Facebook argument

What a day facing a screaming H, who was behaving like a toddler. Impossible to talk to. All due to him becoming a FBmember. 

Interestingly something he stated he would NEVER EVER, NEVER NEVER EVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRR... be!

My mistake was surprised simply asking: 
How come?
Receiving the dumbass reply:
Because I'm not sure the guy I want to stay in contact with has an email. 


(The ONE thing you need to start a FB account and sign in as a member is a valid email address...)

H is best buddy with the guys father. A question away. 

Hilarious imagining P pressing 👍 and ❤️. 

P is becoming scary, though.  Very unpredictable in his agressive moodiness towards me. 

H astro gives a hint and it's soon full moon, another super moon this time in Gemini. 

Still NO excuse. 

Last months Super moon from my bedroom window by Lake Geneva/Lac Léman. 

The next Super/Full moon brights us December 14th at 1.06AM. 


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