Good morning clouds

Good morning!
Clouds over Lac...
Have a superb weekend everybody!
I might discover Geneva's main Library!
It's close to the Louboutin store...
(At least a place 
my muse knows where it is
As well as Agent Provocateur 
And different Starbucks. )

Enjoy Skövde!

Eurovision 2015

"Heroes" or no "Heroes"?
Eurovision 2015. 

Belgium's "Rhythm inside".
Italy's "Grande Amore"
Russia's "Million Voices"?

Or do you vote for Australia?

Tonight we'll know. 

I believe in Måns
as does Hero.


Embracing happiness
Finding aqua biking 
to distract my mind helped.
Smiling at passers by. 
Filling my brain and heart
with golden moments.  
I see the beauty 
in everything around me. 
I'm grateful
for the wonderful souls 
I encounter daily in my job. 
The confidences we share. 
Give and take. 

Squirrel in the garden

caught one squirrel
 in the garden today. 

After finding this:

RoadKill Squirrel.  
Toy for dogs?!
At Botanic.

Positivity spell

Let's look at the bright side
after the New Moon yesterday. 


Rihanna Secret Garden for Dior

Photoshooting at Versailles. 

Apparently the first black woman 
to be ambassador for Dior


Bless you. 

Hero loves Encore

As a buzzador I try the cat food Encore for Anaïs' Californian cat Hero
He purrs when he eats it!
100% organic

Hero purrar när han äter
och glufsar i sig som en galning,
 säger hans matte Anaïs 
när Hero testar Encores kycklingbröst. "Mega sött".

Cannes Film Festival - the 68th

The 68th annual 
Cannes Film Festival
from 13 to 24 May 2015.
In honour of Ingrid Bergman

Joel and Ethan Coen 
have been announced 
as the Presidents of the Jury 
for the main competition.
It is the first time that two people 
will chair the jury.




The Lobster. 

Excellent actor Vincent Lindon 
in  La loi du marché.

are all movies that interest me
 at the Cannes Festival 2015


The movie I'll watch on dvd tonight. 

Bubble house

Dior's latest défilé 
for 2016. 
(View at

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House

 "Palais Bulles" 

by Hongarian architect Antti Lovag

 Built in 1989 and located in the town of Théoule-sur-Mer (10 km outside Cannes). 

Six ducklings

"Family Duck".
The six ducklings are so cute. 

Blueberry pie by Lac Montriond

Blueberry pie...

and a white beer
by Lac Montriond
on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 


Today I start YOOGAIA
trial periode of 30 days
by being a buzzador.
Will up date you all!
First lesson Broga yoga!
 "Broga® is the signature 
male inspired yoga workout
designed to get you fit and more flexible at the same time."
Calmly presented
you do need to be good 
at "the plank"
and to be flexible
+ have strong arm muscles 
to begin with.
My knee messed it up
but I'll fight on!
"It doesn't have to be perfect
that's why it's called PRACTISE!"
Nice philosophy.

Ural - Vorona & Solo in "Eastern Promises"

Ural's Vorona
Ural - Solo motorcycle.


The Ural Solo is a Russian bike 
that is essentially a copy of a BMW R71 
and designed to take a side-car. 

It was used by Anna (Naomi Watts) 

in David Cronenberg's crime thriller 

"Eastern Promises" from 2007. 

Vincent Cassel & Viggo Mortensen
in "Eastern Promises".

A photographer's job

A photographer's work. 
Risky business. 

Le salon lounge bar in Evian-les-Bains

Ordered an Irish coffee
at Le Salon 
cocktail and tea lounge bar
in Evian-les-Bains
last Saturday. 
Bad decision. 
Got a glass 
of a 2/3 part stale whipped cream,
tepid bitter coffee,
watery non tasty whiskey,
a darkbrown plastic straw
and a dirty tea spoon
served by the heavy built 
female owner. 
For the first time ever in France 
I wasn't asked how I found the Irish...
Huge warning:
It was the WORST ever!!!

Old doggy. 


Life quotes

Childhood Characters

Anaïs & Hero


Anaïs, my muse 
Hero, her Californian cat. 

Homemade cinnamon/cardamon buns

When I long for 
André & Anaïs
I do my buns
Filled with cinnamon, cardamon 
and some secret ingredients. 

How I miss U two!

Full moon in Scorpio, May 3rd 2015

Full moon in Scorpio
today May 3rd 2015. 

Four leaf clover & rain

Oxalis Deppei
(not the "real thing" 
which is Trifolium repens
aka White clover)

I'm growing "four leaf clovers"
in a little pot. 
Monoprix in town has 
all those sweet silly little extra things that I adore. 

We have massive rain
One day it poured constantly -
more than it usually does 
during a month. 

La Dranse
the white water river 
here in the Haute-Savoie region
which delta runs into
Lake Geneva/Lac Lèman
might break the foundation 
of the bridge by Vongy
leading to Evian

Personally I love rain
and though unusually high
the waterfront by the Boathouse
doesn't scare me. 

Soul versus body

Open your mouth

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