H caught a severe flu

He borrowed some 
Rozana mineral water 
late Wednesday night
I gave him some bowls of my veg. soup
Thursday lunch & afternoon
and more bottles of Rozana
Friday he borrowed the phone 
to call Lucifer
Saturday I bought him 
fairtrade bio bananas
as H told me he still can't eat. 
Later he borrowed the phone
to call someone from the rugby board
as he can't concentrate
(he admitted he had eaten 
one of the bananas though...
Good boy!)
H gave me some books to read
that he received this week
by Alexandra David-Neel
a most amazing traveller:
"Magic and mystery in Tibet"
"Initiations and initiates in Tibet".
Soon I will be into 
spiritual practices in Tibet.  

Ps. Why do I have to be such a Florence Nightingale?! When I'm sick/ill 
I'm left entirely on my own. Ds.    

Skrivit av: Anonym

Florence... gud vad jag fick mig ett gott skratt😂 Du har ett hjärta av guld...that's why! Stoor kram/Veronica ❤

Svar: Bra (skrattet) förlänger livet ;)... Vilka turer... Ha en bra dag.
Franzisca Andané Brechotte

2017-01-16 @ 14:36:55

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