Be happy

Never give up

Buddha Bar Spa lockers

Buddha Bar Spa
at Hilton's in Evian.
Had a recent face lift
I train aqua biking 
early in the mornings
three times a week. 
Lucky me!


Me & myself. 

Bah, selfies...



Miu miu pumps

I will always fall for black pumps
strict with a feminine twist.

Miu miu pumps

Ink town

New Ink parlour in town. 
Rock Ink Share.
(Typically French way 
of playing with words -
Rocking chair..,)

Lovely Ink
Appointments by internet. 
Only opened on Saturdays. 

Where my son got his tiger.

Needles & Side
have thrown in the towel...

While Diamond Ink
is on its way...

as well as 
Boheme tatouage
on the opposite side 
of the same street. 

Lady Dior bag 2015

Lady Dior bag
Marion Cotillard
shot by Peter Lindbergh.

Morning April 16th 2015

Good morning

Anaïs & Hero

Anaïs, my daughter & muse

Hero, her American Cali cat.


I like this movie. 
Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal
Tells the tale 
about what goes on in 
a (every?) man's mind. 

Nothing for the action driven. 

Chaos is order yet undeciphered

Chaos is order yet undeciphered

José Saramago

(16 November 1922 - 18 june 2010.)

 Portuguese writer and recipient 
of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Sex tape

Sex tape
Not hilarious
rather predictable...
Still cute in its American
"We belong/stick together way".

a LOT of Cameron Diaz
gorgeous at times naked body 
and Jason Segal's slimmed down one (and hairy butt).

Peter Pilotto

London design duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos.

Prints by digital technology and traditional craftsmanship resulting in kaleidoscopic patterns to their sculptural pieces


Grey days. 

Two squirrels

Two squirrels in the rain

Full moon April 4rth 2015

Full moon in Libra
Tough on relationships
with a moon in Aries. 

Liza Falzon

Liza Falzon illustrator. 

Happy Easter 2015 - chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs
and real ones...

Aqua biking at the BuddhaSpa

Back to order
or nearly
no music
and a bit messy
but what the hec
I have an hour to train
aqua biking!

Fooled yet?

Happy April Fools' Day!

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