Hiraeth - The French way or H's way?

12,6-13 degrees Celsius in the fridge

since January 2nd 
and around -1 degree C in the freezer... 
My Liebherr in the Boathouse is silent 
- no fan action. 
H won't take any action
until he has checked the temperature 
with his own digital thermometer...
Mine doesn't count
nor the products sadly state...
The butter is like clay
the gazpacho tepid...
and the freezer is defrosting itself...
As it's around zero outside 
I put
my homemade pies,
frozen blueberries... outside. 
H didn't offer me some room 
in the fully functioning fridge
 in the "Shithouse".

How I miss kindness, logic 
and Swedish sufficiency!!!
Hence Hiraeth!


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