Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel. 

Who run the world?

Who run the world?

Danny Cipriani

 Danny Cipriani. 
A rugby player, what else?

First snow this winter

November 21st. 
First snow
Lac Léman

René Maltête

Photographer René Maltête

Wedding vow

Et, toi, H, veux-tu être mon mari ? 

H: Oui, je veux être ton mari. 

F: Je te reçois comme époux et je me donne à toi. 

H: Je te reçois comme épouse et je me donne à toi. 

Ensemble : 
Pour nous aimer fidèlement, 
Dans le bonheur ou dans les épreuves, 
Et nous soutenir l’un l’autre, 
Tout au long de notre vie. 

Prêtre: Que le S… 

H: F, je te donne cette alliance, signe de notre amour et de notre fidélité. 

F : H,  je te donne cette alliance, signe de notre amour et de notre fidélité. 

La prière des époux : 

aide-nous à continuer sans cesse 
à s’aimer l’un et l’autre  
et à trouver l’harmonie 
entre homme et femme,  
comme le yin et yang qui s’appelle tao.
Aide-nous aussi 
à faire accepter  
que l’amour n’est pas
tous les jours extraordinaire. 
Que l’important c’est un amour vrai, 
à se respecter tels que nous sommes
sans vouloir changer l’autre  
et sans oublier 
d’atteindre notre « love supernova ».  

Outlook has erased 
most of my treasured old emails
that I thought I kept safe 
on my hotmail account. 
Not so. 
Found our French wedding vow though. 
Promises promises
outspoken in the beautiful church
in Vongy - Notre-Dame du Léman

Charlie Hebdo après Novembre Vendredi 13.

Ils ont des armes.
"They have the weapons."

On les emmerde.
"They can go to hell."

On a le champagne! 
"We have the champagne!"

Very freely translated. 

Charlie Hebdo
still has a vicious nerve. 

Origami day

One week ago
November 11th
was Origami day in Japan

Silhouetted Vogue Netherlands December 2015

Party Extra Vaganza
Vogue Netherlands' 
December 2015 issue. 
Model Marte Mei van Haaster. 
Editorial "Festive Fairy Tale". 
Styled by Marije Goekoop. 
Viktor & Rolf images. 

Golf Ball And Tee in 24K Gold

24K Gold Golf Ball And Tee
By Goldgenie

Dumbbells in gold

 Gold Dumbbells
By Goldloft

Keep calm and let go

Keep calm
let go

Paris - horrifying terror attacks Friday 13th

Paris is two weeks away from hosting the international negotiations of climate change, which opens on Nov. 30 with a gathering of dozens of world leaders, including President Barack Obama.

Friday evening November 13th attacks broke at 9.45 p.m.

A shooting at the Petit Cambodge/Little Cambodia restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of Paris resulted in  estimated four to eleven deaths.  

The terrorists also shot people outside a bar called Le Carillon near the Canal Saint-Martin. Reportedly 10 people killed.

 Another shootout as well at the restaurant La Belle Équipe in eastern Paris.  

Next a series of explosions and apparently a suicide attack at the packed national stadium, Stade de France. So far five dead and 11 victims seriously hurt. The French President François Hollande was among the spectators watching the friendly soccer match between France and Germany. 

Worst hit - which held a hostage situation and with at least 80 victims - was the concert hall Le Bataclan 

where the Californian death metal band Eagles of death was playing during the attack. 

129 people dead

 and 352 wounded. 

The Paris police prefect Michel Cadot has confirmed that the attackers at the Bataclan rock venue blew themselves up with suicide belts as police closed in, killing four.

How horrifying sad. My deepest concern and condolences to the families of the victims. 

(Pics by surfing the net. Except the photo of F Hollande that I snapped watching the alert news on TV.)

Danish export: Mads & Viggo

Morfing from devianart
Mads Mikkelsen
Viggo Mortensen
Danish export

Too sexy for my ex...

"I'm too sexy for my ex".
No comment. 

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen
Born November 22, 1965.

Man of the year 2015 
of GQ Germany

Emilia Clarke - GQ's Woman Of The Year 2015.

Emilia Clarke is the choice of 
GQ's Woman Of The Year 2015.

Arno Raffael Minkkinen

Photographer Arno Raffael Minkkinen
Not using Photoshop!


Aerial photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

French photographer 
environmentalist and activist
Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Founder of the Altitude Agency, world’s first press agency that specializes in aerial photography. 

Chair - Carlo Bugatti

by Carlo Bugatti

Seagulls Sunday morning

Never really liked 
seagulls before.  
Today they are part 
of my daily life
here by
  Lac Léman/Lake Geneva

Design by Tom Dixon

Lens lamp. 

Designer Tom Dixon
Clear cut and enjoyable. 

The problem

All in one

All colours of autumn/fall
in one tree

Just a bad day

Stay ZEN!

A smile

Stay real

Too pretty

Someone said to me:
"You are too pretty to be single."
"No", I said,
"I'm too pretty to be lied to,
cheated on and played with".

Betrayed trust

I trusted you 

but now your words

 mean nothing to me 

because your actions spoke the truth. 


Don't waste words
on people 
 your silence. 
the most powerful thing 
you can say is 
at all.

Stay away!

Stay away from people 
who make you feel 
like you are hard to love

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