A little weird

We are all a little weird...

Still looking

"We are all searching for someone whose demons play well eith ours."
-Haris Lithos.

Purple rain

"Purple Rain" (1984).
The library in town
also had this Prince movie.
Awful script, badly acted
but definitely some
groovy Prince

Saturday Night Fever

"Saturday Night Fever" (1977)
Try to distract miself.
Despite the social problems
the movie try to put the spotlight on.
It is a good feeling film.

Did you know that the lead - John Travolta - is a certified pilot?


Bob Dylan - The definitive B.D. songbook

I enjoy the library in this little town.
Diving deep into Dylan's lyrics in:
"The definitive Bob Dylan songbook".
325 songs to "scrutinise".

No thigh gap - Ashley Graham Barbie

Curvy supermodel Ashley Graham is being named one of Sports Illustrated's 2016 rookies and starring in a DNCE music video. She has been a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Graham will also be honored with Glamour's Woman of the Year Award for her work as a body activist.

Mattel decided to make a Barbie after her. Ashley Graham zeroed in on her Barbie to wear a sparkly Opening Ceremony bodycon dress, a Sonia Rykiel cropped jean jacket decorated in patches and spiky Pierre Hardy boots — an outfit she'd worn herself in the past.

Graham also had another request for her doll: no thigh gap.

"She had to have her thighs touch. No ands, ifs or buts about it. And I asked for cellulite but obviously plastic and cellulite don't go hand in hand."
"It was important that the Barbie resembled me as much as possible. The thighs touching was one way to show young girls that it's OK for your thighs to touch, despite society saying that a 'thigh gap' is more beautiful."

Text from hollywoodreporter.com.

Supermoon/full moon November 14, 2016

The full moon of today, November 14, 2016, is the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of this year.

The full moon is a “Perigee” Moon—when the moon reaches the point in its orbit that is nearest to Earth.
This moon will be nearer to Earth than it’s been in 70 years. While the moon won’t technically be getting any bigger, it will appear up to 14% larger than when it is at its furthest point.
Tonight's full moon is the closest full moon in the 21st century and it won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.
Besides appearing large and bright in the sky, this extra-close Perigee Moon/Supermoon will also have a more dramatic effect on the tides.

November’s full moon was called the Beaver Moon by both the colonists and the Algonquin tribes because this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. It was also called the Full Frost Moon by Native Americans.

(Fact support from almanac.com)

The Supermoon in Taurus over Lac Léman/Lake Geneva. "Loading" some of my stones and holy water from Lourdes with full moon energy.

At the Taurus supermoon, find beauty in boredom, wisdom in waiting, holiness in the humdrum and the test within tolerance. Enlightenment isn’t measured by how long we can meditate. It's enduring the crazy without losing our cool. Breathe through something that seems really dark and just plain crappy right now. Remember: it's always darkest before the dawn.

Leonard Cohen "leaving the table" - RIP

"There’s a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in". From "Anthem".

Leonard Cohen has passed over. One of my emotional heroes. RIP.
(Sept. 21 september 1934 - Nov. 7th 2016).

With Nick Cave who does a touching bare cover of Cohen's "I'm your man".

Leaving the Table
Lyrics by Leonard Cohen

I’m leaving the table
I’m out of the game
I don’t know the people
In your picture frame
If I ever loved you, oh no, no
It’s a crying shame
If I ever loved you
If I knew your name
You don’t need a lawyer
I’m not making a claim
You don't need to surrender
I’m not taking aim
I don’t need a lover, no, no, no
The wretched beast is tame
I don’t need a lover
So blow out the flame
There’s nobody missing
There is no reward
Little by little
We’re cutting the cord
We’re spending the treasure, oh no, no
That love cannot afford
I know you can feel it
The sweetness restored
From his last "You want it darker".

Traveling light lyrics by L.C.

I'm traveling light
It's au revoir
My once so bright, my fallen star
I'm running late, they'll close the bar
I used to play one mean guitar
I guess I'm just somebody who
Has given up on the me and you
I'm not alone, I've met a few
Traveling light like we used to do

Good night, good night, my fallen star
I guess you're right, you always are
I know you're right about the blues
You live some life you'd never choose
I'm just a fool, a dreamer who forgot to dream of the me and you
I'm not alone, I've met a few
Traveling light like we used to do

Traveling light
It's au revoir
My once so bright, my fallen star
I'm running late, they'll close the bar
I used to play one mean guitar
I guess I'm just somebody who
Has given up on the me and you
I'm not alone, I've met a few
Traveling light like we used to do

But if the road leads back to you
Must I forget the things I knew
When I was friends with one or two
Traveling light like we used to do
I'm traveling light

Trump elected president in USA

Donald Trump,70, got elected. Triumphs. Apparently America wanted a reality show prankster, republican, businessman, sexist and racist as it's 45th president.

A wall against Mexico, ambivalence in the foreign politics... God save America, will the White House turn into a house of horror? The democracy is shaken. The $ falling... The markets plunge but probably will stabilize —buoyed by massive gains for investment banks, private prisons and weapons manufacturers.

(President Trump is a Gemini, born the same day as H, June 14th.)

Conquering the cold

H bought me Advil and "Miel/Honey de Manuka" from NewZeeland when he was in town. Considerate of him.
The essential oil from Manuka is to spray my mouth and sore throat with. Not too bad actually.
I already had some Kleenex "balsam menthol" at home for my nose and fresh ginger, garlic & honey to boost my immune system.
Guess I'm fully equipped.

Still on the survivors...

Amazingly beautiful aren't they? The two survivors.

Healthy hugs

Animals know by instinct. Oxytocin yourself!

Rumi, dear Rumi

"... Miracles dwell in the invisible."
Bien sûr, Rumi! I'm in your team!

Cold and flu infested

Not common... caught a flu or cold. Sneeze and cough "bark" through the day. Slightly dizzy due to the fever and headache. Definitely no aqua biking in this state.
Treating myself with home made apple pie by yours dearly and some vanilla ice cream.
Killed my time between phone calls watching "Love & Mercy" and "Tango lessons". The first well meant but booooring. The second by Sally Potter pretentious and BOOOOORING!

"You will always be fond of me...
I represent to you all the sins
you never had the courage to commit!"
- Oscar Wilde.

Quote of the day

"You can't photoshop a personality."

The Survivors

The survivor ducklings and a sail boat by windy Lac Léman/Lake Geneva today.


Totally forgot to mention that H & I went to a meeting in town some weeks ago that the active library here had set up for teenagers who wanted to go abroad.
We were the only "civilians" and spoke to quite some youths. I got questions about Sweden. How it is living there? How we are as people?...
One girl had fallen in love with the Swedish language as a kid and wanted to live and study in Sweden.
I did it all in English while H spoke French of course. H talked about being French visiting Sweden, his travels in the States etcetera.
What struck us was that most wanted to work in the States or Britain as countries but didn't know which town/area or why.

It was a very interesting afternoon for me.

Last Saturday H told me the librarians had given him feedback from the pupils and their teachers who apparently had appreciated our little team effort.

Good vibes!

Some of my "stammisar"/regulars at my work really make me happy. I feel humble. Their gratitude makes what I do worthwhile. Give and take.
Some minutes ago a "stammis" made me feel GOOD when he said:
"You load me with positive energy just by hearing your voice."
Earlier today a female told me:
"When I'm down I call you because I know that afterwards I'm back feeling strong again."
You all rock!!!

(Recycling some good vibes quotes and gifs.)

Au Bureau in Evian

As we are veg., H & I, the waiter at "Au bureau" in Evian adviced us to take their dessert dish cheese plate as a treat with the glass of red we choose. Definitely worth it!

Quoted reflections

In a tentative mood. I clean, rinse among my contacts. In France I learnt what shallowness and disloyalty mean. The most gossiping, egotistical people I have ever encountered I have met in this country. So many back stabbing prejudiced persons judging without getting the details right. Scary. Not all are natives, though.

Be true to yourself and you will never go wrong. Teach yourself patience and strengthen your intuition so you will be able to sense the right timing in life. Never lose your curiosity. Try to anonymously do good things for people you don't know during your day and positive energy will radiate back to you.

Sometimes the most loving thing to do is cutting some slack. Other times it's making a full stop.

The only question

"At the end of the day,
the only questions I will ask myself are...
Did I love enough?
Did I laugh enough?
Did I make a difference?"
- Katrina Mayer.

Radiant as the sun

Aren't we all? Radiant as the sun?

Might be snow here tomorrow. Cross my fingers after two rainy days. Love the rain though. Still jumping in poodles, singing and dancing in the rain á la Gene Kelly.
Sunshine and bright days make me restless.
It's been a beautiful autumn weather wise this year.
Weirdly. The mushrooms by the gravel path leading to the mail box I shot below appeared over one night!!! All Saints Eve...

Positive life

Dream it!

"If you can dream it,
you can do it."
- Walt Disney


My mantra most days:
"This too shall pass".

Unbelievably it does. How tough it still might be to face. Life goes on. One breath at a time...

For you

A rose for YOU. Yes YOU! You beautiful person out there reading this.

"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."
Vincent van Gogh

The most expensive thing in the world

Tupac quote.

Sure or not?

Autumn leaves down the slope.

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