Fencing Nordic Masters

My dearly beloved son 

André in Nordic Master's fencing
 last weekend. 
Beating the poor Englishman
after a thrilling 37-37... 
in the final match of the team competition.  

Proud Mami...?

You bet!!!
More loyal and sweet son
is hard to find. 
Love you. 


My favorite son been fencing again. 

This time in Ljungby. 


Simply the best...


I have the best, caring and loyal son 
in the universe. 
Thanks for always being there 
and loving me
come rain come shine. 
Love discussing anything, 
everything and nothing 
with you for hours. 
Especially movies lately. 
The Oscars approaching...

Muj o massa kärlek
till Dig André. 

26 - happy birthday Anaïs!

Congrats, Anaïs!
26 - a magic year!!!

Wish you a wonderful year ahead
´though tonight might end
the squirrel wasted way...

Ordinary day

Checking pics from my birthday this year. 2016 has been my worst year ever. The only positive surprise so far was my birthday. (Beside the visits of my daughter with her boyfriend and in autumn my son). Remarkable!

The lovely painting I received from sweet Diane.

My beloved little duckling and a squirrel. I am seriously considering buying a pet.

Congrats André!

My son André landed bronze in a Swedish fencing competition. I'm so proud. Congrats! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy Birthday André!!!

Älskar Dig Tottelini! Ha en underbar dag, Totte! Saknar Dig Andy Pandy! Stort GRATTIS, Shibby!
(Kärt barn har många namn ;)...)

Always my little kid at heart. Nowadays definitely a MAN, too.

Duckling inflated

My poor duckling is totally inflated and swollen. Probably a weak lung sac that got punctured due to weak "lung walls" that is leaking air into his tiny body.
Looking Michelin. I'm so worried. Instructed by advice from the net vet we made a little hole in its neck and got some air out. Today the air is all back so I and my son, André, are off to the vet!
With a syringe as a "weapon" I have to drag out air manually several times a day. So afraid hurting something vital. Between his tiny wings at the back is safest. I also medicate it with antibiotics twice per day.
The little duckling is so brave although it feels like Sisyphus him rolling a huge stone uphill each day. Fighting to breathe.
Cross my fingers.

The Fencer & Hero

My son is a fencer at heart. Helps me managing my double life in France and Sweden. Thank you.

Hero, the Californian cat on his 3rd birthday this year, July 24th. Leo, what else?

Duckling with a limp

The orphaned duckling born July 4rth has a deformed left leg with its "foot" in a 45 degree angle inwards. It trips a lot and can't run.
I pray it won't matter in water.

It's so cute but each step is a fight for equilibrium/balance. Poor thing.

My main concern is to motivate it to eat. As it it is so still due to its leg it feels depressed.

I still have a hard time mingling with H after the death of the smallest one (born April 29th) and the cutting of the tree. Each day this week something adds up on the bad list.
H folded the steel duck cage outside yesterday evening as he claimed it disturbed the grass...
H destroyed my beige Peak Performance shirt with some product.
Tuesday H was rude and nonchalant when we watched Sergent Garcia (a kind of local Manu Chao) perform on our anniversary not talking to me and walking ten steps ahead of me all the way from the Boathouse to Place de Crète. (This week is "Les Fondus du Macadam" in town.) I returned home on my own after three songs. Surprisingly H had reached home before me?!
In the mornings H can't say Good morning nor Good night... Just a hello and not a word around 10pm when he is turning his back towards me to sleep. No manners. Just this Bam-Bam fashion as a characture of a spoilt three year old who doesn't get his way fast enough.
At 58 H has became a sulking grumpy old fart.

Too bad his birthday June 14th (Yes, the same as Donald Trump's...) is passé...

Shot by my daughter

Two of my favorite pics. 
My daughter shot me 
when life was sweet. 
Little did I know... 
is definitely NOT bliss
 in retrospect!

Love and do it relentlessly. 
Laugh a lot. 
Find the light side of life.
 Strive to be non-judgmental. 
Your most valuable assets 
are the intangible. 

Laugh Live Love

Hero's best friend

Hero, Anaïs' Californian cat
has a new friend. 
Thanks Anaïs for the lovely pics. 

Golden packages

The golden packages
for tomorrow
filled with love and harmony
from my daughter and muse Anaïs

Malmö FF did it!

I am born in Malmö
Lived my first three years there. 
After some years in Helsingborg. 
Where I at a very early age
learnt how to ride horses 
due to having the riding school
and stables some metres away
from where I lived with my mother. 
I grew up in Simrishamn
where my uncle Alfred
(also my Godfather)
 was the football star
and I his hugest fan. 

As he trained privately me in playing
I nagged at him to open up 
IFK Simrishamn for females. 
The year I returned to Malmö
they finally did. 
I was nearly 15 years old
when I returned and Malmö FF
("Iff Iff") was the only option. 
The team's colours. 

Light baby blue for hopes
white for cotton clouds of dreams 
to make become true
in the windy town 
where you have to 
dig your feet deep into 
its fruitful soil to stand tall. 
As a fan I wore
 "Malmö Iff Iff" wooden cloggs 
and started a new trend at my college. 
Since then Malmö FF
has stayed in my beating heart. 
My son André and my daughter Anaïs
are vivid fans
together with the rest of Malmö
The entire town lives
with its team. 
We are a loyal bunch. 
Yesterday Malmö FF
repeated last year's bravado
by beating FC Celtic. 
Markus Rosenberg 
September 27 1982)
shoulder scored 1-0. 
The young Uruguayan 
Felipe Carvalho 
September 18 1993)
scored the final result 2-0.

(Photos from the match yesterday: Daniel Nilsson)

Anaïs - to the moon and back

Anaïs, my muse
and daughter. 
"Love you
to the moon and back". 

André my fencing prince

The man in the middle. 

André back on pist

Anaïs my muse

Miss you honey-pie. 

Anaïs & Hero


Anaïs, my muse 
Hero, her Californian cat. 

Anaïs & Hero

Anaïs, my daughter & muse

Hero, her American Cali cat.

Beautiful morning

outside my French window.
Lac Lèman or Lake Geneva 
at its prettiest. 


Beautiful daughter and muse
with whom
I had a loooong
talk with yesterday evening.

Mother & daughter ties. 

Earlier during the day
I had my son André on phone
He was so genuinely happy 
starting fencing again. 

Mother & son bonds. 
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