Rather be hated

Stubborn men

Trying to help a stubborn man

isn't easy. 

Not even if you are
a "Florence Nightingale"...


(May 12th 1820 - August 13th 1910)

"The Lady with the Lamp."

WHO THE F*** IS...?!

Keith Richards

Dec. 18th 1943
still the coolest of them all..,


Nikola Tesla

Inventor of the AC...
(July 20th 1856-January 7th 1943)

George Michael - RIP

George Michael

June 25th 1963 - Dec. 25th 2016

Another voice is put to rest. 
"Careless whisper", "Last Christmas", "Faith"...

George Michael is a 2017 nominee for the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 
His documentary "Freedom" is supposed to be released in March 2017. 


Bob Dylan - The definitive B.D. songbook

I enjoy the library in this little town.
Diving deep into Dylan's lyrics in:
"The definitive Bob Dylan songbook".
325 songs to "scrutinise".

Bob Dylan gets the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

Bob Dylan (Gemini May 24rth, 1941) gets the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016... Why not?

Barbie in new shape

Mattel releases
 new silhouettes for Barbie
The secret Project Dawn 
has open the curtain for 
a curvy, tall and short Barbie
that comes in seven different skin tones. 
Long live diversity!

The two fittest folks on the planet?

GQ claims
soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio 
the "two fittest folks on the planet."
Alas a logic choice for the cover 
of their first Body Issue

David Bowie - RIP

David Bowie
(January 8, 1947 - January 10, 2016)
Died from cancer yesterday. 

"Pin Ups"
The first LP-album I bought
as a teenager in 1973. 

David Bowie - Black star

Snaps from the "Black star" musicvideo 
directed by Johan Renck

"Black star" David Bowie's
first video release 
from his up-coming CD. 
with references 
to surrealistic Art 
like Chirico
A requiem

(Jimmy King photographer.) 

Paul Smith for David Bowie


by Tove Janson

Mood sensitivity. 

Absolutely everything!

Moomintroll & Snufkin

Head, heels and standards

"Keep your head,
heels and standards high." 
- Coco Chanel

(Though the shoes on the pic
 are Louboutin...)

Competition: Pepsi Challenge 2015

Pepsi Challenge 2015:

(bottles & cans designed 

above by Nicola Formichetti)

Pepsi's Can Design Contest.



A Virgo in my taste. 
Elsa Schiaparelli
(September 10, 1890 in Rome.)

Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa

Bill Cosby fallen from grace

Bill Cosby
has been
accused for multiple rapes
of women drugging them with Quaaludes.  
The New Yorker presents
some of their stories.  

Bill Cosby, 77, has been accused 
by more than two dozen women 
of sexual misconduct 
dating back more than four decades. 
Cosby has never been charged with a crime, and the statute of limitations on most of the accusations has expired.

Disney removes the Bill Cosby bust
 from Hollywood Studios theme park

So Cosby is a dirty old man. 
Not all man. 
Nor having the self esteem to believe in the ability to seduce women only with his charm and humour. 
Considering him
 a not too attractive man. 
He used the systeme. 
Why after all these years 
execute him publically?
Why isn't the "provider" aka the business of entertainment with "benefits" sharing the blame?

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 
August 29th 1958
June 25th 2009.

6 years. 

Marilyn Monroe June 1st, 1926

Marilyn Monroe
born June 1st, 1926.

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