My favorite son been fencing again. 

This time in Ljungby. 



Don't waste!

How to make a girl do anything...

The world's best stimulant

Zen survivors

My Survivors

being Zen around me
meditating in the garden. 

Seagull flight

Still into my seagulls. 


H's real face of self righteous greed
beneath his superficial mask. 
Rich by inheritance
tells the tale. 
Total lack of
respect, consideration, solidarity,
 compassion and empathy 
except as a beneficial play act. 

Trump and H

both born June, 14th...
1946´s model contra 1958´s. 

Trainspotting 2

Trainspotting 2. 

Great music. 
Superb acting. 
Drama comedy 
with great tempo. 

Well worth the stroll -
one hour to the multiplex
50 minutes to reach the Boathouse. 

Too much

Gold bar 345960


Doesn't one have to pay
taxes on found gold bars
in bank vaults 
of deceased persons
one inheritates?

Perhaps it doesn't apply
 on certain people in France
if they sell the bar in Switzerland?

Mystic Medusa

Great site

for seekers
in astro, tarot...

Offered me a free trial today
when I'm down and blue
with a hellish headache. 

THANK U, Mystic!


Mary Oliver

Simply the best...


I have the best, caring and loyal son 
in the universe. 
Thanks for always being there 
and loving me
come rain come shine. 
Love discussing anything, 
everything and nothing 
with you for hours. 
Especially movies lately. 
The Oscars approaching...

Muj o massa kärlek
till Dig André. 

A good man


"Hello Gorgeous!"

Thanks Roger -
lifetime penpal
forever friend. 

Found my daily mantra. 


To move forward



Yepp... one of the worst. 

Valentine's Day 2017

Without or with a partner

have a wonderful Valentine's. 

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