrick Modiano.
French novelist.
Born July 30, 1945.
College studies in Thônes 
nearby Annecy in Haute-Savoie.

 the story of 
Patrick Modiano's 
own up-bringing. 
Today announced 
as the Nobel Prize winner 
In literature 2014.

Full moon morning in Aries

Awakened by the full moon. 

Can you find the moon?

Congrats Tottelini!

My deeply beloved son.

Some pics Anaïs found 
of André and herself as kids.

Champions in Sweden 
for the 2nd year in a row.
MFF also in Champions's League.
André is a huge supporter 
come rain come  shine. 

Originating from a
small country up north:
Having a small family 
we do  know what 
loyalty and honour means. 

Ha, ha said the clown!

I rarely take selfies
when I do it's for my daughter
as I love getting her pics. 

Sometimes upturned lips 
can't hide away sadness. 

Still I try to be a good sport. 
The show must go on. 

Love U too, Anaïs!

Art nouveau postcards

Art nouveau
flourishing flow
on postcards. 

No water!

How low can you sink?

H cut off the water
 to the Boathouse. 
There has been a leak 
in the old chalet for a while. 
A week ago H changed a filter 
in the technical room 
by the Boathouse 
and I discovered a SMALL leakage 
this weekend. 
So no way to:
Wash myself
Clean/brush my teeth
Boil tea water
Cook in water
Do the dishes
Flush the toilet!!

Of course H puts on the water 
in the old house 
some minutes
so that he can do the stuff above 
when it pleases him. 

(As I take the bus
twice a week
for my aquabiking 
in Evian. 
The showers twice a werk
at the Hilton Buddha-Bar Spa
have to do
from now on,
I guess...)

After visiting the library yesterday
H told me 
he had offered to help 
the vet and his partner the Pharmacist, who are refurbishing 
her/their Pharmacy in town, 
carrying furniture and shelves 
for at least three hours 
Saturday the 25th. 
This couple 
has never ever done anything for H 
but been very rude to "us" 
by three times!!! "forgetting"
 they were invited to dine at our place.
The female is a dimwit 
in a real offensive way socially
towards me. 

For example: 
Once a female 
visiting the same party 
complimented me about my "collants" and asked 
if it was Chantal Thomass? 

[Which it definitely was.] 

The dimwit overheard it 
and before I could answer 
Of course NOT 
she is from Sweden... 
Hint, hint. 

Like Swedes don't have style! (Something admittedly,
 the dimwit
is in total lack of 
personally and socially -
despite being a real teetotaller. Urgh!) 
This pair of Frenchies
has never been friendly towards me. 
They are also ignorant of any language beside French 
and anything beside the French. 

Last time H helped them out 
at the start of their renovation 
his sore back was killing him 
for a fortnight. 
Who had to see him wrecked?
Who had to hear him doom the world?
Who got all the negative shit?
Yours truly. 

I do pity H for his pains
that his body is giving in at 56.
Still when he deliberately 
makes them worse 
it becomes ridiculous to 
try to comfort 
ignite some optimism

(unavoidable for me 
to ignore
H's agony though
as I instinctly always symphasize 
with the underdog...
I consist as
 an illogical complex mess.)
But to punish me 
by cutting the water supply 
to the Boathouse...

This last year 
I have had to carry anything,
everything even slightly heavy 
on my own
 due to H complaining about
 his back problems.
So yesterday there he was 
telling me that
he freely offered his services 
moving HEAVY stuff 
on my only free day 
(while H is free 
both Saturday and Sunday)
without even consulting me
and this 
having agreed on us 
making a REAL effort 
this October month 
to be nice and enjoying 
each others company, 
(for two weeks 
we have slept together
 in the Boathouse 
and been watching 
Dexter, Modern Family... 
At times H has even prepared 
a nice salad or spicey hot soup 
that I love.
I have experienced
 some effortless nice time
thought H did too.)
I was hurt.

As there lies 
a heavy retrograde in Mercury,
 October 4-24th, 
which makes communication tough especially for Gemini and Virgo 
who share Mercury 
as their home planet,
I tried to acknowledge it 
by enlightenment 
before the occurrence. 

I still have real pain in my left breast 
where the cyst is 
the discomfort
 awakens me several times at night
I avoid unnecessary tantrums 
but being back in the disrespectful  "taken for granted"-void 
I definitely prefer my own company. 
I'm a wreckage
over-sensitive and fighting to find zen
Thank God for the aquabiking
my escape!

Last weekend when I asked 
if we could go
to the annual farmers market in Bernex.
 H refused giving me a yes or no
claimed with his nonchalance
he probably would  
read in the sun...
This way of making it impossible 
for me to look forward or planning
something nice on my day off
twice or three times a year
is pure egotistical meaness. 
I usually end up logged in on the line,
working anyhow. 

It's been over two months 
since I saw my son 
though he is only two valleys away 
and on Tuesday 
it is his birthday. 
The transportation system in France 
is a disaster. 
Everyone is supposed 
to have a driver's licence and car.  Legally BeePee is half mine 
but as I don't have a driving licence...
H is using 
this power of keeping me blocked 
at the property at his whim 
while coming and going 
as he pleases on his own 
with the car. 
(Some years ago H promised to fix up his stoneage bike for me.
As so many other promises 
it landed in nothingness.)
We have during these 14 years
rarely gone anywhere at my wish.
Any suggestion from me
has met a 
non negotiable distinct:
raw laughter or total ignoration. 

though H didn't want to go 
we actually went to Bernex
 last Sunday. 
A 30 minute ride by car. 

Humour á la Haute-Savoie.
No pizza for me.
Local cheese, bread and white wine
make up my yearly day in Bernex.

Someone fell in love 
with this year's Queen - the cow.

If you read IT by S. King
you don't like the orange-haired fellow.

Afterwards H even agreed 
that it had been

Gone undercover

H is overwhelmingly 
disappointing at times
I used to communicate
strove for equality
don't have the stamina anymore
I hide in my cocoon
to rest my soul
cry on my own

as I'm so tired


Creativity at its best for breasts. 


Shine on!

My snowflake Anaïs

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