Reading books

I'm drawn into the cocoon

of deciphering 
others thoughts 
expressed in written words
and time flies...

SuperMario Run on Apple

A flopp... 

Super Mario Run for Apple. 
Only three free levels 
and not that inventive. 
Too bad. 

Download to trash. 

Sankta Lucia 2016

Skriv inläggstext 

Varma Luciahäsningar

till Er alla i Sverige!

En lussekatt, kanske?
Recept nedan. 

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween cake 2016.

Halloween around the corner

Halloween is coming up. As do designer Bernard Delettrez (jewelry) and brand Moschino know...

Personally I'll eat some orange (pumpkin with coconut milk and ginger) and black food + watch Tim Burton's "The Nightmare before Christmas". Small player I know. No trick or treat.

Dubious logos

Well, one thing is clear the artists/designers behind logos don't seem to have dirty minds... Or is it something subconscious in a Freudian way in interpreting signs? Rest my case.

Fantastic fascinating looking animals

Amazing, aren't they? Animals sure beat humans in beauty and craziness.

Fondus du Macadam 2016

The town is a living street theatre.

The middle duck of the three that hatched April 29th comes by on its own for food 1-3 times a day. It distinguishes itself by its VERY hoarse "voice". The other one seems to maintain itself perfectly well and stays in the water or swims on to the harbour.

Mascara Vinyl Couture by YSL

Mascara Vinyl Couture by YSL.
This summer is rainbow coloured.

Magnetic midnight

Colombian touch of Frida Kahlo
Creations by Lucia Echevaria.  


No heels - Moschino

Moschino - No heels

Moschino - Super Mario

Rainbow Cat Undercut

Rainbow Cat Cut
New hair do?

Pics from Russian Instagram user Katichka. 

April Fool's Day 2016

Happy April Fool's Day!

Dangerous Curves

"Caution dangerous curves."
Swimsuit from Moschino

Polite as f***

"Polite as fuck".
"Buy me brunch". 


Murray Christmas

Murray Christmas 

This is the American way
of how to commercialise
a genuinely funny man. 

Bill Murray

Born September 21st 1950.

I love that face. 

Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel. 

Origami day

One week ago
November 11th
was Origami day in Japan

Danish export: Mads & Viggo

Morfing from devianart
Mads Mikkelsen
Viggo Mortensen
Danish export

Too sexy for my ex...

"I'm too sexy for my ex".
No comment. 
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