Mary Oliver

Simply the best...


I have the best, caring and loyal son 
in the universe. 
Thanks for always being there 
and loving me
come rain come shine. 
Love discussing anything, 
everything and nothing 
with you for hours. 
Especially movies lately. 
The Oscars approaching...

Muj o massa kärlek
till Dig André. 

A good man


"Hello Gorgeous!"

Thanks Roger -
lifetime penpal
forever friend. 

Found my daily mantra. 


To move forward



Yepp... one of the worst. 

Valentine's Day 2017

Without or with a partner

have a wonderful Valentine's. 

A miracle?

H surprised me yesterday 

with bringing home...

Champagne & veg. sushi!

Never happened before. 

H had signed the sale
 of Le Samovar
 at least one 
could celebrate...
H himself 
stuck to a bowl of bio basmati rice 
that I had cooked him 
 during the day 
 as he was feeling sick again. 

We watched

the last episodes 
of True Detectives 1 together. 
(I had already seen the serie
when it was running on Swiss TV
and bought it.) 
Go Matthew & Woody. 
Well acted gloom. 


Skriv inläggstext 

The first noticed

squirrel in the garden 
this year. 
Rainy days aka squirrel day. 

The year of the fire rooster

In Chinese astrology

 the year of the fire rooster 
has just begun. 

Walked a bit


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