Orgasmic Buddha

Choc orgasmic
Orgasmic Buddha
Chocolate cru

Organic/ecologic chocolate

Organic/ecologic chocolate
by Lynn Pilling
(a Christmas gift from work)
a bit roughed up from the mail flight. 
Inspired by people.
A human touch. 

Sexy guys...

I'm weak for surfer dudes. 


Isn't it?

Yes, indeed.

Matthew McConaughey.
Scorpio, born November 4, 1969.

A family man.
Three kids with the same woman!

Intimissimi spring 2013

Model: Katsia Zingarevich
Russian tycoon and owner of soccer club Reading FC
Anton Zingarevich.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual sets world record

Auctioned for $722.000.

Cam Girandet

Leo, August 16, 1982.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Maggan ;)

Balance, born October 3, 1981 in 3 octobre 1981 Malmö, Sweden - where else?!

Maggan, chin up darling.
You are NOT a quitter.
I love U and will always be your friend.
Let some sexual steam out over your favourite sex object, Zlatan.
Promise you'll feel better.

Alex Rodriguez, baseballPLAYER

A hit by the single ladies in Hollywood.

Leo July 27, 1975.
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