Don't take it personally

Don Miguel Ruíz. 
Virgo, August 27, 1952.

Famous for his book, The Four Agreements.

Published in 1997 the book has sold around 5.2 million copies in the U.S. And is translated into 38 languages. 

The Four Agreements are:

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  2. Don't Take Anything Personally.
  3. Don't Make Assumptions.
  4. Always Do Your Best.

Don Miguel Ruiz is Mexican author significantly influenced by Carlos Castaneda. He is listed as one of The Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2014.  

Never quit

Little bit of good

born on Totte's 
up-coming birthday
October 7th.
Or maybe it's the other way around?

Don't flush!

Two sides

Equinox - autumnal

Enjoy the Equinox of autumn 2014.


PETA 2014

Some recent stuff from PETA.

Be an angel for animals


Eat vegetarian!

Rock 'n' roll Vitruvian guy

Leonardo Da Vinci 
was ahead of his time 
so I believe he wouldn't mind.

The original Vitruvian Man. 

Are you happy?

Sin City2: A dame to kill for - THE DAMES

Sin City2:
A dame to kill for. 
Premiers in France today. 

Hammock bathtub

Design by Splinter works. 

Wow, isn't it a dream come true?
I so miss a bathtub. 
Contemplative escapism for hours. 
Such a relief!

Made of carbonite,
this "vessel" is 2,7 m long.
Must be superb to lay twosome into.
Shared experience of pure zen. 
I'm in love. 

Design at its best. 

Arctic sink

Design by KO KO Architects.

The rectangular concrete sink 
in the bathroom looks a mess. 
H "protected" it 
with some resin stuff 
that can't stand 
heat nor nailpolish remover etc. 
not practical at all. 
Too bad. 

Love and thanks

for your written support
In days of pain
it strengthens. 

Stranded on shore

Virgo as I am. 
Living in a bubble of glass.

Accident prone lately. 
Bump on my forehead over my right eyebrow. 
Broken right big toe.
Bruises here and there and everywhere. 

Someone has jinxed me. 

Forgetting my training stuff. 
Catching the bus running. 
Slamming my thumb into a brick wall. 
Missing the bus. 
Getting caught in the longest queue
though the shortest when I joined it. 
Sweet sweet life of mine. 
What a weekday!
Still eight hours to go!

I'll hide in bed and watch 
episode five of TV-serie Homeland season three. 
My safety net and distraction. 

Cats in town

If you look carefully 
you will find this very pregnant cat underneath.

Inte bara hundar i Thonon. 


Homeland third season. 

I'm watching so many good TV-series on my own 
that it's beginning to feel 
like a waste
as I have noone 
to share nor discuss them with. 

In need 
of a fellow-being
to exchange views and reflections with.


My favorites:

Boardwalk Empire 4.

Justified 4. 

Sons of Anarchy 6. 

True detective. 

And ended ones like Oz,
Breaking Bad, 

Throw the dice!

Be kind to yourself

To all them perfectionists out there.
Yours truly included. 

5AM - Harrison Leithauser

My absolute favorite
for the moment. 

Harrison Leithauser.
Former leadsinger in The Walkmen. 

Election in Sweden, September 14, 2014

More tha half of all votes counted. 

I have a feeling a new government
will be constructed in Sweden
during the night...

And we have a new Prime minister:

Stefan Löfven.
Born July 21, 1957.

(The same birthday 
as the late Robin Williams. 
Could that be a good sign?)


My muse got me some tea. 

"Zen again" by Clipper. 

Mmm... Someone cares!

Karl Lagerfeld dazumal and now

Belated birthday greetings.

Karl Otto Lagerfeld. 
(Born September 10, 1933,
in Hamburg, Germany. )

Design by Love Dust.
Made of Lagerfeld's quotes. 

81 years creatively forever young. 
With or without sunglasses. 

With his darling and muse -

Who's the cutest of them all?

No question!

Wooden staircases, a swimming puppy and a stairway to heaven

En hälsning till rara Seija
som mindes min födelsedag.
(Visserligen inte en pudel...)

(Staircase pics from

Lost temper & iron deficiency

Since H hurt me 
on our 12th wedding day 
we haven't spoken. 
I stuck as usual to myself 
in the Boathouse. 

we go to the supermarket 
shopping the weekly groceries. 
The only possible time for us 
during the week. 

As H is a routine person. 
He bikes to the library around 10am
if I decide not to accompany him. 
H then collects me around midday 
and we take BeePee, the car. 
(If H meets a friend
 he might take lunch in town 
without informing me.)
Still we are,
with perhaps a handful exceptions during these 14 years together,
never arriving later 
than 2-2.30pm in the stores. 

Today H was not to be seen 
until after 5pm...
as I start working at 6pm 
it was definitely cooked for me 
doing my weekly buys. 
(I need blueberry/apple juice, 
some bio vegetables [like broccoli, spinache, tomatoes...], 
miso, bio cheese in some form, bio detergent for the floor,  
ginger tea, ginger olives...)

Brands and stuff 
I only can find 
in the suburbian supermarket area.

Irritating as hell also
as the new stationary handsfree phones I bought aren't working 
and H last weekend suggested 
I should bring them 
back using the guarantee 
THIS Saturday.

So earlier today,
before visiting the Madonna,
I deprogrammed 
and loaded my old phones 
putting back 
all my phone numbers etc.
Totally in vain. 

At 9pm I go out 
to trash some papers 
in the garbage container 
outside the Boathouse
just to find the lid being blocked by
two 6-packs of one liter Rozana bottles,
a 12-pack of bio eggs 
and a small glass container 
with bio chestnuts.

I saw red. 

To keep me waiting without any notice
on hold for nothing
the only weekday I'm free 
during the day.  

Not giving me a choice 
to buy what I needed, 
then going off to the supermarket alone
and purchasing some random stuff
far from what I am in need of 
and absolutely not a weekly supply...

So I went to the old chalet 
where H stays 
placing the mineralwater on its porch.
Not alerting him. 
On my return 
after collecting the eggs and chestnuts 
H opens the window in the living room 
and with an arrogantly smirk "asks":

I exploded.
And not many eggs stayed intact. 

Guess it's the danger 
of unresolved anger.
Not dealing quickly with problems
and not understanding the underlying causes...

I have a cronic iron deficiency
and transferrin saturation. 

I have reached my limit
concerning Frenchies 
egotistical nonchalance.
I avoid them. 

Pica - I have craved bio mozzarella
the entire summer. 
Pica usually involves chalk cravings... A lot of chalk in mozzarella. 
Finally an explanation. 

 In women over 50 years old, 
the most common cause 
of iron-deficiency anemia 
is chronic gastrointestinal bleeding 
from nonparasitic causes, 
such as gastric ulcers
duodenal ulcers 
or gastrointestinal cancer.

I'm starting to wonder...

Explains my non-existent sleep,
non-existent energy
and constant tiredness. 

On my way back 
I filled my empty 8 liters plastic bottle with thermal water 
as the tap water in the Boathouse 
is so chalky it feels suffocating and irritates my throat. 


If she would still be alive
my Grandmother
Lotte Kohnke
known as
for everyone
would have been 
107 years old today.
I miss the security 
and feeling of being safe
that she stood for. 

You are engraved in my memory
and heart forever. 

Lit some candles 
at the Madonna. 

Beauty in the ugliest days

Global citizen

Somewhere over the rainbow

Walk in the rain

Positive energy

It's the 12th wedding anniversary.
I'm sad. 
Anaïs called me. 
Impossible to pull myself together.
I quitted the conversation. 

So she sent me the pic above. 

Sweet darling. 
I love you. 

From my French window

Lac Léman/Lake Geneva 
has its 
moments of magic. 


Happy Birthday to me & Keanu!

A day like this you notice who cares. 
And who obviously doesn't.

Keanu Reeves,
born Sept. 2, 1964.
Welcome to the golden 50:ies. 

"47 ronin"

Beautifully filmed. 
A cocktail made of 
martial arts, fantasy and adventure. 


I still can't sleep at night
so I watch whatever I find...
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