Free Hug Sofa

Designer Eun Kyoung Lee 
is the inventor of the Free Hug Sofa.


Pure beauty. 

Thanks my muse for sending it to me. 

To repair with gold. 

Kintsugi Art

Chair - Carlo Bugatti

by Carlo Bugatti

Design by Tom Dixon

Lens lamp. 

Designer Tom Dixon
Clear cut and enjoyable. 

Curtis Jere

Curtis Jere
Scultures in iron

Hammock bathtub

Design by Splinter works. 

Wow, isn't it a dream come true?
I so miss a bathtub. 
Contemplative escapism for hours. 
Such a relief!

Made of carbonite,
this "vessel" is 2,7 m long.
Must be superb to lay twosome into.
Shared experience of pure zen. 
I'm in love. 

Design at its best. 

Arctic sink

Design by KO KO Architects.

The rectangular concrete sink 
in the bathroom looks a mess. 
H "protected" it 
with some resin stuff 
that can't stand 
heat nor nailpolish remover etc. 
not practical at all. 
Too bad. 

Wood & Metal - Hilla Shamia

Hilla Shamia 
creates the furniture above 
by pouring molten aluminum 
onto logs of raw cypress and eucalyptus 
that have been cut lengthwise. 
Wood and metal united in harmony. 

Furniture made of recycled bikes

Rodnik Band x

Rodnik x

Pics from

Balloon Chair

Visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the French movie, 

“Le Ballon Rouge”(1953). 
(I loved this book as a kid.
I remember
that I was very upset 
when I wasn't allowed 
to keep my balloon 
inside the tram in Malmö.)

A balloon seems to lift a chair by fixing a balloon and a chair to the back wall
and evoques a feeling of floating. 
The balloons are made of FRP and can't be deflated nor explode. 

Design : h220430 
Year : 2014 
Size : W1500×D750×H3000

Ron Arad

Ron Arad : No Discipline


Manspace/man space for leisure.
Men will be men.

OMA Knoll x Prada


TIDELIGHT by Pierre Favresse at Petite Friture

Ventricle vessel by Eva Milinkovic

Carafes by Liviana Osti

Sofa Airberg designed by Jean-Marie Massaud


Le Corbusier (aka Edouard Jeanneret) furniture

Coffee Table - Ying Yang Yong


Black Ash for the top and the shelf was opted, while the legs are made from Walnut.

Danish Oil on the surface.

By Graham Coulson.






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