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I was a "Supermami"...

Ice Hockey World Championship 2017 - Sweden!

Sweden won 

the ice hockey world championship 2017
by  beating favourites Canada 
in a dramatic penalty shootout.
Henrik Lundqvist the Swedish goalkeeper
 did 42 saves altogether 
and captured the puck through the penalties. 

Sweden won their 10th world title.  
Dethroning last year's champions.

"It's really big. For Sweden and everything, it's amazing, a dream come true," :Swedish defender Jonas Brodin was quoted.

"It's going to be incredible when we go home. That's why we play, for Sweden, for the people there," he added.

Wishes for you...


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An angel

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Mooning at Eurovision 2017

Skriv inläggstext 

The winner though...

was Portugal. 


Microsoft sent an alert 

someone was hacking my hotmail. 

Checking by

I found out the person is nearby Allinges
 were H's brother lives 
and in the same neighbourhood 
as his computer friend has his home...

Emmanuel Macron - En Marche!

The new French president

May 7th 2017:

Ensemble, la France!

En marche!

Emmanuel Macron
(Born Dec. 21st 1977)

Married with his 24 year older 
former drama teacher 
Brigitte Trogneux
since 2007.

Too FAB...

Skriv inläggstext 

Dear Ex...

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