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Don't you ever settle for less!

On my mind

Rugby World Cup - Day 9

Tonga - Namibia

Here we go!

Blood moon/Super Harvest Moon

Blood moon
(A red full moon). 
If you are lucky
you will get a glimpse
when you watch the sky 
this morning
between 4-5 am. 
Sadly it's cloudy here
by Lake Geneva/Lac Léman

Next passes by in 2033. 

This Full Moon of September 27/28 is a Supermoon – the Moon will be closest to the Earth. or at its perigee,

as it turns into a full Moon.

Total eclipses of Super Full Moons are rare. According to NASA, they have only occurred five ntimes in the 1900s – in 1910192819461964 and 1982. After the September 27/ 28, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse, a Supermoon eclipse will not happen again for another 18 years, until October 8, 2033.

Rugby World Cup 2015 - Day 8

Australia - Uruguay

Scotland - USA

Ireland - Romania

 No sensations. 

Moncler - Renard t- shirt

Love my new Moncler
Fox tee. 

Rugby World Cup 2015 - Day 7


Italy versus Canada. 

South Africa against Samoa. 
England will meet Wales. 


What a match England versus Wales!

Rugby World Cup 2015 - Day 6

Rugby World Cup 2015.
Argentina beats Georgia today. 



Rugby World Cup 2015 - Day 5

Rugby World Cup 2015. 
NewZealand against Namibia. 

Japanese views

Photographer Takashi Yasui
Different views of Japan

The closest ones

"Love begins by taking care
of the closest ones
- the ones at home."
Mother Theresa

Those who care

You'll stay in my heart
forever more. 

Moncler - Art for love

Moncler - Art for love.

(Fell in love with a foxy tee. 
Will show you when it has arrived.)

Rugby World Cup 2015 - Day 4

Given matches today?

Australia (Wallabies) won against Fiji. 


I will be watching at 9 pm. 
France beating Romania.
Rugby time!

Yes, indeed!

FIVE touchdowns!
The match ended
Les bleus are on the go!

Don't forget 
today it is also
the fall/autumn equinox
My favorite season
autumn  has begun. 

Upon consideration

"Upon consideration,
these items are not worth
the effort 
I'm going to flip to my back
and call it a day."

Yes, I do!





Some pride themselves
 by mental toughness. 
Some fool themselves
only feeding their narcissistic ego

La Démontagnée

Well, it has became yearly
but this time
I have my doubts. 

autumn market
on Sunday September 27th
in honour of Saint Michel
Taking the cattle
 down from the mountains 
and crowning the queen
among the cows. 

Rugby World Cup 2015 - Day 3

NewZealand against Argentina:
Wales swept the lawn with Uruguay
Samoa beat USA

Rugby rules!

Rugby World Cup 2015

And it's on...
Rugby World Cup 2015!

England beat Fiji yesterday

Tonga lost against Georgia
Ireland won over Canada
SouthAfrica lost 
 against Japan
France beat Italy


"Too big to miss."

Strange setting...

Do Something - Alexander Wang

Do Something 
Alexander Wang

Jordan Belfort - The Wolf of Wall Street

Nearing the end of the book. 
The Wolf of Wall Street
Rented the movie
to see Leo di Caprio
and I still can't stand him. 
(Might be instinct
as he is born November 11th 
as my first husband?)
Jordan Belfort seems to suffer
from the same back pains 
as my present husband. 
Though Belfort definitely has a more generous and sunnier personality. 
No Quaaludes around
though Feldene for the four days 
H is on sick leave 
which in France means that 
you have to stay
 at your home 
9-12am and 14-16pm. 

PSG - Malmö FF Champions League

My son will keep me updated. 
Zlatan against his hometown. 
The absurd twists of life. 
Champions League 2015.
Paris SG - Malmö FF. 

Be yourself

"Be yourself. 
Everyone else
is already taken."
- Oscar Wilde

Hero's best friend

Hero, Anaïs' Californian cat
has a new friend. 
Thanks Anaïs for the lovely pics. 

Squirrel morning

I had a most wonderful birthday
two days ago
But yesterday afternoon 
I found out 
that my husband 
who surprised me 
pink champagne & vegetarian sushi
only manipulated me. 
How low can a man sink?!

My nutty friend. 
Mr Squirrel

Maslin & Co sandals

Classic Twisted Terry Cloth Heel in Rust. 
Pleate heel in slate.  

Maslin & Co

Cathleen Naundorf

Cathleen Naundorf

Golden packages

The golden packages
for tomorrow
filled with love and harmony
from my daughter and muse Anaïs

Curtis Jere

Curtis Jere
Scultures in iron

Love on time

Thanks Anaïs for sending 
your parcel with birthday gifts 
for me on time!

Tomorrow is my big day!

Sarah Lucas


Sarah Lucas

Clement Jolin

Clement Jolin
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