Trainspotting 2

Trainspotting 2. 

Great music. 
Superb acting. 
Drama comedy 
with great tempo. 

Well worth the stroll -
one hour to the multiplex
50 minutes to reach the Boathouse. 


"What you see...

isn't always what you get."

As H used to nickname
 the neighbours late son 
"The Gremlin"
I somehow lost interest in the little beasts
until my son mentioned 
the movie "Gremlins"
as one of his favorite Christmas flicks. 

Cold colours

The cold colours of winter. 

Watching "Ansiktet/The Magician"
 from 1958,
in Swedish with French subtitles
an early Ingmar Bergman
who directed and wrote the script
inspired by
 G.K. Chesterton's play  "Magic".

Max von Sydow

(April 10, 1929)
What a face, charisma 
and presence. 

A monster calls

Skriv inläggstext 

"A monster calls". Not a happy movie. Not a funny or charming one. Still a little pearl in grief, facing bullying and death at a young age...

Very well played and the Spanish crew members are showing their mastery technically with astonishing effects. And the illustrations. So beautiful. The black and white by Jim Kay. 
A lot of wisdom. You don't laugh, you might let a tear or two slowly float by but most of all it's heartfelt, pure, real and somewhat comforting. 

Nocturnal Animals

In need of distraction. 

Maybe former designer Tom Ford's 
second movie "Nocturnal Animals" 
might thrill me tomorrow evening 
as they show it VOST (original version)
 in town. 

Que sera...

A runner up is "A monster calls"
about a tree monster...

Purple rain

"Purple Rain" (1984).
The library in town
also had this Prince movie.
Awful script, badly acted
but definitely some
groovy Prince

Saturday Night Fever

"Saturday Night Fever" (1977)
Try to distract miself.
Despite the social problems
the movie try to put the spotlight on.
It is a good feeling film.

Did you know that the lead - John Travolta - is a certified pilot?

Captain Fantastic

After a very weak movie year I look forward to "Captain Fantastic" with Viggo Mortensen tomorrow. Now that's a MAN with heart and soul.
Expecting a well played reality crash against utopia, philosophy, humour, sentimentality and heart warming minutes.
We'll see if I'll be right or wrong in my expectations.

Review: American...? VERY! Likeable? Yes. Viggo still attractive? You bet! (Even showing his ****... "It's just a p****..." Right...) Well played? Great performances from all. Superb choice of kids. Cliches? Survival hippies in the bush are NOT veg. Bloody opening for animal caring me. Touching moments. Yes, Sir. Rating 3+/5.
Negative: Why the hell the theme from Titanic had to sugarcoat the scenes in the Supermarket. Destroyed the twist.

Halloween around the corner

Halloween is coming up. As do designer Bernard Delettrez (jewelry) and brand Moschino know...

Personally I'll eat some orange (pumpkin with coconut milk and ginger) and black food + watch Tim Burton's "The Nightmare before Christmas". Small player I know. No trick or treat.

Sophia Loren

Borrowed some Sophia Loren movies at the local library trying to distract myself. "Marriage Italian style" directed by Vittorio De Sica against Marcello Mastroianni and "Five miles to midnight" against Anthony Perkins.
Pretty, witty and classy bella donna.

Sophia Loren.
September 20th, 1934.

Rami Malek - Mr. Robot

Rami Malek, the lead actor in Mr. Robot received an emmy for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series". Playing "Elliot Alderson".

Rami Malek,
May 12th, 1981.

Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner

Marilyn Monroe

Could have been her 90th. 
Imagine that!
Marilyn Monroe at 90...

June 1st 1926 - August 5th 1962. 


Well acted. 
I'm disturbed by my own 
belief it would be even more
depraved and nastier. 
OD on too many B-movies

Midnight Special

Midnight Special

Isn't that special...
though very well filmed and acted. 
Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Sam Shepard... and Alton, the boy with special powers Jaeden Lieberher

Perhaps Hollywood's mind set 
of letting us make
believe in family ties, neutral aliens, devious sects and humane NSA people. 

Shot by my daughter

Two of my favorite pics. 
My daughter shot me 
when life was sweet. 
Little did I know... 
is definitely NOT bliss
 in retrospect!

Love and do it relentlessly. 
Laugh a lot. 
Find the light side of life.
 Strive to be non-judgmental. 
Your most valuable assets 
are the intangible. 

Laugh Live Love

The Revenant

The Revenant

What a bore!
Too looonggg!!!
2 hours 36 minutes. 

Oops! Don't read more 
if you are heading to watch it. 
My text includes spoilers!!!

Not accurate with historical details
and too many make-up bloopers

Check your editing!

Beautiful cinematography
by Lubezki
for its own sake. 
Still I wasn't looking for
a National Geographic documentary. 

DiCaprio grunts and breaths his way through the movie. Claimed vegetarian he choose to eat the raw bison liver for real. A devotion to the arts that rendered him the Oscar?

Based LOOSELY on the legend of trapper Hugh Glass who didn't have a son nor registered ever to have been married to anyone. Female, Indian or whatever
Though Glass was captured and lived with a Pawnee tribe for some years.  

Glass did survive a grizzly bear attack
(with the help of fellow trappers). Fitzgerald and young Bridger volunteered to look after him. 
But both abandoned him for dead. 

So the Frenchies are two-tongued drunkards and rapists. 
The Indian females wise and castrating. 
Indians either victims if they are good or bipolar if they are bad. 
And the trappers/militaries are human scum without conscience or good-hearted in vain. 

Violence and nature as a force in winter.

(Though IRL Glass was attacked in May
- no snow, in an area without high mountains...) 

Well, I laughed when I shouldn't 
waiting for each unbelievable disaster after another 
to strike Glass/DiCaprio. 
Getting annoyed over the bad cuts where he has dirty teeth and seconds later shiny, messy hair/neat hair... The moon shifting unrealistically (though the movie is said to be shit, sorry, shot chronologically the editor seems to have had a fieldday.)

Well it's a full circle movie. 
The bear is taken down the way Fitzgerald meets his fate. 
While Glass wears bearskin for protection and grunts 
until the "grand finale".

In this time with climate awareness some minor moves are also attempts to see nature as a healer and the Indian culture as sage in the wild. 

A movie based on the revenge-theme bringing a man to become a reverant and rise above physical difficulties 
who IRL never took any. 
He freed Bridger from responsibility,
 retrieved his Hawkan rifle 
from Fitzgerald 
and saved him 
from hanging for treason 
but never spoke to him again. 
Glass died ten years later 1833 on the Yellowstone River under an attack by the Arikara

 "It turns out God is a squirrel. 
A big fat meaty one. 
And I shot and ate that son of a bitch."


It about summons it all up. 

Batman versus Superman

Batman versus Superman
Dawn of justice. 

Oscars awards - the 88th

There's something weird 
about this guy's fingers...

My wonderful son, André
updated me about the Oscars
 through the early morning hours. 

Thank you!

Leo DiCaprio finally received his Oscars for his role in "The Revenant" after five nominations and talked about the climate change. Anyone surprised?

Brie Larson best female lead in "Room".
(Born Oct.1, 1989.)

Congrats to Alicia Vikander. Oscars for  best supporting female in "The Danish".
A beautifully filmed movie I left halfway throu... Too slow, too much costume so that the message got lost for me.
 Eddie R. great but but...
Mademoiselle Vikander is also in "Ex Machina" which took the Oscars for best visual effects. 

Mark Rylance best supporting male 
in "Saint James Place".

A bit double numbers. 
DiCaprio is born 11.11.
(Scorpio Nov. 11th,1974)
Vikander is born '88. 
(Balance Oct. 3rd, 1988)
It's the 88th Oscars. 


 Good movie. Important subject to target. 



BÄSTA KVINNLIGA BIROLL: Alicia Vikander för "The danish girl"


BÄSTA KOSTYM: "Mad Max: Fury road"

Tough and enjoyable. 

Girl power!


BÄSTA MAKE UP: "Mad Max: Fury road"


BÄSTA FOTO: "The Revenant".





 S-F -why not? 

Too sterile and predictable. 



BÄSTA LJUDMIX: "Mad Max: Fury road"


BÄSTA LJUD: "Mad Max: Fury road"






BÄSTA KORTDOKUMENTÄR: "A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness"




BÄSTA FILMMUSIK: "The Hateful Eight"


BÄSTA ORIGINALLÅT: “Writing’s On The Wall,” Spectre.








BÄSTA REGI: "The Revenant"


BÄSTA MANLIGA SKÅDESPELARE: Leonardo DiCaprio för "The Revenant"




BÄSTA FILM: "Spotlight"

Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar!
by the Coen brothers. 
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